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When considering hiring a professional, consider the background, the training and what previous clients have said.  I invite a close examination.
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Enjoy the Attitude of Gratitude

Vol 3, #6November/December 2010
Yr of Rabbit

As we head toward the two major holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving)  I've chosen to focus on the upcoming year and some tips to help your business.  My intention is to increase your abundance in both the personal and professional life.  You may have a situation not addressed here, in which case, you may wish to give me a call. Our conversation will reveal how Feng Shui can help.  There is no charge for this service. My number is (541) 488-1777.

Make this hdogoliday season one of sharing your care and love with those you value.
                    Creative Visions Feng Shui
The Upcoming Year of the Rabbit
Chinese Zodiac The more I study Feng Shui and other aspects of Chinese culture, the more I come to admire the profound wisdom present. I do not know the origins of the Western calendar, but think they lie in the Middle East. In ancient Sumeria, around 3000 BC, a calendar using 12 months of 29 or 30 days developed. In Chinese astrology there are 12 signs, named after different animals. Legend has it that the Buddha invited all the animals to come before him. The twelve that showed up were assigned a space in the Chinese zodiac.

The earliest Chinese calendar for which we have records dates to about 2000 BC. There were 12 months, and sometimes a 13th.  The 13th was added when needed to correct for accumulating annual overage. Unlike the Gregorian calendar in which the New Year falls on the first day of the first month, the Chinese New Year begins with the first new moon after the winter solstice. Because of this, early month Western birthdays often fall in a different month when using Chinese astrology.

The end of the current Year of the Tiger falls on February 1, 2011. Then we enter the Year of the Rabbit. The coming year favors the Rabitt in Chinesefamily, encourages learning and personal growth, and highlights diplomacy and negotiation. This is good news for such troubled times. I personally judge that Washington will follow none of these tendencies, and thus suggest one not expect too much from that dysfunctional power center.

We are likely to see much attention being directed to the alternative energy sector. Many governments will offer financial incentives to encourage investment and stimulate growth. Look for medical breakthroughs in the treatment and early diagnosis of certain diseases. There will be an emphasis on research, which may provide some momentous findings.

Education will receive increased focus, and many people will develop new interests or embark on a new course of study. The arts may produce some extraordinary new work. This will be a year for personal reappraisal, not only of ourselves, but of our relationships as well.  Many will bring their lifestyle into better balance.

Last year I offered a personal horoscope to you. The feedback horoscopefrom those who took advantage of the offer, made me realize the value of such a service. So, I have decided to once again offer your personalized horoscope for the Year of the Rabbit. You might also consider giving such a horoscope to a loved one as a holiday gift. Either way, these tend to be very useful tools in navigating troubled waters. See the coupon at the bottom of this newsletter for my special holiday offer.
Help My Business!
hurrying businessman Why would you pay a Feng Shui master to analyze your business, or even your job? For the same reason that it's easier to sail with the wind rather than against, easier to pull weeds when the ground is slightly wet than bone dry. I find it sad that so many businesses which really could use the additional help during these difficult economic times, fail to recognize the value of such a consultation.

Given that situation, let me give you a few beginners' tips. Try as many as you choose, then watch for the results. Should you like what you experience, be advised that a professional consultation can bring even more powerful and profitable results. Doubting Thomas' would do well to read the clients page on my blog.

Some of the items I will mention are suitable for a storefront, others for a cubicle, and yet others for the home-based business. Know that everything that touches a customer, a supplier, or yourself can speak to the quality and this sort of business you do. Most of these things can be done without a large expenditure. What's needed to make a kitchen shop most profitable may be quite different from a Chiropractor's office. Yet the same principles of unobstructed flow, harmony, and nourishment of Chi apply.
man climbing files
Is the environment clean and clear or cluttered? If it's the last, make clutter clearing your first priority.

What impressions do your outgoing voice message, business card, promotional material, and e-mail give? All should be unified, giving the same impression again and again. This impression needs to be of the same caliber as your products.

Your attitude toward money received should be one of gratitude rather than of haste to acquire funds or greediness. The old money savingssaying, "what goes around, comes around," has a multiplier effect when it comes to monetary matters. Watch what happens when every time you receive money.  Tip: mentally and emotionally say "thank you." As a Feng Shui practitioner, I receive my fee in new red envelopes. Those envelopes then go through a gratitude ritual.  It makes a difference!

Your employees' productivity, or lack thereof, can be modified and/or increased by the way you have their work space placed. It's all about the flow or lack of flow of Chi. Chi, like water and air, can grow stagnant. Just as I always want my clients to clear the clutter that surrounds them, so an energetic cleansing of the Chi in any business is beneficial.

In writing this, I realize that one-size-fits-all Feng Shui does can't provide optimal results. The solution? If your business is not doing as well as you would like it to, call me. Our conversation Confused couplewill reveal whether or not I can be of major benefit to you. There is no charge for this, and often I can suggest things you can do to start the needed change. Just as most of us can change a tire but not rebuild the engine, I'll try to find those tire changing things, but be totally honest with you about the need for more major work.

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You can have your personal horoscope for 2011 in written form for only $29.  My clients have found these horoscopes to be useful reminders to watch for both the opportunities and the minefields that they may encounter. Transitioning from The Year of the Tiger to The Year of the Rabbit can use help.  Welcome the Rabbit!   To get your personal Year of the Rabbit horoscope, mail a pre-addressed, stamped envelope, your birthdate, and a check for $29 (made out to Sugeet) to: Creative Visions Feng Shui, 45 Crocker St., Ashland, OR 97520-8786.  Your personal horoscope will be returned before the New Year.
$39 After 12/20/2010