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Vol 2. #6                                                                                                      May 2009
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Feng Shui Services

It may come as a surprise the number of ways I can help you.  Some of these are:

Analyze your business to achieve your immediate and long range goals

·Review your plans prior to remodeling or new construction

· Visit 3 homes you're considering and give you an unbiased assessment of each as to which will support you the most

· Analyze your home to make it truly a refuge for not only you but every member of your family

· Clean a space, clear a person, remove negative energies from a location

· Offer positive recommendations for remaking your home OR business

· Do a telephone or Skype consultation (video)

· Do one room, a home, a business or a development

·A complete fee schedule for these services and others can be found by going to the website, then choosing Why Creative Visions and scrolling down to the fee portion.


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DIY Home Tuneup
Most of us give little consideration to the fact that our home is an external view of our soul.  Not a perfect reflection, but you can see a tremendous amount about yourself just by looking at your surroundings. Feng Shui shows that if we change our surroundings in certain ways, there are predictable results.  If that sounds suspicious, think about what you do in the springtime - you open the windows on a nice day and "air out the house." You're letting the old, stale energy of winter move along and bringing in good, fresh energy. You can not only smell the difference, you can feel it.

    For the next few issues, I'm going to go over some of the principles of working with Chi--cures you can use without a Feng Shui master, to experience  results yourself.  Much of it will depend on the clarity and strength of your intentions when you make those changes. 

You'll understand this better if you consider two different ways to paint a room. The first case: you buy the paint, put down some newspapers and start painting.  Since you have other things to do, you try to stretch the paint and get it on as quickly as possible
Painting a room.  The bookcase is too hard to move so you paint around it.  You cut in the corners quickly, and the line isn't perfect, but it's OK.  When you're finished, you look at it and realize a second coat would make it a lot better.  From that time on, you notice where you missed around the bookcase.  The line at the ceiling isn't really straight....

In the second case you move everything away from the walls, cover everything, wash where needed, then cut in very carefully, and put on enough paint that you get really solid cover
Badly painted roomage.  You move carefully and go as slowly as needed.  When finished you carefully put things back.  The room feels totally different.

                            USING LIGHT

Light is a key element.  Few people realize exactly how important the use of light .  Bright light attracts vibrant chi. When I lived on Maui, there was a store next to an art gallery.  The gallery had expensive gallery lighting that worked for those who came in.  But the store next door got most of the traffic.  Why?  Bright white light flooded the windows.  Like moths to the flame, people flocked to the store.

The color of light affects your mood.  Uncorrected fluorescent tubes in the kitchen can make food look unappetizing. Does that change your energy?  You betcha!  There's a gentleman I know who's a fabulous restaurateur.  Is the food at his
establisBeautiful resturanthments all that good? No. Service? Fine, but nothing to write home about.  So WHAT is his secret?  He lights all his restaurants so that women look their best. Anyone in their right mind knows that making a woman look and feel good brings all sorts of blessings.  In his case, it means financial success.

You already know what lighting the candles and turning the lights down low  does for atmosphere.  But that doesn't' have to happen just at the dinner table.  Use the same thing in the bedroom when you want to turn up the romance.  Relax? Put those same candles and dim light in the get what's happening.  Want your parties to sparkle and pop?  Lots of lights; up bright, or some disco lighting to keep stirring the chi. Here's a litmus test for you.  Go to a good lighting store and ask to see their display of the different types of bulbs they sell.  They should have a series of boxes with a picture of someone on the back wall.  Each different type of light makes the picture look different.  Find which one has the most appeal to you and you've found what temperature light you should have in your home.

Try these tricks and see what difference  using light can make.  And if you're having trouble, or are confused about the result, then it's time to call me and let a professional help.  Yes, I do telephone consults.

Baby on Dogs back
Feng Shui says we are immersed in the field of chi. Other traditions call it by different names, spirit, prana, the field, but all state emphatically that we are surrounded by energy.  And we scientifically know that prenatal children learn while still in the womb.  Once born, they are open funnels, taking in huge amounts of information during the first two years.

    The environment you provide during this critical time is of  utmost importance. A couple, close friends, were expecting a baby in a couple of months.  I gave them a recording of Mickey Hart's Music to be Born By.  They played it several times during her pregnancy and again during the birth. From that day forward, whenever Willow would start getting fussy, angry, or overly tired, one parent would put Music to Be Born By on the sound system and Willow would chill within 2-4 minutes. The result was always the same, be it nap time, or bed time, or teething.  Studies have shown learning ability, concentration, positive behavior is helped by the right audio environment.

    Add to that a calm physical surrounding (watch for the clutter of too many toys, pictures and the like) and you can grow a championship kid!  Once again Feng Shui can provide valuable insights and guidelines to grow healthy children - and that's not too easy in his day and age. The following links offer supporting material from fields other than Feng Shui.
Check them out!

Baby Genius Music

Well, that's it for this month.  Know that I am always wanting feedback from you, and welcome what subjects you'd like to see covered, questions you have, items you disagree with.  I bless you and your new life as Spring moves in and winter leaves us.