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November/December 2011
Year of the Dragon 2012

One of my greatest satisfactions is hearing about how Feng Shui has changed the course of someone's life. And everyone has heard some tale or another about how significant 2012 will be. Putting those together and you get the main article this issue. But you'll also get the story of a young actor at the Shakespeare Festival and his life course. Then there are the hints to make you holidays the best. My hope is this newsletter is of real use for you. However you celebrate, a most happy and wonderful holiday season.Pencil sketch Sugeet


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A Powerful, Unique Gift

If you were here last year, you know I offered a complete horoscope.  Many took advantage of it, and the feedback I received was gratifying, even though some were startled by what they found.  We all know 2012 is going to be special, but exactly in what we we do not know. So how do you navigate these troubled waters to your best advantage?
One of the best ways I know is to have your horoscope done. In one friend's comments:  

I have never been a daily horoscope reader and have never had my horoscope done for me as you have done.  I had purchased the horoscope as kind of human interest and in an effort to broaden my horizons.  I was really surprised at it's accuracy about who I am etc.  One of the positive things that it did for me was confirmed some of my intuitions, desires, and dreams.  I often times don't listen to my heart and go for it.  As I read I realized some of the things I truly wanted to do, and even though parts of my life this year has been very sad I embraced some of my passions and desires making 2011 (so far) an amazing year full of unexpected gifts.
Thanks so much for your great work!  It was FUN!  I will recommend it to friends!

One mom ordered  horoscopes for each one of the five immediate family members.  What I learned is exactly how time consuming it is to cast these!  I knew how powerful those readings were and are.  So I invite you to give yourself , or anyone you care about, a gift . The full reading (a multipage document) will be yours for $49.  Is this too much? Only if you feel you can safely navigate the rapids that are an integral part of the Year of the Dragon!

And what are those rapids? As we see, 2012 is no ordinary year and this is no ordinary time. Dragon years are action driven and time for major initiatives. Dragon years have lots of positive energy, but they also can bring disaster. (As if we didn't already have enough disasters in 2011!) In your personal world, how 2012 will affect you depends on your birthday and your animal. To have your personal horoscope read, simply send a check (made out  to 'Sugeet') and mail it to Creative Visions, 45 Crocker St., Ashland, OR 97520  By return mail you will get your accurate guide to 2012.


A Gift from You to Me
The main reason I practice Feng Shui is to vicariously experience the wonderful changes that happen in people's lives and businesses.  I always try to keep it useful and educational. You can help others (and help me) by , which will let you send a copy of this email to up to 10 other people. Those folk, in turn, have a chance to either subscribe or to thank you for your kind deed . I hope you will forward this.


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Positive Holidays
When there's a Roadmap

Most of us are not as fortunate as Jonathan Dyrud, a young actor with the Oregon Shakespeare Company. I had the pleasure of talking with him after his appearance in Measure for Measure. He told me he had always enjoyed performing, but in the 8th grade  laid out his life plan! How many of us did that?  Jonathan wanted to go to college, major in theatre, then apprentice at OSF  ending with him being added to the acting company.
After graduation in Klamath Falls, he attended Southern Oregon University, graduating with a BFA in Performance.

He got a job as intern with the Festival, taking tickets and ushering; and then, after auditioning.....well, he's in his second season as an actor. For those of us not fortunate enough to map our future that clearly, whatever help and guidance we can get is welcome. And that's where heaven and an accurate horoscope for the coming year can help.


Colored lights
Keeping the Holidays Positive
While Madison Ave has convinced many Americans that their home needs to be decorated not only for Halloween and Christmas, but for Valentine's Day, Grandparents Day (9/9/12), Veteran's Day (11/12/12) and the Lunar Eclipse (6/ 4/12). Most of us, graciously, do not drape gutter to ground. But we do enjoy what happens around Thanksgiving and Christmas. So consider utilizing Feng Shui principles in your decorating scheme this year.
* Keep the light bright. It is positive energy and gives good chi to all.

* Silver and gold ornaments and accents help bring economic well being

* If you enjoy scenting the air, use natural things, not the chemical scents in commercial candles. Boil cider with orange slices, cinnamon, and cloves. It fills the home with a wonderful aroma and the cider is a delight to offer guests.

* Look for balance when decorating, in other words, no need to overdo - which is just another form of clutter.

* Use collections of 3, 6 and 9 objects for the most powerful chi.

* Stay positive and welcoming. Keep judgments to a minimum. The good vibes you set in motion come back to you many times over, often in totally unexpected ways.

* Try varying the traditional fare with a new dish or two. Change is the only constant in the Universe - how will your table change?

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Think about it - wouldn't You like a head start on the turbulent Year of the Dragon? And what about those you love? Maybe not everyone...but then again.... decide now so you can have it for the holidays. Blessings and good fortune be yours in the coming year!