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April 18, 2008
President's Note


I had breakfast with Bishop Tutu and the Dalai Lama last week. The prayer breakfast was held on the last day of a five day event organized by a volunteer group called Seeds of Compassion.

The statistics alone for this amazing event should cause us all to pause and reflect. Over 150,000 people paid to attend these events over the five day period. Over 100,000 others were turned away because the tickets were sold out. 

But I found the mix of people at these events fascinating. Not only were thousands of school age children there, but the arena and the classrooms were full of young adults, the kind we can not seem to bribe, drag, scare or beg into our local churches across the country. I am so used to seeing a grey hair like mine whenever I go to national and regional church events, that I was almost startled to discover that I was such a minority. It was exciting to see, however.

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When Less Religious Affiliation is Good News
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God for the Gaps
By: Brian Wilson

Excerpts:  In our parish we recently had a discussion between some parishioners and clergy on the decline in church attendance and the growing "Gap" between churchgoers and non-churchgoers, between the faithful and those who are lost, strayed, or simply disillusioned. Regrettably, it seemed to be largely a discussion about where to place the deck chairs on the already sinking Titanic, with some of the clergy and most of the laity acting out the part of the band, playing heroically the same old tunes as the ship went down...

  Of course the church needs to be seen to be with people where they are, not where they ought to be. But in the end, a plethora of small initiatives among the already committed resembles nothing so much as the activity of a headless chicken, which rushes in every direction but (alas!) has no idea where it is going. That I am sure is the weakness of the current churches. In seeking to be all things to all men, they are in danger of being nothing to anyone.

Click here for full article: GAPS
When Less Religious Affiliation is Good News
By: Ian Lawton
Excerpts:  Among Americans aged between 18 and 29, 25% say they are not affiliated with any religion or denomination.
This is the way of the future. "Spiritual but not religious" is the catch cry of a generation or more of Westerners. The church alumni, those who no longer find any relevance in the archaic form and message of the church, but explore spirituality on their own terms, are part of the "unaffiliated" crowd.
If Christianity is to have any sort of future in the midst of these changing attitudes, it needs to be recast. Christianity that demands some sort of "affiliation" by way of assent to doctrine or ritual standards is outmoded. Christianity that fails to engage modern minds is irrelevant. Christianity that fails to connect with the hearts and imaginations of modern people will die off. Christianity that is soulless is redundant.

Click here for full article:  Good News

Ian Lawton, Bio
Featured Book: God without God, Western Spirituality without the wrathful king
By: Michael Hampson
book cover
God without God takes the atheist case against God as a premise, then
examines what remains of the western spiritual tradition when the God of presumptive monotheism is removed. It finds right at the heart of the tradition a concept of God, a concept of the divine, far more complex and mysterious than that which the atheist rightly rejects. Far from being destroyed or diminished, the tradition flourishes in its liberation.
Tackling every issue head-on, the major sections are God, Ethics, Bible, Creed, and 'Home life, Sex and Gender'. God is the ground of all being and the sum of all divinity, the ultimate reality and mystery at the heart of our existence. The ethical system is the call to full humanity: integrity and compassion in place of disintegration.

Click here for: God without God
For Earth Day 2008
Darwin bookcover
Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos
By: Bruce Sanguin

Bruce Sanguine's book is one of the most exciting books that has come across my desk in years. This book is not just for Earth Day, it is for every day. It is not just about ecology, it is about cosmology; it is not just about technology it is about theology; it is not just about a theological shift and it about a reality check; it not just about what we ought to do, it is about an incredible opportunity for something we can do to help the human race actually evolve and maybe save our planet at the same time.
A note from the eBulletin editor/producer, Deshna. 
Are you like me?  Are you one of those people that fell through the huge gaps that churches create with their lack of bravery, evolving liturgy, and the same old message?   Maybe you have been one of the lucky few to find a church that you can still comfortably attend.  But I am one of those people who have been completely, utterly disillusioned by Christianity and especially its organized religion.  I am thirty, attended church until I graduated high school and since have not been able to, or, to be honest, have had the desire to, find a church worthy of my time.  Why?  Because it feels so outdated, non-pertinent and no longer fits my reality, I have a hard time spending my precious time-off listening to something that rarely feels relevant, challenging, or purposeful.  Yes, other than that amazing church I attended for 12 years, I have yet to be impressed.  Do you think your church would change my mind?  Tell me all about it!  (I promise, in the true spirit of progressive Christianity, to be open-minded.)

Email Deshna your church story
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Thank you for your continued support and interest.  The progressive Christian movement is growing, thanks to people like you.  Attendance in mainstream churches may be on the decline, but we know that there are churches that are growing and evolving with the movement.  There is also the exciting increasing trend of local groups forming their own progressive Christian communities.  We are here to support you as the individual, the local group, and the church.  We are here to offer a different Christianity that is inclusive, innovative and informed.  Lets work together to make sure that all people know there is another way.
Fred Plumer
The Center For Progressive Christianity
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