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Nationalists, Fascists and Fanatics: The Christian Right's Threat to the Future of Democracy in America

Jun 6, 2007: The Tank
New York, NY

An Evening with Brian McNaught
Jun 13, 2007: Fortin Center
Billings, MT

Seeker's Harbor Faith Community will host an Inter-denominational Worship Service
Jun 17, 2007: North Park
Billings, MT

Young Adult Ecumenical Forum 2007
Jul 26, 2007: Boston University, Marsh Chapel
Boston, MA

Vital Worship for Progressive Christianity
Jul 30, 2007: Pacific School of Religion Summer Session
Berkeley, CA

A Special 2007 summer Conference -The Great Chain of Being
Aug 3, 2007: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM

God & Gays Conference - Unity is Our Identity
Aug 3, 2007
Nashville, TN


*TCPC Joins Other Progressives to Protest "Left Behind: Eternal Forces"
video game which encourages violence against non-"believers" in a premillenial apocalyptic showdown. Read our press release and consider signing the petition. ...

*A New Website,, offers bridges between the realms of science and faith.

*Clergy Against Hate
A new website seeks clergy support of the Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (S.1105).

*Common Dreams:  Progressive Religion as a Transforming Agent Conference in
Sydney, Australia:  August 16-18, 2007

TCPC President, Fred Plumer, to speak at an International
gathering of religious progressives.


Pluralism Sunday Proves to be a Touching Expression of Progressive Christianity

by Rev. Jim Burklo, pastor, Sausalito Presbyterian Church
coordinator, Pluralism Sunday, for The Center for Progressive Christianity

May 27, 2007 marked the first annual PLURALISM SUNDAY organized by The Center for Progressive Christianity.  It celebrated Point #2 of's Welcome Statement:  "By calling ourselves progressive, we mean we are Christians who recognize the faithfulness of other people who have other names for the way to God's realm, and acknowledge that their ways are true for them, as our ways are true for us."

Over seventy congregations in the US, Canada, Australia, and England participated in PLURALISM SUNDAY 2007.  It got national radio airtime on Air America's "State of Belief" show, and coverage in many local media outlets around the US and Canada. 

The creativity expressed in the liturgies, sermons, and special events of these churches was remarkable! 
One example of how this celebration affected TCPC affiliates comes from Bob Cornwall, pastor of First Christian Church in Lompoc, CA, who wrote this in his blog:  "Our differences needn't lead to strife and division. We needn't show disrespect or dishonor to someone whose beliefs differ from our own. Perhaps we could even recognize that God might speak through religious traditions that are quite different from our own. It's possible that we'll even discover that our own understandings and experiences are less than complete, and that God is greater than our own ability to comprehend the meaning of God's existence. To me, Pluralism Sunday is a reminder that we need to listen more and talk less!"

For more examples of how our affiliates celebrated Pluralism Sunday, click here: Pluralism Sunday

Or for More Information: Information
women uniting Did Wealthy Women Originally Found the Community Responsible for the "Fourth Gospel?"

By John Mitrosky

The "Fourth Gospel" known as "The Gospel According to John", has past through many hands to get to the present form we know it today. It is also called the "Fourth Gospel", because no serious scholars believe that the apostle John wrote it, or that it can even be attributed to a community that was founded by John.

Inside the first half of the Fourth Gospel some scholars speculate is an earlier "Gospel of Signs" , in which women figure prominently. The second half of the gospel contains an anonymous, "male", mysterious, "Beloved Disciple" of Jesus, who is with Jesus at the Last Supper and also present with Jesus after his arrest, when together, in the middle of the night, Jesus and this disciple go see Caiaphas' father-in-law, "Annas". This could only be plausible if the "other disciple" knew Herod, and by extension, the high priest's family too, just like the Fourth Gospel says SHE did (John 18:15-16).

What if, in the earliest version of the gospel, the "Beloved Disciple", or "the disciple whom Jesus loved", or the "other disciple" was in fact named, and her name was Mary Magdalene?  What if the later editors of the Fourth Gospel created an anonymous male disciple as the "Beloved Disciple" to conceal the fact that the real founder of their community was a woman?

To read the rest of the article, click here: Fourth Gospel


By: G. Richard Wheatcroft

The Lord's Prayer is a universal Christian prayer. It is said in every corporate worship service worldwide and is used in the personal devotions of millions of people. Recently, I began to be aware that the prayer is so familiar I was saying it without thinking what it meant, and I wondered if other people have the same experience. The result of my thinking and wondering is this article.

To read this article, click here:
The Lord's Prayer


president's note

Practice, practice, practice!
by: Fred Plumer

I was probably about thirteen when my parents decided to find me a new piano teacher who might inspire me to go to the next level of competence. I had been taking lessons for about four or five years at the point and both my former teachers had told my parents that I had a talent that should be nurtured. So every Wednesday afternoon immediately after school my Mom would drive me over twenty miles each way so that I could have the benefit of this teacher who had shaped the music careers of more than a few professional pianists.

From the very beginning he was not certain about my commitment, probably for good reason. I loved all sports; I loved riding my bike in the hills that surrounded our home; and I was discovering girls. Practicing the piano was no higher than forth or fifth on a long list of things I wanted to do with my non-school time. After nearly a year of wrestling with the teacher over my commitment, with my parents over my priorities and my own guilt, I knew that things were not going well. One day while I was playing my assigned music with my teacher sitting next to me on the piano bench, he began banging his hands on the keys and yelling "If you don't practice, practice, practice you will never know what it means to be a musician!"

Over the last five decades as I have searched for a meaningful spiritual path that might bring purpose, fulfillment and peace to my life, I have often reflected on that experience with mirth and awe. It must have been a funny scene fit for a Woody Allen movie. But the truth is I know that my piano teacher was right. He touched upon a truth that goes beyond piano lessons. We will never discover what it means to become something meaningful unless we practice and practice-until it goes from our thinking to our being. This is especially true if you want to become something that takes unique skills whether it is a surgeon, a teacher, an electrician and yes, a musician.

To Finish this Article, click here:  Practice

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