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MAY 19, 2007
Dr. Patricia A. Williams to Lead Workshop on Christianity and Science
First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethton, Tennessee
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MAY 27, 2007

Over 57 TCPC Affiliate Churches and other organizations world-wide are participating in Pluralism Sunday.  Click here for a list of how some have decided to celebrate.

JUNE 30, 2007
Vital Worship for Progressive Christianity, PSR Summer Session
Pacific School of Religion
Berkeley, CA
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AUGUST 3, 2007
Join the folks from God & Gays: Bridging the Gap
for this HISTORICAL Conference:

Nashville, TN
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The old Sanctuary Movement mobilized churches to shelter refugees seeking asylum from the Central American wars of the 1980's.  The new movement seeks to protect immigrants from the current oppressive crackdown by the government.
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Jesus for the Non-Religious
By: John Shelby Spong
(Harper SF 2007)

A Review by Jim Burklo
member, TCPC Executive Council
pastor, Sausalito Presbyterian Church

With a coroner's scalpel of scholarship, John Shelby Spong autopsies the corpse of doctrinal Christianity.  In Jesus for the Non-Religious, he cuts away at the miracle stories and dissects the myths and the theological constructs that were written into the texts of the gospels.  His quest is to reveal the Jesus of history.

Spong reveals a Jesus who crosses the borders between insiders and outsiders, Jews and gentiles, male and female, clean and unclean, sacred and profane, and leads us through to the other side of chauvinism.  This Jesus reveals, by his own action and example, the way that divinity can be found in humanity.  This Jesus was so present, so whole, so free, so devoted to justice and compassion, that he filled his followers with remarkable hope and courage even after his crucifixion by the Romans.  This Jesus inspires John Shelby Spong so deeply that he holds hope for a Christianity devoid of many of its most commonly-cherished beliefs.

"I am convinced that a God the mind rejects will never be a god that the heart will adore," writes Spong in Jesus for the Non-Religious, his latest book...
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August 16-19, 2007

Common Dreams-
Progressive Religion as a Transforming Agent

An international gathering of religious progressives to affirm the contribution of reasonable and tolerant religion to public discourse in our society.

Sydney Australia 16-19 August 2007

This international gathering will draw together people from Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world to explore ways that progressive religion, including progressive expressions of other religious traditions besides Christianity, can contribute positively to the common good so that religion enhances human life rather than diminishing it. Bishop John Shelby Spong, TCPC President Fred Plumer, and Rev Stephanie Dowrick will join with other local and international speakers offering keynote addresses and facilitating small group sessions. 

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Sample Liturgy for Pluralism Sunday and the Progressive Christian Church or Community.

O God of all the nations, you have called us into an ever deepening relationship with you. Through the foundations laid in Egypt and Mesopotamia; through the law and the prophets of Judaism; through the evangelism of the Apostles; through the philosophy of the Greek
s; through the mysticism of the Celts; through the insight of Hinduism; through the compassion of Buddhism; through the tolerance of Islam; through the understanding of oneness with the natural world of Native Spirituality; our Christian Faith has been fed, enriched, and deepened. Grant that we may always seek to know you better through conversation with, and learning from, your other great faith traditions. This we ask in the name of the cosmic and universal Christ, who is always and everywhere the incarnation of your mind, your word, your love. Amen.

For this and other inspirational liturgy for Pluralism Sunday, click here.
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president's note

Dear TCPC Friends,

Almost any time I do a speaking engagement or workshop these days I am asked the same question: "So where is the spirituality in progressive Christianity?"  It does appear that people are more comfortable today, talking about something they think of as spirituality. According to the polls more and more people report that they are not "religious" but they consider themselves "spiritual." I would suggest this indicates that there is a growing hunger for spiritual expressions that local churches are not satisfying.

To me one of the most important aspects of spirituality within the Progressive Christian realm is understanding that all human beings are interconnected. You cannot love and serve with a compassionate heart without eventually seeing those whom you are serving as your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, or eventually as yourself, even when it is "the least of these" who you serve. But if we do our serving because we feel that it something we are supposed to do "because the Bible says we should" or "because that is what Jesus did according to scripture," or because it is our "duty," we only separate ourselves more from the others. On the other hand, if we see our compassionate service as an opportunity to experience the "Realm of God" or "Sacred Unity" then our compassionate actions or practices become golden opportunities.

Felix Adler the Jewish philosopher once wrote: "The unique personality which is the real life in me, I can not gain unless I search for the real life, the spiritual quality, in others. I am myself spiritually dead unless I reach out to the fine quality dormant in others. For it is only with the god enthroned in the innermost shrine of the other, that the god hidden in me, will consent to appear."

May your days be filled with laughter, light, and delight.

Fred Plumer
The Center For Progressive Christianity

To read the rest of the above article, "Nurturing a Progressive Christian Spirituality" which was published in the magazine, The Progressive Christian, (published here with permission) click here.
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