Creative Visions
Feng Shui
Vol 2 No 1
October 2008
Business - with or without Feng Shui
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For Business:
 A thorough analysis of your problem areas and corrections to turn the business around.  Full set of recommendations to transform the business into a healthy, vibrant, functioning profit center.  $389 for up to 8 employees. Larger businesses: call for quote.

For the Home:
A room by room analysis, using the BaGua energy map.  Full explanation of why each one is being given and a complete EMF (electro magnetic frequency) testing, clearing negative energies: $269

The Colors: 
A consultation to choose the right colors to produce the effect you want. $39 for 30 minutes or $69/hour.

Home or Business for Sale: 
You only get one chance to make a first impression and that first impression will determine if you have a lookey loo or a potential buyer. The consultation comes with a written report to make your property really shine.  (Sugeet has never had a property less than 20% over market and all have never remained on the market for more than 24 hours.)

For the Renter: 
Similar to a home analysis based on the BaGua energy map, we create your space to maximize your desires and intentions.  Includes any needed energy clearing.    $169

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You may not need Feng Shui in your business, but in these times of uncertainty, every business would be wise to use every advantage it can to stay prosperous.  So even if this is not for you, don't you know someone, or a friend, who certainly could use Creative Vision's help? Use this link
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The American Institute of Stress produced a report in 2004 Revolving doorreporting that 75-80% of absenteeism is related to work-related stress and the accidents which result.  By their study, this means an annual cost of $300 billion in terms of diminished productivity and employee turnover.

If hiring a Feng Shui expert to help design or redesign your business or workplace could reduce that amount by 20-25% of such costs in your business, would you not give it serious consideration?  Add in the additional cost of employee turnover and retraining and if that could be reduced by 50%, wouldn't it be worth the small cost of a professional consultation?

"Stress is a by-product of our off-balanced lifestyles", says Dr. Mainini (Architect & Feng Shui Master)  "You won't necessarily increase productivity by working longer hours to tight deadlines. Creating a more balanced working environment by integrating design psychology with the principals of Feng Shui is the best way to produce congenial work environments for employees while producing the business results that employers desire." It's a win-win situation.

Many business people are wary of Feng Shui - feeling it may be some sort of mysical voodoo or cult.  It is neither, rather a study of the way the invisible life force or Chi moves through a physical space.  This concept is new to many Westerners, but has been understood and studied in the East for thousands of years.  Using the principles of Feng Shui, we improve the psychological, emotional and mental health for those individuals living and working in a given physical space.

It accomplishes this by balancing activity and rest.  You know how an excellent spa treatment or a wonderful vacation rejuvenates and reinvigorates you.  It is not necessary to break from your business to accomplish much the same if the design and layout of a business reflects good Feng Shui.

This art and science can be specifically tailored to address less than ideal conditions within a business, be it greater customer loyalty, increased average purchase, greater worker productivity, or higher retention rates.  Each consultation is designed to address the specific problems a business is experiencing.  So why not just get an interior designer?  Remember that Feng Shui is always good design, but good design does not guarantee good Feng Shui.  Thus if you are doing new construction or a complete makeover, be sure your aesthetic is in line with the Feng Shui practitioner.  If not, have your designer work in conjunction with a Practitioner.

In general, the following elements will help you create good Feng Shui.  
     Plants and water help alleviate stress. classy office
     Colors: green, blue green       and blue help alleviate stress.
     Use a lighter hue for large walls, saturated colors for accents and smaller walls.
     Use expert guidance when choosing the palette, many people are not skilled in assembling a color palette.  This needs to be done in conjunction with the entire plan.
     Natural light is best.  If limited to fluorescent, use indirect fixtures (to reduce glare on computer screens) and balanced spectrum lights.  Where possible, use table and floor lamps, which tend to minimize the feeling of cold corporate creating an inviting space.  Commercial outlets need to pay special attention to their lighting needs. Bright light attracts customers (look at how successful jewelry stores are lit) while dimmer lighting sets an entirely different tone.
Next Month: Furnishings, cubicles, exteriors

Services . . cont'd
For the Renter: 
Similar to a home analysis based on the BaGua energy map, we create your space to maximize your desires and intentions.  Includes any needed energy clearing.    $169

 Full design and implementation for what one client termed "results better than the homes in Sunset magazine."  Working with you or your contractor, all phases are covered.  Less expensive than construction supervisor/project manager and the results are nothing short of fantastic.     $66/hr.

Site Analysis:
 Considering buying and building?  The lay of the land and the energy it caries is very important.  An on site visit will let you know if this is a good place to build or if you should keep looking.     $99

Plan Review: 
When building or remodeling it's critical that you find and make all corrections in layout BEFORE hammer meets nail, or correcting things later can get Very Expensive.  This service also allows you to realize how you'll feel in your new space.     $139/hour.

Land Blessing: 
The property we own, or are thinking of buying, often has residual energies from past owners.  These can range from 'dead zones' where plants will not grow to chaotic spots where nothing seems to hold still.  A land blessing can neutralize all this and more.  Best done with a site analysis or home consultation or before construction begins. Up to 1 acre $69, up to 5 acres:     $199

Morning Coffee: 
We walk, you write.  You'll get general recommendations on how to give your home a     tune up.  We'll move your home around and you'll immediately experience a new energy as rooms come to life again.  Nothing serious, but very fun and effective!  One-hour minimum:      $49/hour

Energy Clearing and blessing: 
Similar to washing your clothes, this process learns where energy in your home is stagnant, or chaotic or negative and neutralizes it so that your home is nourishing, welcoming and the way you've wanted it to feel.  More complex than a land blessing, it usually takes 1-1.5 hours.     $99

Next Month

There's an old saying, "You can't take it with you."  That's true of material objects, but not of energies.  More often than we would like to admit, we sense something amiss and can't figure out why.  I want to include this in the next issue.  For the skeptics in the crowd, you can take this as campfire stories.  But once you have run into one of these disincarnate energies, you won't be quite so skeptical.  And, of all folks where I would not think to find this, NBC News had a story of a motion sensitive security camera  set off 9 times in one night when a mysterious orb of light went through the weight room. 
I've had some interesting experiences in this realm and once again, Feng Shui came to the rescue. This is Boris Kaloff saying . . . . .

Got an example of animal intelligence?
You know I've featured true stories of incredible animal intelligence and their very natural sense of Feng Shui.  I'd love to publish of your stories if you care to send it along.  Email it to  Many thanks.
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