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Vol 2 No. 2
December 2008
Use Feng Shui to make your holidays bright!
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It's almost ready for launch.  The 2009 model of Creative Vision's web site will look, operate and be very different from the present one.  You'll be getting a special notice once it's up and in place - even though the launch will not be complete.
The new site is far more complex than the present one.  I will be incorporating a blog, called the Resource Blog, as an integral part of the site.  You'll be able to look up old issues of this newsletter, published columns, as well as considerations on not only Feng Shui, but those fields which are related.
This newsletter will become a smaller publication, with active links for complete coverage on the blog.  My hope is that you will subscribe to the blog. My intention will be to publish weekly, but no more.  I have seen practitioners who send out something daily - which is fine to get high placement on search engines, but I find I trash those without reading them.
I'll be soliciting reaction and possibly doing another survey.  I really don't do this for myself - so if it's not as useful as it should be, then I will make it so.

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As a proud holder of the title Red Ribbon Professional, I have passed an extensive examination of my knowledge of Feng Shui.  In addition, I subscribe to the Ethics Policy enunciated by the International Feng Shui Guild.
This means I will not take advantage of any client.  More important, if I cannot honestly help improve your life, I tell you right off and send you to whoever Can help you.  That's my promise and that's my pledge.
Xmas wreathYou can use this delightful art to make your holidays brighter, happier and more prosperous.  And in a time when the world seems to be falling apart, this is a very good thing.  Our culture has monetized everything.  Witness the merchants who were pushing Christmas BEFORE Halloween.  Soon we will have Christmas sales all year round - yuck.  But my cynicism shows and that's NOT good Feng Shui.
      The last holiday left of pure celebration - a feast.  It is the one holiday that has NOT been thoroughly monetized, which makes it very very special.  Taking time to select some perfect leaves and fall color in the home reminds us that this season is a season of gold - of blessing, and gratitude.  When we're in this space, we can't but improve our lot as our energy is one of sharing.  If you want to really improve your energy, look to help in delivering food to the less fortunate, or take a turn at serving at a community observance.  This is personal 'Feng Shui' at its very best, when we share our gratitude with others in the form of service.
      Once Thanksgiving is over (well, face it - months before that) it's time for Christmas, Hanukkah (the Festival of Lights! see below) Kwanzaa.  Here are a few ideas.
Light - Bringing lots of light to your home, inside and outColored lights is a wonderful way to lift the energy.  Think of how cheerful you feel when you see a wonderful holiday display of lights.  Now that the all white phase seems to be waning, know that using multiple colored lights brings all part of the BaGua into play and tends to balance the energy.  This is the dark time of year when daylight is at its minimum, when we turn inward. 
     Warming candles, a blazing fire, all warm the soul and Firetend to open the heart.  Not a bad thing when we celebrate whatever our tradition indicates.

Sound:  Very much Feng Shui.  We often use wind chimes to disperse energy. Hanging sleigh bells on the front door (or the back door, OR the door in front of the garage) announces our presence with a flourish.  It's about time you got announced!  Can't help but make you feel better.  Likewise, music makes the heart grow fonder, especially when we hear a traditional song from our childhood.
Trees, Wreathes and garlands:  We bring in the sign of growth at a time when the world is resting.  The smell takes us outdoors.  A wreath on the door can take on special meaning for you.  The front door is the mouth of chi of a home, and what you put on the door can symbolically represent what you wish to emphasize or bring into your home.
    Want new or more romance? Add a pair of birds, bring in a pink ribbon. Want better standing in your community?  What about putting a wreath in the Fame area of the BaGua.  Create a magical wreath and put it in the Children/Creativity section of the BaGua.  
     A Money Urn or Pot:  You can have this ready for Money potWinter Solstice (Dec 21 this year). The purpose of the money pot is to know that abundance and wealth come best when you give it away.  nature abhors a vacuum. You've heard that, but didn't realize Feng Shui has utilized it for centuries.  So take a vessel where the opening is smaller than the base. It should be attractive and make you feel good when you see it. Put 9 bills of the same denomination in. See the money growing as you put the bills into the pot.  Then, on the solstice, remove the bills and give them - to someone in need, to a charity, to a cause you appreciate.  Then replace the bills with new ones - 9 again.  Do this 4 times a year, on the solstices and the equinoxes.
        Winter solstice : Dec 21
        Spring Equinox (09) March 20
        Summer solstice, June 22
        Fall Equinox, Sept 22
When you do this, realize you have enough wealth that you can share it with others. Be grateful for your life and be open to more.  The Universe in incredibly abundant and will bring you wealth like you've never dreamed of - if you're willing to accept and be open to it!
Friends:  Celebrate your wealth by having an open house,  Fill the air with great smells.  Make great snacks.  Bring in fresh Flowers.  Don't crowd people.  This is one of the best ways to avoid the depression that hits many people during the holidays. Gathering friends and/or neighbors reminds us we are not alone and there is much to be grateful for. Yeah Team.

Make it Illigal . . . Hah!
In Communist China, Feng Shui is illegal - even though China is Feng Shui's birthplace.  Yet the ancient art and science flourishes, especially in the affluent costal cities. There are as many as 1,000 practitioners in Shanghai alone.  Interestingly, in Macao, Taiwan and Hong Kong it is legal.  Hong Kong is a classic Feng Shui designed city.  It is also the world's 11th largest financial center - which tends to say something about what's going on!
Couldn't Sell, then . . . .
      Jim Porter's home in Eldorado Hills, CA was on the market for weeks. "It was basically dead in the water. Absolutely no calls and no interest," he says. However, after a consultation with a Feng Shui practitioner, Porter received four offers within 24 hours. "The Feng Shui of a home can be as important as a great neighborhood or a top-notch school district," says Porter.
    In a sluggish real estate market, some sellers are using the ancient art of Feng Shui to put up the "sold" sign and get the moving trucks rolling. It can be exasperating trying to sell a home when a parade of buyers just shake their head and claim the house does not feel right to them. Feng Shui helps to explain this phenomenon.

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We have a new beginning . . .
Please accept my sincere thanks for your support during this past year, for your feedback, and for your continued support.  Times are tough and likely to stay that way for some time, but that doesn't mean we can't weather the storm - together.

May you have a blessed holiday season!

                                                                                                   Sugeet & the Katz!
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