Pluralism Sunday 2008 May 2008
The Center For Progressive Christianity Announces

On Pentecost Sunday
, May 11, 2008, churches around the world will dedicate their worship to a celebration of our interfaith world. Progressive Christians thank God for religious diversity! We don't claim that our religion is superior to all others. We can grow closer to God and deeper in compassion-and we can understand our own traditions better-through a greater awareness of the world's religions. Last year's event, on May 27, 2007, was celebrated in Christian churches in the United States, England, Australia, and Canada. This year, we expect even more congregations to participate.

If you are doing anything to participate in this international event, please send in the press release below to your local papers.  This is a unique opportunity for outreach.

If you haven't done so already- Now is the time to sign your church up for this special event! It can be just one part of your regular service- a reading, a dance, or within the sermon-or you can use the opportunity to celebrate pluralism throughout the entire service. Check out the Pluralism Sunday website for ideas and a wealth of resources.

We are asking that churches interested in participating email our Pluralism Sunday Coordinator, Rev. Jim Burklo, with your name, your church and denomination, mailing address, and church website address, and also with your plans for holding the event in your church.


Press Release Template for Local Newspapers

_________ Church, at _____________, will celebrate Pluralism Sunday on May 11 at _____ am in worship - in recognition that other religions may be as good for others as their faith is good for them.  The worship service will include ________(elements of other faiths, etc -describe your event), honoring the religious diversity of the world.

They will join other Christian churches around the world in this event.  Pluralism Sunday is initiated by
The Center for Progressive Christianity, It is a network of over 5000 affiliates and nearly 400 churches nationwide which have adopted a "Welcome Statement" that affirms that other religions can be as good for their followers as Christianity is for Christians.  Churches in Britain, Australia and New Zealand are also participating in Pluralism Sunday.  "We don't claim that our religion is superior to all others. Instead, we celebrate that we can grow closer to God and grow deeper in compassion, and we can understand our own traditions better, through a deeper awareness of the world's religions," says Rev. Jim Burklo, the event's national coordinator.

For more information about Pluralism Sunday, see its website:, and contact:________________ (your church website, contact person name, email, phone)

Contact:  Rev. Jim Burklo, coordinator, Pluralism Sunday, for The Center for Progressive - 415-847-8997

An Outreach Opportunity for Progressive Churches

Participating churches are profiled in TCPC's publicity releases, creating an evangelism opportunity for your congregation. Also, by sending in the above press release to your local newspaper, you are giving new and interested church attendees a rare opportunity- to attend a church that is OPEN to the wisdom of other religions.  The number of people visiting the TCPC website is topping 60,000 per month these days, many of those people are looking for churches like yours.

Also, you may want to consider affiliating -or re-affiliating- with TCPC to have your church listed on our website.  We have had many churches tell of a major- up to 40%- increase in interest once they have listed their church on  You can do so here: AFFILIATE.

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We understand that this celebration falls upon two special occasions: Pentecost and Mothers Day.  However, we don't feel that these need to be mutually exclusive.  Think of the true meaning of Pentecost- people from different perspectives and different languages were able to communicate with open hearts.  Mothers around the world practicing different spiritual paths being honored for their universal role of true compassion.  Pluralism Sunday can also be celebrated on any other day.  Last year we had over 65 churches share their experiences with us.  We would love to hear your stories and plans for this year!  Please email Jim Burklo at:

Here are some examples of plans for this year:  

The Prince of Peace Progressive Christian Alliance in Anniston, Alabama, will participate in pluralism Sunday at 3:00 PM at 4 Lanier Place with a service that will include readings from the Muslim and Buddhist traditions, and hopes to have a guest speaker from a local mosque.

First Congregational Church, UCC, of Phoenix, AZ, will use the Pentecost event and texts "God's Spirit poured out on all flesh" in worship, as well as using the relevant passage of the Phoenix Affirmations ( ), in the sermon, prayers, and preface for communion.

Mizpah United Church of Christ in Hopkins, MN, will do a pulpit exchange with Bet Shalom Temple (Jewish) on Fri, May 9, and Sunday, May 11.

The Congregational Church of Fullerton, UCC, in Fullerton, CA will be participating in Pluralism Sunday at another date: Sunday, July 20, 2008, including people from the local Buddhist community to participate in worship and be part of a forum on Christian-Buddhist beliefs and relations.

Barbara Currie, pastor of the Congregational Church in Deering, NH, will preach about how Jesus is the church's gate to God, yet there are other equally important and creditable gates to God for other people.

Epiphany Community Universalist Unitarian Church of Fenton, Michigan, will participate again this year. Anne Lerche, the pastor, says that they "have invited a Zen Buddhist with a Christian background to be the preacher that day so that we can experience the similarities of our faith paths."

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About The Center For Progressive Christianity and Pluralism Sunday

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We look forward to hearing your inspiring stories.
The Center For Progressive Christianity
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