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July 2008

     My heart goes out to all of you in California as the Summers' wildfires continue to run rampant.  Here in Ashland, allergies are acting up because of the smoke, but we don't have to leave our homes!  The 4th of July parade in Ashland drew 30,000 at least. It's totally small town America as the 4th used to be - even with our newest visitor - a nude skater.... oh well.
     On to the Feng Shui tips for July!

Unseen Clutter

  To Do List      How many times have you heard that clutter is the first obstacle to good Feng Shui?  Well, your inbox was recently cluttered as I enticed you to take the Clutter teleclass.  I did not like doing that, knowing most of us are awash in emails, but also have been told that we have to put something in front of folks many times before action ensues.  Well, it was true, and those last postcards resulted in several more people signing up.  So, in that case, clutter worked for me.
      By the end of the class, I saw a pattern I was not aware of before - at least not to the extent that the class brought it up in big bold letters.  Invisible Clutter.  What the devil is that?  Quite simply, a majority of class members had such cluttered lives that they could not find the time to attend all the classes.  All had their reasons, all felt valid - save one overriding factor - their lives were so cluttered up they had no time to address the very thing that drew them to the class in the first place!  And, as I examined my own life, I realized I suffer from the same affliction.  Too many obligations, too many duties, too many tasks, too much of everything.
      No wonder life does not flow easily.  With so many boulders in the stream, we can get where we're going, but not without a lot more effort than what's needed.  Each of those boulders in the stream is yet one more thing that has to be done, one more obligation.  Take a look at your own life and see if you don't have tons more than you'll ever get to - without running running running.
    The way out?  Declutter your life.  From the marvelous blog, Zen Habits, here are a few suggestions:
     Take a 3x5 card and list the 4-5 most important things in your life.
     Find one commitment you dread doing and eliminate it.  Let them know you just don't have the time.
     Put Limits on EVERYTHING you do.  That means you don't get lost cruising the net, or reading a book alday, or working 12 hours a day.  Be reasonable, but within reason there are limits.   Make them and stick to    it.
      If your to do list is more than 10 items long, start scratching the lesser ones out.  Face it, we are not super human - we're just people trying to get through it all.    
      Clean off your desk.  Before you leave for the day, clean it.  You'll come to it the next time with a whole new attitude.

    And that's just the beginning.  But I can offer a guarantee that if you'll do these five simple things, you'll find new breathing room in your life.  Then there's room for flow.  And face it - isn't life easier when there's flow?  And that's the Feng Shui to Go!
You've Got to be kidding!
 Editorial Opinion
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      Anyone who studies marketing will hear that today it's necessary in business to find your niche and fill it.  For Feng Shui practitioners, it's no different.  With only 8,542 book titles on the subject on Amazon, we're all looking for our particular niche.  But now I've come across a doozie.  It wasn't bad enough to have a volume on Feng Shui in Action Movies, but now we have a practitioner in Southern California (where else?) who's offering Fur Shui.   She offers Feng Shui for your four leggeds.  And she's attracting attention (a feature on TV, write-ups in the local press.)  I know - put a bowl of goldfish (wealth and water) close to your cat and watch what happens.

       I really have no objection to doing whatever is needed to show people how this ancient art and science works, but in my not so humble opinion, this is carrying things a bit far.  Trivialization demeans this honorable practice.  Too many Chinese think they can get the cat with the paw raised and they will instantly be wealthy, or put the money frog in the corner for wealth, and luck will be yours.  We have the same thing in the West - say 40 Hail Mary's and all your sins are forgiven.  These things are the shell, not the being.  Feng Shui is very profound, and it's my wish people would realize this, respect it and use it for the purposes intended.  Here endeth the editorial.

And from a dear friend in New Zealand . . . .
Amazed Baby
No Issue next month
Yoda & Sugeet
     I'm engaged in a major redo of my web site, creation of a blog, and more to help grow my business.  Because of the huge amount of work involved, I will not be publishing an August issue.  I'm hoping that by September, I'll be able to direct you to a new, dynamic site and a fluid blog which will be of great use to you.  But I'm going to have to work very hard to make it a reality.  In the meantime, you take a vacation and let me know how it was!

    What's really wonderful is that each of my clients has given me some great gifts that allow me to offer better service.  My understanding of this marvelous field I'm engaged in keeps growing and changing, and you, dear readers, are helping to make it better and better.  Till then, have a wonderful summer.

     That's Yoda and me - shw was a great cat!