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SPRING CLEAN THE BODY - starting with your Liver

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This cleanse is very much in line with Chinese medicine. And spring is an excellent time to do a body cleanse. (I just finished a 8 day colon cleanse - and it was amazing!)

You may be experiencing overwhelming stress, fatigue, sluggish digestion/elimination, headaches, gas, bloating - these are all signs on an imbalance of chi.  A liver cleanse can help.

Drink Plenty of Water Every Day.  You've heard his old say, but how significant it is.  At a minimum, 8-8 oz gasses.  Many practitioners recommend half your weight in oz - 140 lbs = 70 oz daily.  First thing in the AM - a glass of warm water with lemon is excellent.
Veggies veggies veggies - everyday greens.
Add sour food to your diet.  These include citrus, raw apple cider vinegar (vinegar with 'the mother') either as 2 Tbs. with water or as salad dressing with olive oil. Sauerkraut is most excellent.
Avoid any trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils - they really burden the liver. (Read the labels on everything!) Good organic olive, and flax oil are super.  But don't heat flax oil.  Increase your intake of nuts, seeds, avocados.
Reduce you consumption of sugar.  If you can, eliminate any refined sugar.  There is sweeteners which are fine - xylitol (which is also anti bacterial) stevia, agave and organic honey.  Be aware that sweet is addictive.  Go without for a week and watch your sweet tooth recede!

Use conscious breathing and add regular exercise.  Of course, this is good for any part of the body.  
Reduce or eliminate alcohol, nicotine and caffeine - all put a stress on the liver.
Include self care in our daily regime.  Be it Yoga, swimming or getting a massage.  We tend to take care of others before ourselves, but we cannot be effective if we ignore home base!

Loosely adapted and expanded from Karen Leland's Huffington Post post of Mach 18...

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Spring Clean - Inside & Out
Vol 2 , #5

Good Golly Miss Molly, it seems like the topic of the day is Spring Cleaning.  Everywhere I look there is another article, including here!  But cleaning out the old, stale energy and inviting in new growth is an excellent practice as well as excellent Feng Shui.  So read on and  get some useful tips.
A Quick clean of the closet

Cluttered closet Work one kind of clothing at a time - pants, shoes, whatever.  Remove one item at a time and determine
    Do I still like it? Do I feel good when I wear it?
    It is out of fashion?  Do I care?
    Is it worn, stained, or otherwise in not-so-nice condition?
If you answer no to any of these, put the item in 1 of 3 piles: Donation, Sale or Repair.  For me, repair is often times not possible (ink stain, weak fabric, old silk) so few items ever make it to the repair.  I've also found that often repair is almost as expensive as buying new.

If i does no fit but you still like it, could it be altered OR are you going to change the shape of your body so that it will fit?  Set yourself a time limit and if you don't make it, then this item goes.

Continue on to the next class of item.  When you've emptied the closet, Clean it throughly and then smudge  with the intention of inviting fresh growth and positive energy in.  Then start to hang things all facing the same way and arranged by color, from light to dark or vice versa.

Take a moment and enjoy your handiwork and experience your spirit lifting. Celebrate it and then make the intention to keep it as neat and organized as it is right now.
Clean closet
Another excellent practice (especially for inveterate shoppers)  If a new item comes in, you remove one old item.  This way the clutter cannot return.

Freely adapted from Karen Leland's Blog post of March 18 on the Huffington Post.

Yo can find more examples of the energetic changes posible by going to the web site and looking a my Before and After galleries. Admittedly, we did more than just clean the closet, but you'll feel the difference.

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