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Feng Shui & Climate Change
Scary, but there's hope . . .
      Three articles I hope you'll read. But if you don't have time, do watch the John Doerr speech.  There is hope, if we take intelligent action.  And it means good business.  Which brings us to the third article - Canon designs it's new offices with a Feng Shui Master consulting. They're putting their money into increasing profits and their employees are happier.
     The more I study Feng Shui, the more I see it's application in all aspects of our life on the planet.  The profundity of it all has me in awe.  And, as always, I'd love to get your feedback. Your comments tell me what material to include in the next issues!

Banner flower water What does Feng Shui have to do with Climate Change?

      In this time of economic contraction, Feng Shui might seem to be an interesting curiosity, but economically unrealistic.   There are those who say climate change is also an interesting curiosity.  [I judge these well meaning folks travel the flat earth, secure in their knowledge that the sun revolves around the earth.]  If we look at what's happening to the climate and then look at what connection Feng Shui has with it, we begin to see that utilizing this ancient knowledge has a great deal to offer.  This at a time when we need to use all the help we can get.
    Feng Shui is the science and art of the way energy moves or does not move in the natural world. It is validated by literally thousands of years of patient observation of natural systems and synergistically working with those systems.  So climate change is a perfect subject for Feng Shui. What is happening today is a direct result of man's actions.
 Lighthouse w wave    Beginning with the increase in severe storms that have devastated many parts of the country, the causes are largely man made.  Even if one denies the increase in carbon dioxide and other green house gasses, how we have treated the land (destruction of wetlands, straightening out waterways, eliminating marginal land) is consistently against the natural flow of nature.  We have the audacity to think we can do it better than nature.  Or make it more profitable. Nature can recover, but not at the speed we are altering the balance. The 'dead zones' in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic are growing at an alarming rate - unable to sustain life for large portions of the year. Coral reefs are dead or dying - and they are the bottom of the food chain.  Individuals can't affect those situations, except with political action.
     So what can you do in your everyday world? Begin by looking at where and how your life is not functioning optimally. Define those areas and then use the recommendations of a Feng Shui master to change.  You don't need a master to reduce, recycle and reuse. This pattern is good Feng Shui.  Learn to allow things to take a more normal course of evolution reduces the blocks to a normal energy flow. A friend today spoke of the necessity of trains being able to cross the country in 3 hours if they were ever going to compete with air travel.  Feng Shui asks 'why is it necessary to cross the country in three hours?'  We seem to blindly accept that our lives MUST run insanely fast.  It produces unintended consequences.
     The original seers in ancient China knew to observe the patterns Nature used for sustainability and then to synergize with those patterns.  Bringing human living and working arrangements into line helped us humans be more productive, happier and more fulfilled.  One aspect of modern life seems to be a severe depletion in satisfaction and happiness.
    Consider your life and its patterns.  Consider how much or how little you still have contact with Nature.  Modern culture has totally lost it's connection to the extent we will pay to have little screens put into our cars so our children do not see the passing world, but an unreal representation of a unnatural world.
      Depending on how much you wish to align yourself and your loved ones with the natural currents of life, you can look at the clutter in your life and eliminate as much of that as you can.  Learn about the energy map used in Feng Shui (the BaGuaBaGua) and consider how your home and business are laid out to see if they are even close to what the ancients came to understand.
     And if you're ready to retrofit your life, to use every advantage you can in hard times, you might consider a free telephone consult with me.  We can take a look at where you are and where you want to be and determine if a full fledged consultation would be worth it or not.  I don't waste people's money.  Everything I say and do must be in alignment with my practice - otherwise the changes I can effect do not work.  Beyond that, I am out of alignment with my true self.  So rest assured, if we determine that you need something I cannot provide, or that there are things you can do without my presence, I'll let you know.  WE ALL need to bring our lives and our businesses back into alignment with nature.  You can restore balance, satisfaction and happiness to your life.
 A Positive Note Well Worth Your Time
     One of the most influential venture capitalists of the last 30 years is Jon Doerr.  He delivers an extraordinary 20 minute talk about how making business green will be the solution to climate change.  His history of correctly calling the shots for 'the next big thing' give his remarks more veracity than some of the nay sayers.  Clicking here will take you to the site where you can watch.

Brilliant move or blunder? This company knows
Canon logo
    Canon camera is a forward thinking business which knew that correct use of Feng Shui in design and implementation would positively impact their bottom line.  Canon Europe brought in the respected architect and Feng Shui master Dr. Simona Mainini to design their new headquarters.  Specifically Canon wanted to reduce the high stress levels and accompanying rage so prevalent in today's impersonal corporate culture. The result of stress is greatly increased absenteeism and personnel turnover.   Businesses know recruiting and training new personnel is a major drain on profits.
    Marketwatch, an online product of the Wall Street Journal had this to say about the negative effects of stress:

    This data speaks to the American public all the more when reading the 2004 results from the American Institute of Stress indicating that work-related stress and accidents account for 75-80 percent of absenteeism and is associated with an annual cost of $300 billion (USD) to businesses in terms of diminished productivity and employee turn-over. This culminated an area where Europe is ahead of the States - it is now acknowledged that Feng Shui is a natural science and that it has important influences on sustainability.

    In future issues, I'll be bringing out some of the factors in corporate America that can be addressed by the proper use of Feng Shui.  And you don't have to wait.  If you're ready, then get a consultation now and start watching the changes.  You can call or email if you wish and we can do an initial assessment.  My success rate with turning businesses around has been close to 100%.
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