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Why Feng Shui works is a mystery and not a mystery.  It is not given to simple answers. But how it works can be explaind. That's the main thrust of this issue. I may not answer ALL your questions, but hopefully you will grasp the power.
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Why does Feng Shui work?


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When you employ your own version of Feng Shui or have a master give you a consultation and recommend cures, you usually have a single desired outcome in mind. This is not a bad thing. However, it can be limiting. When working with a client, I always ask them to envision the end result multi-dimensionally. This setting of a greater intention often brings unexpected, surprising results.


Some time ago, a client asked that I analyze and offer cures for only one room in her home. Normally, I would not accept such a request; but since she was a good friend I acceded.  Her major concern was lack of financial abundance.  I offered her specific solutions to change the energy. I also requested that she consider wealth multi-dimensionally. A couple of months later, she greeted me at a social gathering. It seems that not only had her healing practice taken off, but she had become so successful in a side business that the company was now providing her with a car! Our initial intent had been achieved bountifully. But what she was bubbling over with was the news that she had met the man of her dreams, and was madly in love. They were soon to be married. Her beloved was financially very secure. She was now well off economically, emotionally, and psychologically.


Another client had wanted to attend a clutter clearing class I was teaching, but his travel schedule would not allow it. I suggested a consultation. His intention was to free himself from those parts of running his company that he did not enjoy, and to be able to give all his energy to the part he loved. That result was soon accomplished. 

Plane - prsonalThen he needed to open a new office in Portland in order to allow his business to grow.  The expansion of his business provided him with the funds to purchase a new plane. Did I mention his love of flying?


Feng Shui deals with energy.   Energy surrounds us. We really don't know how small "small" can be; we really don't know how big  "big" can be; but we do know that energy runs throughout all physical manifestation, from the tiniest subatomic particle to the largest swirling galaxy. When you toss a pebble into a quiet pond

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you see it hit, splash, disappear. Then a circle of rings begins to radiate outward, followed by a lesser circle of expanding rings, to be repeated until the water becomes quiet again. The small wavelets travel to all parts of the pond and affect every inch of the surface of the water. Under the surface, waves of energy also radiate in all directions, followed by lesser and lesser waves until the deeper water as well becomes quiet once more.


That simple act of tossing a pebble into a pond changes everything the water touches.


And so it is true with effective Feng Shui. The intended result can be as simple as creating a nourishing spot for quiet in the home.  The new center of calm affects everyone and everything in that home. So it is not unusual to hear from clients, that not only has their economic picture improved, but their working relationships have improved; their kids are more responsive and loving, and on and on.


 This ripple effect is why I ask my clients to watch for a variety of changes after a consultation in cures. They may come quickly; they may come slowly. But they always come.  It is rare, if the clients have been observant, that they do not notice other wonderful changes beyond the original intention. Each one of us can create a modicum of results; but it is the feng shui master who can facilitate the tidal wave of change. A fellow practitioner in Portland named her practice "10,000 Blessings." She wasn't kidding. Are you ready for your share?

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And in NYC



Ziporah Reich wished to change the energy of the apartment she had purchased, to clean out the energy of the previous owner. She hired Judith Wendell to facilitate the ceremony. Worries about the future and negative vibes from past owners have caused a small boom for good Feng Shui practitioners in this city.   Mrs. Reich tends to use good luck rituals, as she feels an affinity for them. That led her to Ms. Wendell. Ms. Wendell said that although she expected her business to drop in the recession, it actually rose because people wanted to improve the feelings in their current homes, or the homes they were moving into that perhaps people had been forced to give up.


In 2008, Barbara Wagner, a real estate publicist, and her husband, Steve, a lawyer, hired Ms. Wendell when they took possession of an apartment they had been renting to an aunt who died there. They wanted to remove any lingering aura from her death. They were renovating, and were on a budget but they

economized by using Ikea cabinets in the kitchen in order to afford the services of Ms. Reich.


Carolyn Zweben, a Prudential Douglas Elliman broker uses smudging to clear the energy. One woman hired her to sell her apartment because she was disappointed she had not found love there. Ms. Zweben smudged the apartment and found a buyer. The buyer moved in, quickly fell in love with her neighbor and eventually got married. In Manhattan, such simple services run between $900 and $1,800.

I'm always ready to answer questions, or to discuss a topic of interest to any of you, dear readers.  Do not be afraid! Do not sit on your hands! The office line is 541.488.1777 and if email is better, simply click here.


Till nest time, may the blessings of this wonderful Year of the Rabbit be with you and yours!



Creative Visions Feng Shui


In This Issue



Many folks don't have the slightest clue what Feng Shui is.  It's not weird magic, cultish, or even that strange.  But many folks have that association - so why not suprise someone and send this on to them.  They may come to realize Feng Shui is a useful tool - useful for many, many things. So, go ahead, and Pay It Forward!   


Oprah Knows full well the value of clearing the clutter in her life.
From "What I Know for Sure" Oprah Winfrey, p 212, March 2011, O

For six weeks I was away from home and all things familiar, living in my one room which felt an awful lot like a dressed up dorm.

And here's the funny part: I was so content.

Content without a lot of possessions to distract me. Just the basics. I had the book I was actually reading-not the 17 stacked on a window shelf, as I have now. I appreciated the simplicity of my surroundings. It helped me focus on what was important at the time. . .

Now my life is filled with so much clutter.

So as I count down to the end of the show and move on to my next chapter, at OWN, I am not just cleaning my closet. I'm cleaning out my life. And I'm keeping only that which delight me or enhances my well-being. That means another big old garage sale coming up: close, shoes, dishes, furniture, stuff. . . .

This I know: more things don't make you feel more alive. Yet feeling more alive is part of fulfilling your true self. It's the reason we're all here.

Enough already with the stuff that doesn't enhance who you really are.

I want to be lean and clean for the future, dust off my wings. I know for sure that doing so will make it easier to fly.


If you're ready to get serious about everything that's cluttering your life, drop me a line, I'm forming classes now to help and have some fun! Kick the Klutter Habit and get ready for THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT.  

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