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January/February 2011
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Here's hoping your New Year's celebration was safe, sane, and nourishing. Those of us in the Rogue Valley enjoyed (or alternately, suffered through) some very wintry weather. We had snow, while to the South of us, things were literally drowning in rain. I mention this because a reader e-mailed me asking for advice on how Feng Shui can help job seekers. If what we have seen recently in violent weather is what some people are feeling as they search in vain for employment, Feng Shui can help.
So let's begin 2011 with suggestions to lead folks toward greater prosperity.

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Invitation/ChineseEveryone one of us knows someone who has been hit by the economy. I personally have a friend who has a sterling reputation, a graduate of a military academy and an amazing work record and he is not only losing his home, but canot find a job.  I'm clicking on the red envelope and forwarding this issue on to him.
     Take a moment and think if there isn' someone who might be helped by the information here. By sending them this issue, you may well help them find what they need to get through these troubling times.  Know that you are not subscribing them - they will decide that for themselves.  Nor do I have the ability to track who sends what to whom, so your privacy, and theirs, is well guarded.
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Using Feng Shui to help land a Job
What to do...
First, give serious consideration to the nature of the business you are applying to: is it fast paced? Customer service oriented? Sales driven?

You will want to align yourself (put yourself in harmony with) the nature of the business you're approaching. Introverted shy womna

If you are an introvert, applying for a customer-oriented business can immediately create some sha chi (negative, stressful energy.) You and the business do not have a harmonious relationship. If you are honest with yourself about your nature and style, this will automatically eliminate certain positions from your search.

2) Customize your resume to support the position for which you are applying with the nature of the business.

A trendy clothing store will find points in your favor with a resume which is clear but laid out in a unique way. That same layout will not help rezume riting cartoonyou when applying for a position with a financial institution. This means you need to do some investigation of the firm or company you wish to join. The more you know about them the more you can customize. Do this within reason, leaving room for the interviewer to assess how they might best use your talents and skills

3) Use elements that support your desired outcome.
Using the Five Element Theory: choose clothing and accessories which indicate an understanding of the position you want. Showing up for an interview with a fast-moving company burdened with a full briefcase makes a very different impression than showing up with a thin stylish envelope.  Earth colors suggest solid and grounded. Reds suggest high energy. Blues and black suggest something more quiet.  The louder the color, the stronger the energy of what it supports. 
If you want to indicate you can bring calm to a frenetic position (a receptionist in a fast paced office) wear something in more quiet colors. For men, a suit will be appropriate for some business, and not for others. You need to match what you're bringing to the company you wish to work for.

4) The interview is a two-way dance. The interviewers lead, and your ability to follow is of the utmost importance.  Does the interviewer use short, succinct sentences? Do they ask for a fuller explanation? Again, looking for harmony, your chances improve immeasurably if the interviewer can sense that you fit right in with the company. Whether or not you are called for a second, third, or even fourth interview, always immediately send a short handwritten note in appreciation of the interview. If you have been exercising Critical Listening, you will be able to drop a small detail into your note which will make it memorable above any others. No matter how mechanical some businesses have become, the personal touch remains powerful.

continued next column
Another Smart Business uses Feng Shui

The Viana Hotel and Spa in Westbury, Long Island, is a recently opened upscale boutique hotel which has decided to utilize Feng Shui and going green to improve its business success. (What the publicists don't know is that going green is Feng Shui at its most basic.) Long Island's Newsday says the hotel wants to be the first to be certified for environmental and energy friendliness. The rooms run almost $50 a night more than a nearby competitor. So what are they doing?

They have used color to influence mood. They're supporting comfort by using different shapes to create appropriate energy matching each functional area. Most Western buildings are very Yang (masculine) in nature - all straight lines and 90 corners. Too much masculinity creates a level of rigidity which becomes wearing. The Viana, however, has used curves inGrillwork the furnishings, in some of the architectural shapes, and in some of the decorative elements, thus balancing the Yang energy with Yin (female elements) to welcome all their guests.Viana hotel lobby

The owners paid close attention to their Feng Shui consultant when choosing a name for the hotel. Initially they had chosen a name which connoted emptiness and sweeping away (The Brush Hollow Resort and Spa). The new name, Viana, suggests vision of peace and beauty.  It's already doing a good business.

Slowly businesses are realizing that Feng Shui can help their bottom line, improve customer relations, and inspire the staff to more friendly productivity. My prediction is that within five years, a reputable Feng Shui consultant along with an environmental consultant will be a part of 80% of the new commercial construction in this country. But why wait five years?  Those who want to be ahead of the curve will begin integrating Feng Shui wisdom into their businesses now.

Land a job (cont'd)
Every business has a rhythm, pacing, and feel to its operation. You will not be changing this, so you vastly improve your chances of being hired if it is obvious that you are an individual who can flow with the established pace and contribute to the success of the enterprise. Someone interviewing for a receptionist's job with a rush-a rush company who shows him or herself to be as hyper as the company will not fare as well as someone who demonstrates quick action while maintaining an air of complete calm.

Many of the principles of Feng Shui can be used to make your efforts more effective. Know that results in the Rabbit year will not happen as quickly as those during the present Tiger year.  Patience and perseverance are two characteristics of a Rabbit year which, as you practice them, will serve you well.
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