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Winter: Color & Light
Vol 2, #2
January 2009
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Anyone who has a web site that's more than just a presence knows they are never as simple as one would like.  My new website will be up in January.  Sometimes it has felt like an elephant's gestation period, and I believe it might be, but I think you'll find the new site, useful, beautiful and entertaining. 

Feng Shui Snafu?
Singapore Flyer
Singapore boasts the world's largest Ferris wheel, 42 stories high.  It has been plagued by mishaps. The latest was a power outage that stranded folks in their bus size gondolas for six hours.  Late in the construction of the wheel, Feng Shui experts said the wheel needed to rotate in the opposite direction so that wealth would flow TO Singapore instead of away. The change was Very Expensive (6 figures), It did not prevent the 3 major mishaps, nor has it sopped Singapore from feeling the effects of the worldwide recession. Even so, the "Flyer" has been a great success with the public.
It's the shortest time of the year.  The darkest time of the year.  It's a time when trees and other plants shed their leaves and retreat into the soil for renewal. 
Winston autum wall
Yet our modern culture abandons all that and the media bemoans that we are not spending even MORE money on stuff than we did last year.  We have slowly denied nature's message of winter.

One of the beauties of Feng Shui is to keep us connected to the natural world.  We can learn much by simple observation of what the rest of nature is doing. We are NOT separate from Nature, nor do we command it, we are part of it.  So what follows is Nature inspired Feng Shui and what it has to say about Winter, color and light.

Do not be depressed if you find yourself sleeping more these days.  Or not being strongly attracted to all the parties and hoopla.  Many of us would rather curl up with a good book and a warm blanket (or partner!)  Watching my cats, I realize how totally natural this impulse is.  Honor it.

MULTI LIGTS sandDepression hits many during this season.  Holidays abound, but Winter in general seems to bring on low energy.  Looking at the BaGua, we would be wise to use multicolor strings of Christmas lights, and maybe leave them around until the first signed of spring.  To balance the energy of an area (or to balance your own energy) use a bit of all the colors.

 Lights not to your taste? Add some colorful accent pillows. Stressed?  Add green.  Want tranquility? Add blue.  Want confidence? Add earth tones.  And remember, use color just as you use your stove. To simmer, keep the flame low.  To simmer energy, go for pale shades.  Need more energy? Turn up the flame.  Turn up the intensity of the color.  Using these simple principles you can tune your space to the space you want.

And don't forget - bears hibernate.  People do New Year's resolutions.  We would be wise to take a decent amount of time (hibernate a bit ourselves) and evaluate the past year and focus our intention on what we want to manifest in the New Year.  And celebrate what insight brings you.


This is the time Feng Shui experts make their Chinese zodiakprognostications for the coming year.  I shy away from such things, but willingly summarize what some of the better-known experts have predicted.

First, this is the year of the Ox, a very grounded animal.  Associated with the earth (yin - receptive) the year should bring a certain peace, but no relief from the financial woes besetting us.  Both President Obama and French president Sarkozy have lots of earth, meaning they both will tend to be receptive and promote peace rather than promoting war. Following the traditional 60 year cycle, this year may see a new world order forming, just as China went communist under Mao in 19499.

Oh, don't bet your booty on these predictions. One of the world's best known Feng Shui practitioners, Lillian Too, predicted that 2008 would be a very auspicious year to take big business risks. Oops.


This might be a bit late, but I felt it appropriate and hope you do as well.  A most excellent friend and mentor, Ed Taylor, grows a gigantic beard each year and the is Santa for Ashland, Jacksonville and numerous civic groups.  But he does more than that.  Christmas Eve I received the following message from him.  It so touched me I chose to share it with you.
Last night was my last "Santa Gig" of the season, through the Make-A-Wish Foundation I delivered presents to a very ill 7 year old boy, his 3 siblings and his mom.  

Their Christmas tree was stark, their living conditions incredibly humble, their situation extremely difficult- and for a few minutes there were smiles, laughter and joy.

As we left the home the Make-A-Wish volunteers and I talked briefly about how we felt; our feelings of contribution, connection and making a small but meaningful difference for this family.

I believe this feeling of connection and contribution IS the Spirit of Christmas.

The Spirit of Christmas is revealed in you when you go beyond caring and beyond thinking and take action. The Spirit of Christmas is the spirit of DOING- giving of yourself to bring joy and express love to others.

The SPIRIT of Christmas transcends Christmas, it's not religious- it's spiritual. It excludes no one and is both revealed and experienced through thoughtful action- giving.

During this wonderful season and throughout the new year I wish you the experience of contribution and connection that comes from profound, heartfelt and abundant giving.

May you exude Spirit of Christmas always,

Ed Taylor
Internet Marketing Advisor

Dear Fellow Traveler,
Panda w baby
It's time we take care of one another. We have a great opportunity in 2009. I hope you'll be able to use what you find here to make your life, your relationships, your businesses more nourishing and more profitable.  And when, and if, you can use my services, I hope you'll contact Creative Visions.

May your New Year be blessed.
    Boy w head in sand