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Danger we can't see

In deciding what will be covered in any given issue, I often look to see what subjects keep coming to the fore. This month, I had planned on covering home improvements for those who need to sell, or those looking to buy. Instead, the lead story demanded inclusion.

It isn't pretty, but it's knowledge you need to have. And while there are many who market products based on fear mongering, I hope you will read this and draw a sensible conclusion.

What you can't see won't hurt you . . . or will it?
Gauss meterA regular part of every consultation I do is to use a very sensitive gauss meter, and scan the home or business for EMFs [electro magnetic frequencies,  physical fields produced by electrically charged objects] These are some of the most prevalent, dangerous, invisible forces that negatively affect anyone in the space.

You probably have heard about, or read, or seen on TV, stories about cell phone tower radiation. You may have Microwave Ovenheard that cell phones emit radiation and are a possible health hazard. But where you aware that your clock radio emits dangerous levels of radiation? Did you know your dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, and most critically your microwave, also emit EMFs?

While many pooh-pooh these accounts as without basis, there is a growing body of studies that say otherwise. The most significant and possibly frightening study has been withdrawn from the Internet and public view at the behest of the California utilities industry. In brief, because the number of leukemia and other cancers spiked in school age children, the state government commissioned a panel to determine why this was happening. What the study found was that the incidence of cancer always happened where high-tension towers crossed the schoolyard. Rather than safeguard the health of children the electric utility industry had the report withdrawn and quashed. PG&E went on the offensive with the following statement:

The California Public Utilities Commiss
Cell Towerion and the California Department of Health Services have not concluded that exposure to magnetic fields from utility electric facilities is a health hazard. Pacific Gas and Electric Company, like other utilities, relies on information from the federal and state health agencies which conduct EMF research and monitor this issue to help evaluate potential risks.
Here in Ashland, AT & T has announced plans to erect a cell phone tower on top of a sixplex movie theater. Even though opponents of this location pointed out that the telecom had other suitable locations, they are bulldozing through the opposition to proceed with this proposed location. The fact that it sits on top of six movie houses where children set for 2 to 3 hours at a time is of no concern to AT&T.

In the August 25 edition of the Huffington Post, there is an article about problems inherent when we microwave food.

Another facet of almost every consultation I do, is to dowse the business or the home or land for unseen energies that negatively affect the owner. It surprises me how many of these negative energies abound. All can be corrected, often at no cost - but we have to know they are there first!

 The tragic part of this is that we will continue to poison the spaces we inhabit, despite the known risks, without demanding any action from our government. Corporations, be they Monsanto, the telecommunications industry, or public utilities, continued to push products with the highest profit margin, public health be dammed. Unfortunately, they have the money and influence to avoid regulation.

If you wish to delve deeper into this subject, here are links that will start your education:

The Invisible Disease: The Dangers of Environmental Illnesses Caused by Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Emissions by Gunni Norstrom

Power line EMFs UK

Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves by B Blake Levitt

If you must sell . . . .
 It's not news that this isa time of economic hardship.  However, if you find yourself in a position where selling your home will help you stay afloat, I offer the following proven points which can make your home more valuable and more salable. If you have no need to sell, you might want to consider making these as home improvements for your own benefit.

1. Utilize Feng Shui principles to make your entrance as wonderful as possible. (See the library for a past issue for suggestions.)
2. Use the colors that support the energies you want to be stronger. (Again go into the library for the issue on the BaGua.)
3. A minor kitchen remodel can recoup 95% of the investment while allowing a higher price tag.
4. Replacing old Windows with new vinyl energy efficient windows will recoup 89% of your investment while vastly improving both curb appeal, and energy flow.
5. Hire a Feng Shui master to analyze the property and to give you guidance to specifically accomplish your goal: be it selling, or just improving the balance and harmony you want and need in the home.

This Thursday, September 9, I have been invited to be the featured speaker for WESO (Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon.) Needless to say, I am honored.  I'll be addressing CLUTTER AND ITS RELATIONS TO HEALTH.  Interested? It will be at the Rogue Regency in Medford. 5:30 Networking, 6:00 Dinner and Introductions, 7PM my talk.  Non members can attend for $23 including dinner, or $15 for the talk alone.  Reservations need to be made by clicking here or by calling 1-888-436-2338.


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It had to happen. Feng Shui finds its way to capitalism as a marketing tool. I just about had a conniption today when I found "all natural" Feng Shui NorI Seaweed rice crackers marked with slogans such as "no artificial colors," "all natural," "cholesterol free," "MSG free," "gluten free." "A PERFECT BALANCE." Wow. I can see Madison Avenue's next thrust. For the ladies, The Feng Shui laxative, "FOR PERFECT BALANCE". I am left breathless.
 READY?  Go out and buy buy buy!

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