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The Strange, the Sad & the Useful: Tips & Tricks

V4 #4
July/August 2011
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A Color Blind Feng Shui Master?
Making a Business less Successful
When reading does not work

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     This issue may give you a better understanding of not only what I do, but why you could need a consultation.  That's sounds too much like a sales pitch, so let me try it another way:
     There is much you can do using the tips and tricks I try to include in every issue. But often folks try Feng Shui and they don't get the incredible results they read about. . My intention here is to bring clarity where the line is between what DIYers can do and when to call in a Certified Pratitioner.  Read on.


         Certified Red Ribbon Professional

        IFSG w/Dragon 

The Curious Case of the Color Blind Feng Shui Master

ColorBlind1Long, long ago and far, far way, a certain Feng Shui Master was called forth by his government for military service. During the required physical, all seemed to go well until.... he was given the standard Army color blindness test. Not once, but twice.  The examiner pronounced him "partially color blind." He never thought he missed any colors, and decided the "partial" diagnosis permitted him to be passed along into the ranks so that the Army might use him for cannon fodder.

The years went by, and no one, at any time, in any place, ever accused him of using green when he chose red, or of mistaking blue for grey.  If anything, quite the opposite seemed to be happening - he seemed to become more acutely aware of the subtle shades of color.

He was an art consultant for many years and color obviously had to be a big part of his skill set. He rose to the top of his field. His aesthetic abilities seemed to sharpen with age.  Later he studied Feng Shui, learning advanced applications of the effects of color: on emotions, the flow of energy. Time passed and his body aged (duh!) and his eyesight weakened slightly.

Finally there came a time when he knew he had to have a thorough eye exam.  At the end of it, the Optometrist announced that he had not passed parts of the Color blind2color perception test.  So why, if he could not see certain colors, was his work with color so incredibly effective?  Why were his clients giving rave reviews to his color suggestions?   The answer came as an insight: the way he perceived color was different form the way most people saw color.  Instead of his eyesight leading him to choose colors incorrectly, his "vision" allowed him to see colors in a way that corresponded more closely with the energy embodied in that color. So, in the same way a master chef knows how to add just the right spices and the exact amounts to achieve culinary brilliance; this Feng Shui Master was able to mix and match color in such a way to produce a brilliant visual effect. The "handicap" was, in reality, a strength.

Now I won't reveal the name of this Feng Shui Master. But if you figure it out, buy yourself a treat.  Better yet, call whomever you think it is and get some of his expertise for yourself, your family and/or your business. Talk to his clients and see what they say about how color changed their world.


Unintentionally Downgrade a Business 

A client bought a dry cleaning business in an upscale town. The former business was strictly utilitarian.  The new owner wanted the location to reflect the kind of quality and service far above and beyond the old business.  We redesigned the shop and here is what was presented to the public.
T&C after
This branch of the business was the money purse. But due to circumstances, the owner lost interest in keeping the space as pristine as above. This is what it has devolved to.
T&C after
Aside from the color differences in the 2 photos, just notice how the energy and aliveness is gone from the lower photo.  Business has slumped and now the owner is thinking of selling. The present condition will not help the sale.  It's sad.

Why reading books to develop Feng Shui knowledge  

often fails to work in practice.


Rodens The ThinkerWhere I live, there is a certain amount of what I term "spiritual arrogance."  In one form, it manifests when the Realtor says, "I really don't need you, I've read a couple of books on Feng Shui."  I have some snappy comebacks for that- it does tend to get under my skin. 

A wonderful cultural anthropologist, Simon Sinek, says, "Knowledge is understanding based on what has been studied and learned. Wisdom is understanding based on what has been felt and experienced." It is this that separates one who just reads and one who becomes a master.  It's true in any field, but in Feng Shui, it explains why those who just read a book (or two or three) get modest results while a Red Ribbon Professional gets dramatic results. Many who have tried to incorporate Feng Shui into their life have had little or no results. That's not to discourage anyone, but when you don't get the desired results, it's time to call in the Master.

I've often said that beauty is always good Feng Shui; but keep in mind that Feng Shui is a matter of arranging the energy flow of a space - not for aesthetics alone. More importantly, so that the space serves a particular function or set of functions critical to your success and well-being.  That's why working the areas of the BaGua, co-creating with your favorite Feng Shui practitioner can make such a huge difference.  Looking for an apt analogy, I'd offer it's the difference between trying to drive a broken Yugo (weren't they all?) and a finely facebook icontuned BMW.  There is a lot you can do, however, to begin the journey I often post to my Facebook page. Click on the icon to take a peek.

Even shorter tips can be found at Twitter @sugeet.  PS - thaTwitter icont's one reason I'e become a Twitterite - it's quick, easy and you don't have to spend a lot of time on it.  I also don't post the inane tweets I see too often. I hope you'll become a follower of either FaceBook or Twitter. How tweet it is! Check it out!


Lots here to think about.  How does it serve you?  I'm always open to suggestions, questions and the like, so feel free to drop a note.


You might also want to send this to someone who could use a helping hand. The motto of my business group is "Givers Gain" and I belive in it. You never know when you plant a seed that will blossom into a grateful 'thank you' for sending them the right idea at the right time. if you want to send it on.


Till the next issue - have a wondrous summer.





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