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Feng Shui Tips for
Your Office
Knoll office1) When choosing the
place for your business,
avoid renting or buying
the location just at the
end of the T intersection.
If you are left with not
much choice, then you
need to counteract the
negative energy by
adding appropriate feng
shui elements.

2) The best office location
would be on a corner
where chi flows to you
from more than one
direction. This is probably
one of the reasons that
rentals for this location
are higher than for
properties within the

3) Position your desk in
such a way that you do
not have your back to
the door. You must either
be facing the door or at
a diagonal.

4) Add mirrors, plants or
paintings on dull walls.
Add feng shui elements
through portraits,
pictures and paintings.
For example, hang a
photo of a waterfall or a
lake to insert the water
element without having
to try too much. It is
best that the elements
blend well with the

5) Put wealth symbols in
the upper left corner of
the room. These can
include a small table or
wall fountain, a powerful
ship, Chinese coins with
red ribbon and a photo
in red or purple of
abundance. You can put
your computer and
printer on this corner,

6) Remove clutter. Always
remember the difference
between useful storage
and unnecessary clutter.
Clean your office
regularly as this will
ensure good atmosphere
and better work attitude.

Adapted from http://printerinkcartridges

The Feng Shui of Laughter
Laughter is Good Feng Shui - sometimes

The current issue of Ode is devoted to laughter, and it's valuable to consider how laughter produces good or bad Feng Shui.  We tend to think of laughter as 'good medicine', but unlike beauty [which is always good chi] laughter can lift our spirits [positive chi] or make you feel uncomfo
rtable and disconnected [sha chi.]  Chi being the invisible force or energy that permeates everything. Quantum physics has demonstrated both the fact that chi exists everywhere and in everything but also that we can and do affect it.

Cat Laugh
Positive chi nourishes our very being.  A Business with good Feng Shui works smoothly and efficiently.  Clients and customers enjoy doing business there. They tend to return.  The business prospers. A home with positive chi flow becomes a place of harmony, nourishment, protection and revitalization. While all family life involves some hiccups and speed bumps, these are kept to a minimum.

Laughter as good FENG SHUI
Positive chi, good FENG SHUI is one result of a good joke, or a paradoxical situation that is highly amusing.  The mark of a good joke is the fact it contains a hidden truth and has at least a dollop of wisdom in it.  Such jokes make us smile if not laugh out loud.   Laughter can also be a release of tension that may have absolutely nothing to do with the joke.  It leaves us more open, more relaxed.  Think of the healing that happens when victims of a disaster or a conflict are brought together and entertained with good jokes. Negative chi - stored trauma and tensions - is released; what remains is positive chi which helps heal.

Laughter producing bad FENG SHUI
Both the cause and the result of bad humor arise from the situation.  Where it's mean spirited or humor at the expense of another person, the result is the same: Bad Feng Shui - sha chi.  One only has to remember the cartoon of the man hurting himself as he slips
Demeaning laugh on a banana peel, or a Roseanne show where the put down of others was regular fare for cheap laughs. The resulting energy is negative, and whatever pleasure we receive comes from putting ourselves up as somehow better than the object of our laughter.  That sha chi goes into the surrounding environment and the physical location becomes known for edginess.

Our words are more powerful than we imagine, and using them in a careless or negative manner helps no one, not even the speaker. So if you want to spread good vibes - positive chi - around you, watch what you say and the jokes you tell.  Be aware of the reaction of others when jokes are being told and whether or not the hearers' energy expands or contracts when they hear the punch line.  You now have another tool to create excellent Feng Shui.

Polar bear lavenda

If you want to have the energy of a place read accurately, tun to the animal kingdom.  They have not gone to school, nor read 13 conflicting books, not done 200 weekend workshops, they just know.  It's hard wired.  Watch and learn.

Creative Visions Feng Shui