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You now have access to each and every issue of the newsletter since it's inception over two years ago. You can check out what Sugeet had to say about many different subjects.  If you're looking for something particular, check it out just by clicking here. Let me know if you enjoy having this feature or if there is some way it could be improved. Many thanks.
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Sugeet wil be giving a free talk "What to do About Clutter" at the AshlandBoy w head in sand Coop on A St this coming Monday, September 21at 7pm.  This multi media presentaion will help you isolate and start to work clearing the clutter out of your life.  The first rule of Feng Shui: GET RID OF CLUTTER!   There's no cost or obligation to attend.  Try to be earlt, last time it was standing room only!
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By clicking on the invitation above, you'll be taken to a page where you can send a copy of this email to friends, business acquaintances, anyone you feel might find this useful.  They will not be subscribed unless they choose to, and there is no record keep. We're not harvesting emails (we never do anyway.)  So many folks have heard of Feng Shui but have almost no knowledge about what it really is and does.  Now you can show them - Baad Feng Shui!  Heck, have some fun.
Vol 2 #9                                                                                          September/ October 2009

As we move into fall, I decided we needed a bit of fun, thus BAAAD Feng Shui.  I'm going to give a free one hour phone consult to the reader who finds the Feng Shui boo bads and perhaps even suggests how they might be corrected.  Of course, it's a purely subjective contest, and professionals should sit on their thumbs, please!
Aside from that, this issue introduces something I've wanted to offer for a long time - an archive where you can go back to any issue published over the last two years.  It's now in place and I hope you'll find good use for it.
This 21st of September, I'll be speaking on clutter at the Ashland Food Coop.  That's going to lead to a four or five session group.  Not unlike AA - doing this as a group always produces a much greater result for the participants. And, I'm pricing it very reasonably.  So take a look, and decide if you wouldn't like to take another stab at simplifying.  And, as always, if you attend all the classes and decide it was not worth your time or money, I'll refund you every penny.
I'm not sure I'm ready to let summer go - it's been a wonderful one.  Fall always has a certain bittersweet quality about it which I both like and don't.  Haven't figured out how to stop the clock yet, so I'll be here, being grateful for yet another day of magnificence!


Fun with Feng Shui
Yoda Sugeet2 OK, here we go.  Following are example rooms, buildings, situations.  They may have bad Feng Shui or theyjust may be bad or there could be absolutely nothing wrong with them.  The same goes for this entire newsletter!  So have fun.  If you'd like to win a one hour telephone consultationwith Sugeet, jot down what's wrong in each picture an, if you choose, suggest how you might correct it.  Send your critique to <>.  As a highly impartial judge, I'll provide my ansers in next month's issue and if you're the winner, I'll be sending you a congratulatory email.
Sha chi Building

Boy w head in sand

Sha chi Building

Clock Radio

Fountain over fire

Village good

House on ledge

Stair and fountain

Messy office

Toilet on roof

BAd office lighting

Redneck condo

Lopsided House

OK - that's it.  Some of the photos are a bit pizelated because Ikept their size small in my library, but I'm sure you can find all sorts of interesting things.  Have fun and send me your results to <>.
Changing the newsletter

As you may have already guessed, this is late - very late.  That's Baad Feng Shui.  But I find that so much time is spent creating these newsletters that it is more than my schedule allows.  So I'm going to publish this to every two months.  There will still be entries on the Resource Blog as I pass along Tips, Tricks and News.  Then there's Facebook and now Twitter.  And it all can be done from my iPhone.  Maybe there will be time to talk with someone in person!  What a concept!

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