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Many of you have asked when I am next teaching a clutter class. Two formats will be offered for the introductory class: in person and a tele-seminar.  I strongly encourage people to attend in person. Why? Because the  affects of what we do in a face-to-face group gathering are much more powerful. Ftor those living too far from Ashland, a tele-seminar can make major changes in your life.

In addition, I will be starting a study group with the express purpose of letting you heal the unconscious parts of you which drive the habitual accumulation of more, and more, and more. Much as we have success with a particular diet, only to find the weight creeping back on, so can clutter creep back into our lives and the study group will help you discover what's defeating you from living a clutter free life. This is a class for friends who really want to live with more creativity, more freedom and more harmony.

Details of all will follow in a separate e-mail. In the meantime, I'd love to hear what's on your mind:
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A Final Note

Any Friends who are animal lovers?

Why not send this copy on to them and let them enjoy these amazing aspects of our furred, feathered and finned friends (how's that for onomatopoeia?)
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V5 #4
Animal Feng Shui Masters
Finally Summer has come to the Pacific Northwest! Our friend above offers a great example of how to keep cool, which brings us to the essence of this issue - Animals as Feng Shui Masters. This issue is Yoda & Sugeetgoing to offend some purists, just as my statement that Feng Shui surfaces in the West as Permaculture offends others. All my life I have had an extremely strong connection to the animal world.  While you may not communicate clearly with your animals, they do have things to communicate to help you lead a more harmonious and productive life, and after all, isn't that the point of successful Feng Shui?

I'm also including the first outlines of some new classes I               Sugeet
will be offering, so I trust you
will find many things of usefulness
in this issue.

OK - Here goes!
What are we really doing when we practice Feng Shui? Basically, we are reading the energy of any given space and making whatever corrections are needed to improve it. We are always trying to find balance. Animals have unique sensing abilities that can give us extremely accurate readings of energy. Below are a few cases where an animal's behavior demonstrated an accurate reading of energy long before we humans became aware!

Stay away from these people!
Once I was traveling around the country, visiting friends of friends. Stopping in Marin County, I introduced myself and was welcomed into their home. Almost immediately, my traveling companion, my dog, became very agitate
Betsy dog
This is not my dog - but I wish she was.
d, indicating she wanted to leave the house. Without her, we went out to dinner, returning some hours later. Again I saw how agitated she was, but by this time I had spent enough time with these people to realize they lived in a vastly different universe than I did, and it wasn't a very nice universe. After making my farewells my dog and I drove off. She immediately reverted to the wonderful, personable companion she was. She had sensed the negativity present hours before I became aware of how extensive it was.

Here's THE crossing of the ley lines*!
While visiting a Native American tribe in the Pacific Northwest, I was asked if I wanted to sleep on the power point on their land. This was a great honor for me, and I accepted with pleasure. They directed me to the place where two of Earth's ley lines crossed - two lines crossing is considered a very powerful power spot. (See explanation*) Going before me (not even offering to carry my sleeping bag or pad!) my dog went to the exact spot and lay down.

The Reike Cat
Many of us know the healing modality Reike, but how
Bodhi Easter flowrs
Meet Bhodi - the amazing feral cat.
many cats do? A friend of mine was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on one of his kidneys. As he lived out in the country by himself, I insisted that he stay for a time in my guest bedroom. Some friends gathered and offered a healing a circle. As soon as we centered, my feral cat jumped on the bed, walked over to him, and put his paw on the cancerous kidney. He remained stock still until the healing was finished. As soon as that happened, he left the bed and the room. He repeated this performance yet again when a different friend and I performed additional Reike on our ill friend.

These are only three examples where one of my beloved pets was 100% accurate in reading the energy of a space and knew what to do to correct it. In future issues, I hope to share some of your stories where animals have shown their uncanny ability to accurately read energy. While you may not have stories like these, I suggest two things which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of having a pet Feng Shui Master.

The first is to observe the behavior of your cat/dog/horse/potbellied pig/whatever. Are you as attuned to your pet as you would like to be?  If not, start watching their behavior in different situations. Not unlike learning a foreign language, it will set up a communication bridge between you and your pet.

The second suggestion: observe the spaces your pet favors, and the spaces s/he avoids. Are there any favorite paths that your pet continually takes? The favorite spots are locations in your home holding a concentration of positive energy. Likewise the places they avoid may need some clearing and perhaps some consultation as to rearranging the space or clearing the negative energy present.

I totally trust what my animals tell me. They let me know whether or not I should or can develop a friendship with those I meet. My pets do not warm to everyone - my animals are very selective -if a stranger carries really negative or harmful energy, the animals tell me. Their rejection of someone often means that I've been given a accurate reading of the base nature of that person. This has served me well, and has often shown me whether or not my clients are honestly open to changing the energy of their homes and/or businesses.

I invite you to send me stories of your experiences of being guided by your pets' awareness. We are all teaching one another, and I look forward to hearing from you.

*A "ley line" is an unseen conduit, if you will, of spiritual energy that runs through the Earth.  There are many of these lines across the globe and they tend to intersect in a grid-like pattern.  Points where these lines intersect are thought to be vortexes of psychic or spiritual energy by New Agers.  Said devotees of the ley line theory claim that ancient peoples, whether unconsciously or intuitively, built their monuments along these conduits.  The pyramids of both Egypt and Mexico are said to be atop ley lines, as is Stonehenge and the lines of Nazca.  Even our modern Interstates and roadways are claimed to follow ley lines in a few cases.  Plus, interestingly enough, crop circles seem to form along ley lines, especially in Britain. -  courtesy Jon Nichols,
Ley lines
Yoda on my head