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Wild Flowers
Vol 2 #4
March 2009
Feng Shui Your Landscape

This month we start the move outside.  I'd invite you to walk around your place and see if you couldn't make it more beautiful, more nourishing.  During these troubling times, making sure our home is as nourishing a refuge as possible is important self care. Nature when used correctly can uplift our spirits and energize our life.  Remember, I'm always available to you for help and guidance.
Creative Visions Feng Shui
Getting Started

BaGua colors
It's time to start planning your garden, so why not use Feng Shui to manifest more joy, more peace and more prosperity?  With just a little knowledge you can actually help your 2009 be the best yet - and in this climate, I'd say that's a big plus!

Make a sketch of your land, showing the streets, the driveway and the house - pretty much to scale.  Then lay the BaGua over that and see what's possible. Locate the BaGua so that the front door of the house is in the center lower section (the Career area.) You have choices using color; shape and placement to strengthen each area of the BaGua.  BUT it's not advisable to use the color or shape of an element that damps down or destroys an area.  This means it's not advisable to use a water element, or the colors black or blue where the predominant element is Fire.  Makes good sense, yes?
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When planning you are using the basics of the Five Element Theory.  To begin, know the various shapes of each element:
Fire = triangular
Water = wavy & irregular
Wood = columnar
Metal = round
Earth = box or square

And the colors:
Fire    = red
Water = blue or black
Wood = greens
Metal = silver, white, gold
Earth = yellow to earthen color

Have some fun.  As long as your intention is positive, your results will be positive.  How much will depend on how well you combine elements. That's why, if you really want it good and juicy, send me pictures, send me layout and let me help you create an incredible, wonderful garden or landscape to nourish you in 2009!

It can get very confusing very fast.  That's why I'm offering a plan review and recommendation for only $29.  (If you use the coupon on this newsletter, you'll save $9.) You simply send me your sketch, some pictures, and what you'd like to have happen and your check or money order and I will give you a list of colors, shapes and elements you can use to accomplish your purpose.  You'll do the choosing from the broad guidelines I'll suggest, and I'll tell you how to charge up the final garden to make it even more powerful.

Time to Clean FS Style!
As spring approaches we can include cleaning out the old energy that has accumulated during the winter.  We've been through a lot and now have a President who promises change.  Let's include ourselves in that.  You know where this is going - time to declutter our lives and homes and businesses.  All too often though this becomes an overly daunting task and we quit before we really get anything significant done.  That's why yours truly does frequent clutter elimination classes (watch for the next ones.)

spring cleaningBut you can still do a lot.  Start with your home.  If you do nothing else, start by really cleaning one room at a time.  Open the windows and let the old stale out and new energy in.  Splurge a bit and put some fresh flowers in the room, even if the budget only allows a single beautiful bloom.  When you have that room really cleaned and those flowers in place, bless the space.  Bless it to bring you peace and productivity during the time to come.  Things are rough now and likely to get rougher, so the more we can stay floating with the current, rather than being overwhelmed by it, the better we will be.

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Spring Cleaning
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It's operation and the reaction has been gratifying. My new website is yours for the click.  Want to know what are all the services Creative Visions offers?  Want to know fees? What to know what the results are? What clients have to say?  You're just a click away.  And let me know what you think!
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Use the Blog

In an effort to make Feng Shui more accessible I launched The Resource Blog as part of my redesigned website.  As my study of this ancient art and science continues, I see how the principles of Feng Shui relate to the real world in some unexpected ways.  The blog is the perfect vehicle to explore the many facets of life that have their own Feng Shui to offer us.  One recent posting takes a look at how animal intelligence reflects good Feng Shui and what we might learn from it.

I'm also going to be adding the columns that have appeared in other publications, making them searchable as well.
Possibly the biggest advantage of subscribing to the blog is your ability to make comments and/or ask questions.  It's there for your use. Let me know your side of things!

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