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Creative Visions is changing it's major focus. I've come to realize that we carry an enormous weight. It drags us down, keeps us from being our best, stifles our creativity. And it's about all the stuff we have.  In the coming months you'll see more and more help on how to gain an extraordinary amount of freedom. You won't be walking this alone, there is a system which delivers great results.  Right now, many small things are coming out on my Facebook page.
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Small Space Ideas 
Tree decal
A removable decal for the wall

Stair storage
Use that Space!

IKEA desk/table
OK - it's an idea from IKEA, but a good one.


Another wall decal
Click on any of these images and its a link to their source. They are offered, not as ads, but rather to get you started - get your creativity hat on!

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Sugeet carries the highest level of certification from the International Feng Shui Guild. His tool kit includes many other talents and skills. He offers a free initial conversation to learn what your situation is. He only accepts situation where he knows he can make a major difference. In other words, if it's not a good fit for you and for him, you have just had an illuminating conversation. He will even
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Yard Sales, Small Spaces, Pets
V5 #5
      Dog days of summer? My buddy above wouldn't
agree...but that's another story.
      Some folks may bet annoyed with my terming yard sales as evil, but I believe they are an insidious trap. Read on and see why.
      Also it's time to see what can be done with small spaces Sugeet2 to maximize their positive impact on our lives. Be it a student dorm or just a small room, much can be done.
      Finally I have a guest post from another Feng Shui Master who has also spoken of the beneficial effects of animals in the home. 
Also there's a invite to my Facebook page  where I continue to pass along easy tips and tricks to help you lift your life, clear your excess, and make everything run more smoothly.                                           Sugeet             
Yard Sales are EVIL!
2 much stuff I have too much stuff. I'll bet you have too much stuff. It's a problem for most of us no matter our gender, economic class, or profession. Our economic system, Capitalism, is in the doldrums partly because we're not procuring enough, and yet our living spaces have slowly (or not so slowly) already filled up with our acquisitions.

The solution often seems to be, "I'll have a garage sale!" I'm here to tell you that garage sales are Evil. Not unlike vampires, garage sales take a lot and give little. The seductive side of garage sales, getting something for less than what it's worth, is the siren call that leads Yard sale many of us to spend pleasant weekend hours pouring through other people's stuff. Invariably we find something we think we really can use. It's such a bargain that we end up buying it. Sometimes these are things we can use, but more often than not we don't really need them. So the cache continues to grow while the cash continues to diminish, and perhaps, down the road, a storage unit becomes a necessity. - and yet, because we didn't spend a huge amount of money, we temporarily feel very self-satisfied.

The flip side of this phenomenon is holding a yard sale, and I call that evil as well. Why? Here's my story:

I set aside 3 months to casually go through all the rooms in the house, pulling out items I no longer wanted, needed, or used. When collected, those items clogged up a good portion of one room. In total, I spent probably 8 hours combing through my stuff. Then there was the 2 hours or so I spent sticking price tags on everything. Then there was the hour or so I spent sending out e-mails, writing copy and posting it to Craig's list, getting it on local bulletin boards. Strike that, make it 2 hours!  Minimum! Then there was the trip to the bank to set up my change purse. 30 min. Oh, I forgot I had to borrow some tables and sawhorses and get them to the house: another 2 hours. Up at the crack of dawn and setting everything out - yet one more hour.

The big day arrived! I sit there talking to people and watching them try to get things cheaper than what I have marked them. 6 hours Friday, another 6 on Saturday.

How much did I make? $142. Between the 30 hours, more or less,  I spent manifesting the yard sale, and the total I made, I worked for about $5 an hour. Hey! I'm working for less than minimum wage!

Not only is having a yard sale almost slave labor, Depressed it is an insult to your  very being. How does it feel to sell things you spent good money for to others who want it for $2 or 'would ya take $1.50?' Well if I'm honest, I'm worth more than that - a lot more than that!

The powerful suggestion? Go to my Facebook page and click on the "like" button. You won't be flooded with messages, what you will get are small gems to help you lighten your load every few days. Things you can do now, with little time and bother, in a way that honors you, and the time you spent acquiring these things. What's your trash now is another's treasure, and you don't have to be insulted by letting it go for $.25. So click on the link and press the like button. Let's start a conversation, and let me help you reclaim your life.

Maximize Small Spaces
bed strage
You may have kids headed back or off to school. You may have recently downsized. You may just want to live more simply, lessening your footprint on the planet. Here's a collection of suggestions to make the most of the least.

For a dorm (or other shared space):

Careful planning here can help you avoid clutter. Start from the point of emptiness (ala Zen) and work out from there. In the case of small spaces, less actually is more, and more can easily become claustrophobic.

* Utilize the space under the bed: rolling containers, storage drawers or even tubs can mean lots of room for things other than dust bunnies! Be careful what you allow into the room. For college kids, this can be a real problem, as most want EVERYTHING and then some.  Often this results in more stress leading to lower grades.

What about color? You may not be able to paint your dorm walls, but fabric can be hung or attached with liquid fabric starch that can be easily removed at the end of the stay. If a bit more decor is wanted, try these wall decals, which can also be removed without damage. Bright colors (especially the fire colors) can keep the energy high. Maybe that's OK for study - but not for sleep. Plan carefully (or give me a jingle!)

Keep posters, photo displays and other art to a minimum. We tend to splatter these on our walls. They eat space in more ways than one. If you're dealing with a youngster or young adult, you might want to suggest they lay things out on the floor and then the two of you arrange them, eliminating as much as possible.  Outside the room can be as hectic as you please. The room itself will need to be quieter and more nourishing. This isn't always easy.

Consider checking out Bed Bath & Beyond or JC Penny  to get bedding with style and pop. It may well supplant the "need" for lots of stuff on the walls.

Maximize the closet with back of the door organizers that help use all the space. You know that as time goes by, what started as simple often becomes complex. Careful planning avoids this pitfall.

Balancing color and design and adding plants all go to creating a pod atmosphere where chi can flow easily and nourish you and your friends. Speciific questions? Contact Sugeet. I'm here to help.
More Animal Feng Shui
Racoon and hand
Gwynne Warner is a wonderful fellow Feng Shui Master. She also has remarked on the beneficial aspects of four "leggeds" in your life. And although we both lean toward cats, much of what she comments on applies to canines as well. Here are excerpts from her recent article:

Animals are most excellent Feng Shui as they not only generate and circulate moving life-force energy, invigorate our homes with joy, reduce depression and illness, they most importantly open our hearts wide with unconditional love.

Dogs and song birds will bring more "yang" (active) energy to your home; while tortoises, rabbits and cats bring more "yin" (passive) chi into your environment. If your home already has a lot of yin chi, remember to balance that out by leaving on lots of lights and playing music.
In the symbolic realm of Feng Shui, rabbits bring luck; birds bring good news; fish bring prosperity and tortoises bring longevity.

It's essential that you offer impeccable care for your animals: clean litter boxes, fresh food and water ,good air circulation, sunlight, healthy green plants, clean sleeping, play and eating environments are essential in Feng Shui.
Remember to use pure aromatherapy essential oil cleaners rather than toxic chemicals to clean and deodorize after cleaning out the cat box, for example.

Never ever neglect your loved one as it not only discharges negative chi into your home and life but sets you up for bad karma.
From a Feng Shui perspective, it's also important that the humans hold the energy of the Command Position in the home so there is balance. From this view, your beloved friends should have their very own furniture (cat tree, for example) and shouldn't sleep in your bed so that they don't "come between" a romantic couple or "take up space" if you're wishing for a romantic partner. This also allows you to maintain your own sleeping rhythm necessary to rejuvenate your chi at night.

Remember that if you don't want any indoor animals, you can still cultivate loving and joyful animal chi by feeding the birds, butterflies and squirrels outside!
Gwynne Warner 2012,