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Feng Shui My Life!
V3#3                                                                       May/June 2010

Here's the last installment on taming your feeling overwhelmed.  We also take a brief look at the kitchen.

My phone service has changed, so that now the only number to reach me is (541) 282-4492. 

I've also changed hosting service for my web site and now it loads  much faster.  Please take a look/see. You may learn more free tips about how to use Feng Shui in your life.
What's wrong with my Kitchen?
 Many folks who dabble in Feng Shui realize that their kitchen is not ideal. Indeed, the design of most kitchens is anywhere from a mild mistake to complete disaster from a feng shui point of view. What to do?

Almost all of us have a kitchen wherein a working cook will have his/her back to the entrance or other major energy traffic pattern -  either looking out a w
old kitchenindow from the sink, or facing a wall cooking on the stove. If you're considering a remodel, or are considering a new home, look to see if the cook is in a commanding position. That means he/she can easily see who is coming into and going out of the space. The result will be healthier, better tasting food prepared with less stress.

The kitchen should not be obvious from the front door. If it is, too much will revolve around food and can result in  eating problems. Currently in America, we are facing an epidemic of obesity and diabetes - problems we can well do without. Kitchen placement in the home and its layout are very important. Best to consult a feng shui master before building or remodeling. That way you can enjoy the benefits of good energy flow as you feed yourself, your family and friends.  Bon Appétit.
Two Ways To Conquer Overwhelm
When, not too many years ago, we were informed that we were moving into the information age, no one said the real name should be the Information Tsunami Age. For if truth be told, we live our lives at the bottom of a huge funnel of information emptying upon us day after day after day. Consumer Reports'  website says "the average American is exposed to 247 commercial messages each day." An Atlanta-based marketing consultant claims we are exposed to more than 600 advertising messages a day. Michael Brower, PhD, and Warren Leon, PhD, tell us the average American is exposed to more than 3000 advertising messages a day. This information comes  from their article "practical advice from the union of concerned scientists."


In my newsletter  issue before last, I addressed some possible ways to conquer the resulting overwhelm.
  While Feng Shui  primarily deals with objects and energies of the physical world, it is equally important to know that it also works in this ecological realm. So besides removing the physical blocks to energy flow  which create overwhelm, we need to address the Tsunami of information bombarding us on a daily basis. My approach to this is two fold: first by eliminating the mental glut of information overcrowding our mind and spirit; secondly by utilizing filters (dams if you will) to prevent the onslaught of information from overtaking us once again.

paper cubeOne technique I have found quite useful in mitigating the overwhelm involves your purchasing a number of small (no larger than 2" x 4") paper pads. Try the following every day for seven days and see if this does not create a major opening for you.

First thing in the morning, write every idea, thought, emotion, and " to do" on the pad -  one item per sheet. Some examples would be "take trash out";  "buy screws", etc.  Continue doing this until there are no other items left in your mind.  Do not stop to think during this time, just write. No censorship. Keep moving.  When you have written down everything you can think of, one item per sheet, go through the stack pulling out only those items which must happen today.  Set the others aside for that evening.  Now arrange the stack you have separated so that it flows with the contents of your day.

Schedule some time each evening to go back to the larger stack which you set aside in the morning, and look through the sheets. As often as not, you will find that you can toss many-if not most- of these "to do's". You have started to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Now you will want  to put filters in place - the dams  that insure that  the flood of information coming at you never gets to you. This may mean unsubscribing from e-mail lists, dropping your participation on Twitter and Facebook. Sort through your magazine subscriptions to see what you can cancel because you don't read it. Call every 800 number on every catalog you get and tell them to remove you from their mailing list. Let's face it, if you're reading this, you have Internet. That means you can shop every shop in the world at any time, and you'll be doing a good deed for the environment by canceling all those catalogues.

Next take a look at your commitments. If you're the type that says yes to every request, you may need to drop participation in some of your activities. Filter your "friends," as some of these people just enjoy your energy without contributing much to your life.   While this may sound harsh, you are giving yourself some tough love. And if you do not treat yourself lovingly, chances are others don't get your love the way you'd like them to.

Developing the effective habits preventing the flotsam and jetsam from getting to you is not easy.   It is very helpful while developing the mindset and habits required for eliminating overwhelm to have a mentor and to work with.   I periodically offer classes focused on this work. Doing this in a group, where everyone shares their challenges and supports one another can make a huge difference. Keep an eye out for my next class. I keep the fee reasonable, so that anyone can take it. Good luck and bon voyage!    

Mimmalist office
The articles on overcoming overwhelm were the result of a reader's suggestion.  Do you have a topic you'd like to see discussed here?  Just send me an email with NEWSLETTER SUGGESTION in the subject line and I'll gladly consider what I might offer to help.

Here in Ashland, we've beenhaving lots of April showers.  Now for the May Flowers! Be well and prosper.


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