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We had a pretty good idea that this was going to be a busy year for TCPC filled with changes and challenges, but we had no idea 2007 would hold so much for us.  The progressive Christian movement is really beginning to soar, thanks in large part to people like you.  
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While there are a number of progressive Christian organizations out there, The Center for Progressive Christianity remains the foundation, the voice, and the leader in the movement.  As we work together to re-imagine more compassionate, inclusive Christianity in our world, we have become the primary portal through which the public discovers the progressive Christian movement as a whole. TCPC has become the way for groups within that movement to connect with each other, and has created a bridge between the best and sometimes most compelling scholarship available today for churches, groups, and individuals seeking to embody progressive theology in their lives.

We must be tapping into a real hunger. The number of TCPC affiliates has almost doubled in the last year and a half, affiliates continue to fill our website with engaging news and events, we offer reviews on books, articles and sermons on a regular basis, and we continue to do workshops, lectures and conferences across the country.  We have updated our educational material and are in the process of creating an exciting new liturgical resource.  We have partnered with many progressive Christian organizations and continue to network internationally. More than ever, we are more effective in offering a strong, clear voice for progressive Christianity in the world.  It is a voice of peace, justice, inclusion, and scholarly excellence.

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Thank you for your support in 2007, and to solicit your help for our work in the year ahead. We are working on several exciting initiatives that will directly benefit progressive Christian congregations, small groups and individuals, and we will need your help if we are to be successful in our goal of broadly raising the visibility and understanding of progressive Christianity throughout the country and world.

What's ahead for next year?

  TCPC website.  We are planning to continue to greatly increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of resources available to churches and individuals through the TCPC website. We will be adding to our content in the areas of creative liturgy and worship; sermon support; and study guides and other resources for adult, young adult, young, and childhood church education programs.

  Liturgy ProjectThe Center for Progressive Christianity is now embarking on a new Liturgy Project which will positively transform worship services in churches all over the world.  The Liturgy Project will contact hundreds of churches to collect a wide variety of litanies, hymn lyrics, dramas, chants, art, and design concepts.  These materials will then be organized and published on our website and in printed, CD, or DVD form.

  Largely Increase the Public Visibility of Progressive Christianity.  Through the media, our events, our website, and educational materials.

  Adding administrative and web staff.  We currently employ one very part time administrator.  Any other work we do is volunteered time.

  Encourage the growth of Local Groups.  We want to encourage the growth and development of local groups by providing more resources, study guides and materials.

  Hold more National Conferences, regional gatherings, retreats, lectures and events. In 2007 we did not have the finances or staff to convene our normal national events and we missed opportunities to further the movement as a result. We plan to rectify that in 2008.

   Increase the participation in Pluralism Sunday.We consider our first Pluralism Sunday a tremendous success but we know that many other congregations will benefit from some of the experiences that were common with the participants.

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Again, your past support as been invaluable to us, and we need your help to continue our work and achieve our goals for 2008 and beyond.  For those of you who have already made your donations this year-we thank you!

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Thank you so much for your support and generosity.  Together, we can change the world.  Here is to the journey!

Fred Plumer
The Center For Progressive Christianity