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Creative Visions Feng Shui offers:

For the Home:
 A room by room menuanalysis, using the BaGua energy map.  Full explanation of why each one is being given and a complete EMF (electro magnetic frequency) testing, clearing negative energies.

The Colors:  A consultation to choose the right colors to produce the effect you want.

For Business:  A thorough analysis of your problem areas and corrections to turn the business around.  Full set of recommendations to transform the business into a healthy, vibrant, functioning profit center.

Home/Business for Sale:  You only get one chance to make a first impression and that first impression will determine if you have a lookey loo or a potential buyer. The consultation comes with a written report to make your property really shine.  (Sugeet has never had a property less than 20% over market and all have never remained on the market for more than 24 hours.)

For the Renter:  Similar to a home analysis based on the BaGua energy map, we create your space to maximize your desires and intentions.  Includes any needed energy clearing.

Remodeling:  Full design and implementation for what one client termed "results better than the homes in Sunset magazine."  Working with you or your contractor, all phases are covered.  Less expensive than construction supervisor/project manager and the results are nothing short of fantastic.

Site Analysis: Considering buying and building?  The lay of the land and the energy it caries is very     important.  An on site visit will let you know if this is a good place to build or if you should keep looking.    

Plan Review:  When building or remodeling it's critical that you find and make all corrections in layout BEFORE hammer meets nail, or correcting things later can get Very Expensive.  This service also allows you to realize how you'll feel in your new space.

Land Blessing:  The property we own, or are thinking of buying, often has residual energies from past owners.  These can range from 'dead zones' where plants will not grow to chaotic spots where nothing seems to hold still.  A land blessing can neutralize all this and more.  Best done with a site analysis or home consultation or before construction begins.

Morning Coffee:  We walk, you write.  You'll get general recommendations on how to give your home a     tune up.  We'll move your home around and you'll immediately experience a new energy as rooms come to life again.  Nothing serious, but very fun and effective!  One-hour minimum.

Energy Clearing and blessing:  Similar to washing your clothes, this process learns where energy in your home is stagnant, or chaotic or negative and neutralizes it so that you home is nourishing, welcoming and the way you've wanted it to feel.  More complex than a land blessing,

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The BaGua, The Body, Health and Energy
The school of Feng Shui I predominantly use is the  Black Sect Tantric tradition.  It looks at the layout of a home using  the BaGua to analyze what's wrong and how to correct it.  First  understand that the BaGua is an imaginary energy map which is laid over a home, a business, a room, or a lot; and each portion of the map traditionally represents an area of our lives.  The Bagua is an octagon and the center the ninth point on the map. If we think of a home having a BaGua laid over the floor plan, notice that each corner is where strong vertical support is offered for the roof.  And the center is where the roof peaks - or reaches toward the heavens. Energetically, the walls support the roof and the roof points to the the sky, source of great energies.

This arrangement of an energy hub is reflected in octagon buildingmany ancient cultures.  One  finds octagonal structures in traditional Islamic design. Many courtyards in the middle east are octagonal is shape and open to the heaven, inviting devine energy down and into the surrounding home. In the East, ancient Taoist texts  describe nine energy points of columns as 'wise immortals' or 'sentinels.'   Good fortune is a benefit when the human inhabitants use ritual or intention in each of these areas.  When I do an analysis of a structure, I try to determine where the energy does not flow smoothly or strongly, or if there are places where it flows too forcefully.  The people living in an unbalanced home often have physical, financial, or emotional problems that do not seem to resolve.  Feng Shui cures rebalance, moderate, or reinforce the energy of that area according to the needs of the client.  When successful, the client experiences greater harmony and prosperity in their life simply because all areas are now working together in concert.


Each area of the Bagua is associated with one of the five physical elements, Wood, Water, Metal, Fire and Earth.  When first studying Feng Shui, I was cynical about the concept of only five physical elements making up the world.  But the more I worked with these elements and used them to adjust the flow of chi in a space, I kept being amazed and astounded at how well they worked.

During one consultation for a new home, I noticed that the builder had set a fountain (water feature) in the front lawn of a home down the street.  But instead of the water flowing toward the house, it flowed toward the street.  I told the client to watch this home, it would likely be for sale frequently.  Sure enough, in changed owners 3 times in 4 years.  Why?  In each case there were financial problems.  Water carries energy and is associated with financial prosperity.  Having the water flow away from the home meant finances would be draining away from the inhabitants.  Can we prove it scientifically (us in the rational West)?  No, but it consistently works.  I don't care if many things in Feng Shui make no sense in the Western model - I use what works!

Too much of any element is not a good thing, for the energy of that element will predominate. A new client's favorite color is red, the color associated with the element fire.  The couple lead Very Active Lives, both professionally and socially.  What's fascinating about this couple is that she is intellectually voracious, extremely bright, neat and active.  Her preference is indicative of the way she lives her life.  Her partner, on the other hand, is quite different, and in his own way, brings a quieter, less frantic energy - thus balancing what might otherwise need adjustment.

In recommending cures using materials and
3 of uscolor, both intuition and art come into action.  It's like learning to cook an omelet - one needs the right equipment, the right ingredients and the right technique to get the perfect omelet.  So it's fine to play and see what works for you, but when you're not getting the result you want, then it's time to call me.

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So I'm bit late with the newsletter, but the Fourth came up a lot quicker than I had realized, and I've been busy.  And that's a good thing in this economy.  Here in Ashland (population 23,000) over 30,000  watched our parade and then devoured Lithia Park where the City Band will play, the Declaration of Independence will be read and there will be many parties all being capped off with a wonderful fireworks display and a 200 piece band serenading the display.  Did you know fireworks are yet another Chinese gift to the world?  From Wikipedia:
The earliest unequivocal documentation of fireworks dates back to 12th century China, where they were first used to frighten away evil spirits with their loud sound (鞭炮/鞭砲 biān po) and also to pray for happiness and prosperity. It was a natural outgrowth of another Chinese invention, gunpowder. Eventually, the art and science of firework making developed into an     
independent profession. In ancient China, pyrotechnicians (firework-masters) were well-respected for their knowledge and skill in mounting dazzling displays of light and sound. Fireworks may have also led to the use of military rockets in China. A record in1264 states that the speed of the rocket-propelled 'ground-rat' firework frightened the Empress Dowager Gong Sheng during a feast held in her honor by her son the Emperor.
By the 14th century, rocket propulsion had become common in warfare, as evidenced by the Huolongjing compiled by Liu Ji (1311-1375) and Jiao Yu (fl. c. 1350-1412).
It was in 2004 that Disneyland started nightly fireworks, using compressed air to launch rather than gunpowder.  Better for the environment, and they were able to gain greater accuracy and great height.  Ah America!

Always open to questions, suggestions, and learning.  Feel free to contact me.

Blessings for your hapiness & prosperity,

Creative Visions Feng Shui

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