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Vol. 2 #2 November 2008

Sugeet Greetings!
     Lots of interesting items in this month's eZine: not only do we come almost to the end of talking about quick business fixes, but there's a piece on the spirits of Halloween, new certification for me and introducing the work of an incredible photographer and fried.  so read on and enjoy.
    PLUS I'm doing 2 news classes focussing on Mental Clutter.  How bad is it?  Instructions went to my web master in which I asked her to set up the page for Metal Clutter.  That's pretty bad.


Last month we looked at some general guidelines when designing a new building or office space, or renovating an existing space.  This month we continue the topic.

I spoke of being careful how you use light and what sorts of light are most conducive to what sort of intention.  Natural light and fresh air should always be the first choice.  You're familiar with "sick building syndrome" caused by the toxic off gassing of carpets, carpet pads, adhesives, paint, upholstery, flooring, tile group, wall coverings, insulation - in other words, everything!  Being able to air out a building by making sure that at least some windows open is important - more important than is usually recognized.  The more sunlight you can let in, the better.  Sunlight is yang and this energizes, while a gentle breeze brings fresh chi to a space.

Window WallHaving said this, be careful of excessive exposure. Window walls tend to create a sense of unprotected exposure, resulting in irritability and a feeling of being spread too thin.  This can be avoided by positioning the employee so that they do not face the window.  Likewise, having a medium height piece of furniture in back of them creates the desired protection.  Another solution would be to opaque a portion of the glass.

Another problem is the excessive use of glass. two problems here - protection and glare.  Computer screen reflecting a lot of glare reduces productivity and results in shortened tempers - a case of too much Yang and not enough Yin.

"Green buildings" are coming to the fore now, as are LEED certified buildings.  Boy w head in sandThe basic design concepts in these can prevent most, if not all, of the symptoms. However, being a LEED certified building does not guarantee good flow of chi. The photo here is the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.  It is LEED certified Platinum - the highest. From a Feng Shui perspective, it is a disaster.  The two do not always go hand in hand.  If you're working with an architect, it's a smart move to engage the services of a Feng Shui Master to review the plans .  Likewise, if you've chosen a decorator (which often turns out to be the wife of one of the principals) that does not insure good Feng Shui. Again, having a Master work with the designer will bring about the greatest beneficial effects.

When arranging an office don't place a worker directly in line with the door.  Ideal placement is sitting with full view of the door, but to one side, preferably caddie corner.  The occupant will retain more life energy, while reducing stress and increasing productivity.

But all you have is a cubicle - not even a full office.  What to do?  These are usually set up so that there is a far corner for the computer and the screen is in the ideal place instead of the person!  You can correct this by moving the screen and your chair position so at least your peripheral vision is aware of who's coming or passing.  If you can't go this far,position a mirror above the screen so that  you have a view of the entry, much like a rear view mirror.  My office furniture only fits one way in my office, so I had a long narrow mirror cut and inserted it at the top rear of the hutch.  I see both my screen AND a full view of the doorway to the office.

If this new position puts your back to a window, use blinds, window treatments, or plants to partially block the window.  A healthy plant will also refresh your air supply.

Don't buy furniture to save money.  Learn about ergonomics and choose both chair and desk arrangements that use these principles.  You're supporting your body to do it's best work without undue strain.  Think of the number of clerks who complain about their chairs and want another.  That's time wasted  and reduced productivity.

Feeling overwhelmed?  You can start to see that taking all the considerations into account when renovating, rearranging or building is a big job.  Since each element affects every other element, it's good to have a specialist to work with the other professionals.  Even if all you want to do is perk things up and make the business more profitable and productive, a Feng Shui Master will produce results worth far more than his/her fee.

I recently worked with an insurance agent opening her own office.  We worked together with the result that she has almost no staff turnover, and the head office uses her agency as the model of what their 'brand' of insurance should look like.

One shop in Medford that utilized a Feng Shui Master for a redo of the shop found their gross increasing over $5,000 a month.  That's the kind of result we all want.

There's even more, but we'll stop here and finish the discussion next month.

Winston autum wall
Autumn Wall - David Winston

Any of you who have been reading the eZine know quality and taste are hallmarks of my work with clients.  My artistic aesthetics know that real beauty is excellent Feng Shui.  So it is a pleasure to bring you  three works that are almost beyond photography.  The banner photo, Autumn Sumac and the photo above, Autumn Wall, are the inspired work by an outstanding photographer, David Winston.  Besides being a neighbor and good friend, his work is art.  Too often photographs are just that - but looking at these, you can see what an artist's eye can capture.  I invite you to look at his gallery (click here) and enjoy this gorgeous season.
Red Ribbon framed
I recently was awarded Red Ribbon Professional Status from the International Feng Shui Guild.  What does that mean for you?  To quote from their web site:

Why hire an IFSG Red Ribbon Professional?  A Professional Feng Shui consultant has the training and experience to assess your specific needs. As a result of this training, your consultant will have a unique interpretation of the relationship between your current quality of life, your personal aspirations, your home environment or workplace.  An accomplished Feng Shui consultant has the ability to recommend the most appropriate solutions among many that can lead to a very powerful transformational experience above what can be learned from a book, video, or introductory workshop. Your Feng Shui consultant's extensive knowledge, training and resources will provide very specific and more effective results than you can achieve on your own.  In addition, an IFSG "Red Ribbon Professional" has further demonstrated a general baseline of Feng Shui knowledge - known as Universal Topics - by passing our comprehensive assessment - so you can be sure of their skills and knowledge.

The biggest obstacle to good feng shui is your life is the clutter that threatens to drown all of us. The solution?  Take my entertaining and fun "mental clutter" class.    The holidays are much too busy a time for a series of classes. 

SO I've decided to do one evening "Clearing Mental Clutter" in Ashland,  6:30-8pm, TUESDAY Nov 10.  This evening will help you focus with greater clarity while reducing stress levels. 

Can't make it? One week later, on Tuesday evening, Nov 18, I'll do the class telephonically for 6-8p.  For those living in the Ashland area,  Personally I'd strongly advise the in person class. For those out of the area, the teleclass is excellent. The cost? $29 for either.   Register now to save your place, and decide to give yourself a great gift!  What better time than the holidays when so much is happening?

Register Here for either class.
Halloween's Gone but the Ghosts are not

It's funny, but people open up to me with out-of-the-ordinary things that they would not speak about to anyone else.  These concern occurrences which are 'not normal'.  One couple thought they were being haunted because a certain rocker would rock by itself and doors to a couple of rooms would close by itself.

A macho outdoorsman was frightened out of his wits by an unseen force that tried to pull the covers off his bed.  Yet the same 'force' tended to be very gentle to females who entered the space (even though they sensed a presence).

I had clients who didn't use a particular room and didn't know why.  Often such a room will be filled with inherited furniture.  A student reported her inability to focus and declutter, yet she had a basement and a storage unit filled with items from departed parents and relatives.  

In all these cases people are sensing  an unseen but real dynamic force that has the ability to move physical objects, change the temperature, give folks the creeps.  These forces are a portion of someone who has passed over, but not all has gone to the Light (or God).  Likewise, a prolonged illness, death or disaster at a location can leave an energetic imprint.  If you've ever seen a dog cowering by it's owner,you already know something about the owner's temperament.  A piece of furniture, a room a whole house can take on that energy.

Often people selling a property have not emotionally let go of the house.  In one case, my client lived with his mother, and they constantly fought.  In all these cases, it's necessary to clear the space, and to recognize what energies are at play.  Sometimes just getting rid of the inherited furniture and then smudging the space with sage can do the trick.  With the clients who thought they were being haunted, it was the spirit of a long gone American Indian who wanted them to feel grateful for the land and to honor it as he and his people had.  Once they did that, all problems ceased.  Not all energies are malevolent - but just like ourselves, they need to be acknowledged and treated with respect.

I find that most people can more fully participate in a clearing if they are led by a professional - they can concentrate on holding the intention during a ritual.  Should you or a friend have a bothersome situation, don't hesitate to call or email me, I'll be glad to offer considered advice.


Whether we know it or not, our space can get 'dirty' just as our clothes can. Have you thought of having Sugeet come and do an energy cleaning of your home or business?  Have you considered having a protective wall placed around your property?  These powerful tools can make your environment ready for the positive joy of the holidays - especially important at a time when the world is in such a tenuous condition!
Autumn Gathering
Autumn Gathering - David Winston
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