Dear TCPC Friends,

There has recently been a very important change to our system that directly affects your affiliation with The Center for Progressive Christianity.  If you are not an affiliate and only receive our e-bulletins, then please disregard this notice.

All Organizations now have their own username and password!

Therefore, if your are the contact person for an organization, you need to retrieve your NEW password.

We have recently sent a private email to everyone with their usernames and passwords.  If you did not receive this email please write to us at:

This change will eliminate some of the confusion between individuals and organizations when logging-in to our site, making donations, and when organizations wish to be listed as Affiliates.
interplanetary internet Instructions for Using our Website

We suggest you print this email out and save it for referencing.  Here are some further instructions for our website:

When you log-in, you will now need to make sure that you are using the right password.  The username for your organization may be the same as yours as an individual, but the passwords will be different.

For example, Pastor John may be an individual affiliate that has recently added his church as an organizational affiliate.  His email might be the username for both him and his church, but they will now have separate passwords.

 ***To log-in, go to, then, on the home page, in the top right corner enter your username and password.

Then check the top right corner of the log-in box on the home page to make sure the "welcome" message has your name or your organization's name.  For example, "Welcome, UCC San Francisco..."

To donate or re-affiliate, go to "become an affiliate" on the menu on the left side of the home page.  (There will soon be an easier way to do this, with a box on the home page for donations!)  You can also click here to affiliate: To Affiliate

To make changes to your profile, i.e. address changes, pastor changes, email address, etc.: log-in, then go to "my profile" under "Welcome" in the log-in box on the home page.

Another important change: In the near future, only those who log-in to the website will have access to certain affiliate discounts and special articles, so be sure to save your log-in information and to keep your affiliation up to date.

We would like to remind you that our website is visited by up to 50,000 people a month and listing your organization on can greatly increase your attendance.  For individuals, it is a wonderful place to network, create small groups, and learn about Progressive Christianity.

Updating and fixing this website has been an exciting and very challenging journey.  We appreciate your patience, your support and your desire to grow with us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at

We thank you friends, we can not accomplish our goals without your financial support and your interest in Progressive Christianity, an amazing movement that we are so thrilled to be a part of.


Fred Plumer and the Staff at The Center for Progressive Christianity


Contact us at: