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Sept/Oct 2011                                                                               V4 #5
Fire Up the Magic




There are many things you can do to improve your career, your prosperity, your love life. I'd like to give you some practical techniques which you can use to do all of those things. And, there's a special invitation for everyone - I'm ready to help with a special event. Read on, enjoy, and let me know what changes happen.

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Use Plants!   
Plants contribute to a positive environment because of their growth, their life force, and the fact that they add oxygen to the air. There are, hhowever, things to remember when choosing plants.  Certain plants can hinder rather than help the energy of a space.


Plants with pointed or sharp leaves, or succulentscactus with thorns, send out sharp, prickly energy. "Stay away!" Nature did this as a defensive mechanism for the plant. Let it be. Instead choose plants that are full, lush, vibrantly healthy, with rounded Round pennywortleaves. Keep them healthy and they will continue to enhance your environment. Plants that are not vibrant and lush need special consideration.  If they are straggly or unresponsive, give them to someone who loves to nurse plants. You will be doing yourself and the plant a good deed.


dead arrangment
This needs to go!

Plants which are almost dead or arrangements of dried and dead plants and flowers should be removed as their life force energy has dissipated. If you have a black thumb, low light or other situations that make it difficult for living plants to thrive in a particular space, artificial plants are an acceptable alternative. The grand master of my school of Feng Shui has said that if you use an artificial plant that is so real people touch it, or smell it, it works just as well or better then a living plant.  They do need, however, to be kept clean and free from dust for them to generate their positive chi.


Want the best Chi energy in your office

Chlorophytum in office
Chlorophytum cleaning!

or home? There are plants especially good for

cleaning the air. NASA found that the most effective plants include gerbera,philodendron, spathiophyllum, pathos, and chlorophytum.   


Many people use potpourri to scent the air, especially in a bathroom. Others may have a dried lei or other arrangement which has a special meaning. If it's something you love, if you feel joyful when you look at it, even though it's dead, it has good energy for you. In the case of potpourri once the fragrance is gone it is time to renew it. As long as you keep it "fresh", it will not take away from the positive Feng Shui.




What you'll read here you may not see as magic. However, the truth is that if you will do any of these things thoroughly, the results will seem magical. Stated another way, making small changes can yield dynamic results.
Choose an area in which you wish to see a dramatic improvement.  If it is your relationship, start with the bedroom. If it's pros
Desk clutter
Is this You?
perity, and you work from home, choose your home office. If your business is headquartered outside the home, choose that office. If you want a more harmonious home life, choose the family area of
Bad Living room
Can you relate?
the BaGua.

Every aspect of who you are, your conscious and unconscious belief systems, what has happened in the past and what you expect of the future is energetically anchored in your living space in the form of matter. The magic will happen when you clear the path and let the chi flow easily.

Begin by making a thorough inventory of everything that is in the area you are working on.paper cube If it's the bedroom, are the closets stuffed to the gills?  What is the condition of the sheets, bedspread, pillows, headboard? If these are old, worn, borrowed, inherited, or were wonderful at another time in your life, it's time to change the energy and update them. When was the last time you really noticed the contents of the drawers in the bedside table? How many books are sitting around waiting to be read?  Are they still of interest?  Are there so many that they just represent one more energy drain?

Many people find that clearing is too much - they move quickly into overwhelm. That's why the free talk will be a major help getting started. Sugeet teaches that one should only take ONE SMALL AREA at a time.  Don't be afraid! America would collapse if we did not keep bringing things to the home or office or garage or closet or basement or back yard or kids room get the point.


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Enjoy it while you can!
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