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  Use Feng Shui this Holiday Season
Vol 2 #10
November/December 2009

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I've often said that Feng Shui is a practical tool to improve one's life.  It seems that I'm not alone in this belief.  Kimberly Woodly of the Detroit area felt that if she did a feng shui makeover of her classroom, it very well could improve her students'

She first decluttered the room.  Not only from my own experience, but also from that of my students, I know that this step is critical to open up clear thinking and allow creativity to begin to flow. She then used the BaGua energy map and the five elements to arrange the classroom strengthening each area's function. It is common knowledge among educators that classrooms affect learning.  Her principal, Jim Fields, toured the classroom and found it "very calming....peaceful...I think it will be a nice experience for the kids."  Woodly found other validating evidence during her research.  But the proof will be in the pudding, she plans to compare this year's grades with last year's.  Stay tuned! You can check out the original article by clicking here.

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Feng Shui is satanic!  That's right, and I know it's true because I read it in the newspaper!
If you want to know just how Devil inspired Feng Shui is, just click here to the the unholy truth of the matter!

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There was a time some decades ago when "holidays" were exactly that, Holy Days. They were a time for gathering together with loved ones and celebrating over good food and drink. 
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The men did not abandon themselves to the Cyclops to watch 14 back-to-back sporting events (that's Real Male Bonding - a la 2009).  Folks would slow down to savor their connections.  It appears that those days may be gone forever.  Today, most of us are caught in a rush hour style of life that leaves little to no time for anything but seeking the most efficient way to get through these dates without going bonkers.
What to do?  Here are tips steeped in Feng Shui teachings:
1 - Decide ahead of time how seriously you want to take each holiday.  The more you want the individual holiday to be really meaningful, the more time you'll have to allot to preparation.
2 - Draw out a time line for each date.  Knowing how we all try to be as efficient as possible, know also that everything takes more time that we thought it should or would.  The result is we get squeezed, and stressed.  So think about how much time you want for food shopping, or cooking, or decorating and then make it 1.5x longer.  That way, when you're shaving off the ends so you can get just one more thing done, you will actually have time to accomplish the task at hand.
3 - Plan your budget.  How much for food?  Drink? Gifts? Decorations? Invitations? School events, etc.,etc?  If you map these out, you'll start to see you may have forgotten to include some very important aspect in your time line.  You will also see what the total is you're planning to spend.  If it's more than you can reasonably afford, see where you can trim.  This way you hopefully will not be buried under bills post the holidays.
4 - Move the physical trappings of your living space around for each date.  Rearranging a room just for a special day will refresh the chi. Moving things also tends to show you where the dust and dirt is, as well as where you dropped that $500 bill you've been missing! (no fooling, one of my clutter students turned up $220 on her first clean up!)
5 - Use the BaGua map and energize the most important areas of your life this holiday season. Want stronger family ties? Try putting holly, a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush in the appropriate space in your home.  When standing at your front door, the family area is in the space in the house on the left center wall.
Do you want to better your career?  Add the water element to the center of the front of the home - i.e. snowmen or snowflakes. Improve your health? Try a fresh centerpiece with real earth. Place Poinsettias, a bowl of fruit or a fruit basket in the center of the home or any room therein.  So the holiday season is a jolly good time to stir things up, have some fun and invite the Universe to help co-create a better reality for you and yours.

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3 of us Bring Your Holiday Stress
Questions to Sugeet Monday, November 16
Too many of us with too much to do often stumble through the holidays and end up no only stressed out but exhausted.  Sugeet's going to host a question and answer evening how to use Feng Shui to make the holidays more enjoyable and less stressful. It all happened for free, Monday, November 16 at the Community Classroom of the Ashland Coop.  Bring you questions and let's see how Feng Shui can help you.  Questions, call Sugeet at 541.488.1777.
The last issue came with a contest - to find out how much bad Feng Shui readers could spot in a number of photographs. Ann Dion of Conway, SC wins an hour's phone consultation on whatever area she wants to rework.  Congratulations.  One of my former students who is now a professional feng shui consultant couldn't resist, and I have to say how much fun Susan Mackenzie of Grants Pass, OR gave me as she correctly picked out almost all the errors. I threw in a stinker for good fun - picture #6 - the village had no visible bad feng shui.  How did you do?  Would you like to have more of this type of feature in future issues? Drop me a line with your preferences.
Upcoming Events
Reduce Holiday Stress using Feng Shui
That's the topic of my next talk at the Ashland Coop Community classroom. 

Monday, November 16 at 7 PM. 

Bring a list of your holiday stressors and we'll give you solutions using the time-honored principles of Feng Shui.

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