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Energetic Spring Cleaning

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The new President and his family are so opposite the previous occupant, yet they are occupying the same space (the White House.)  So it comes to mind that it would be wise for the Obamas to clean up the energy left by the Bushes.  The same can be said for the rest of us.  If you are not the first occupant of a home, condo or apartment, you could well add these to you list of spring cleaning and experience a whole new energy which is strictly yours.
     Smudge the entire space, being sure to have a window open in each area.  Be careful to smudge the corners, where the walls meet the ceiling and the floor, behind doors. Include electrical outlets and cable outlets (just as electricity travels on wires so can other energies!)
Wipe down all doorknobs and the areas above and below the knobs with a mixture of sea salt and water.  Then wipe again with clean, filtered water.
     Clear out any clutter stored by the owner (a rental) or left behind (home purchase).
     Don't be afraid to repaint.  And play you favorite music while you paint.  The vibrations will be retained and permeate you space.
When doing all of this, remember your intention - to insist any old energies go on to their next stage of healing and that you request harmony and prosperity from the Universe. If you intention is clear and sincere, you will see manifestations in your life.

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Play It Forward
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Contiuing the series on DIY Feng Shui, we'll look at how you might want to use color in your home and/or business. Also there's an interesting bit for more energy cleaning, this time more things you can do around the home to freshen up the chi.

 Have fun, and let me know what happens!

Using Color - Feng Shui style
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Luckily we are past the time when everything needs to be painted white or off white. Color has a great deal of power to affect the way we feel.  Changing that feeling is the result of changing the chi, or energy, of a space.

My school of Feng Shui subscribes to the Five Element Theory of cures. The theory holds up very well in practice, but can easily be misused by the amateur.  Because of this, I'm going to give you an overall understanding of how to use color.  But for the most potent results, it is always best to use a Feng Shui Master.

Using color is not unlike using music.  When you want the full effect of a particular color, you use colro wheelpure, strong color, just as when wanting to make a dramatic impact or get people dancing, one turns up the volume and chooses an energetic, infectious tune.  Using background music is similar to adding subtle energies to a space.  In that case, one uses  paler, or muted shades.

Feng Shui's color palate reflects Nature, so oranges and reds denote heat, while blues and blacks represent the water element.  Greens signify growth, and earth tones represent Earth, grounding.

Color can be used to modify the chi of a color wheelspace, positively or negatively - in other words one color can moderate, emphasize, or cancel the effect of another color.  Because of this, working with a Feng Shui practioner, even if it is only to choose colors, can mean a major change in the chi of a business, a room, or a whole house.

Some time ago, I had clients who were very proud of their use of Feng Shui in their new house.  They had a fireplace in the living room and one in the bedroom.  Over each fireplace they placed a painting of water. Whatever heightening effect the fireplace might have had was cancelled by the addition of water.

Another client had only blues and greens in the home.  People drawn to warm colors (like myself) did no feel comfortable staying in that home for long.  So the best arrangement is to use a smattering of all the colors in a space, as use of colors of the BaGua tends to balance a space.

Color can be a wonderful thing, and one of the nicest features of it is the fact if you get it wrong, you can always paint over!  Don't be afraid of color, but use it wisely and you will change the energy of your home, your love life, your business!

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Next Month:  MATERIALS!

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