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Your Landscape, Animals,
& the Olympics
Vol 2, No 6
June 2008
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The 2008 Olympics
Panda Olympics
The Chinese were especially anxious to get this year's Olympics, because August is the 8th month of the year. Eight is regarded as a very auspicious number in the East (remember the BaGua has 8 sides.)  In order to make this the most famous Olympics ever held, they have chosen to open the games on August 8, 2008. 8-8-8.  And they will probably time the games to open at 0800 hours, further stregnthening the luck of the games for their teams. This comes from the ancient Chinese Classical Astrology, Feng Shui formula of Xuan Kong Da Gua or 4 Pillars of Destiny.  While the government may discount Feng Shui's effectiveness, they don't seem to be taking any chances!
Another Business uses Feng Shui
Companies are going to great lengths promoting in reducing their impact on their environment. One new highlight is Intel's approach to bring feng shui to its Fab 68, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2010 in Dallan, China.

According to Intel's Corporate Responsibility Report, the company consulted with feng shui masters to develop a harmonious relationship with the wind, sun and interior space of the fab. The fab is expected to use the sun's seasonal path to optimize heating and cooling loads. Intel also said the fab will be in alignment with the feng shui concept of "qi" - flow of energy.

As part of its green efforts, Intel said it has reduced its company-wide green-house gas emissions by 56% since 2000 and by 20% since 2004. More than three billion gallons of water have been reclaimed in 2007 and more than 80% of waste has been recycled. Going forward, the company plans to purchase energy provided by renewable sources, such as wind, solar, hydro-electric and biomass. Intel claims that the impact will equal to taking 185,000 cars off the road.
-- Wolfgang Gruener, TG Daily, May 25
Quick Links

  Landscape Using Feng Shui

You may have finished your spring planting, but if you have not, you might want to pick up a few tips on how to use Feng Shui in the garden.  Just as making changes on the inside of your home can alter the feel and energy flow, changes on the outside will work as well.


Decide what activities you want to enjoy: kids play area, entertainment area, meditation area, etc.

Lay the BaGua over a plot of your land, orienting it so that the driveway is the entrance (mouth of chi)

See if your land will accommodate the function (children's play area) to the corresponding area of the BaGua (kids could be in either the children or family area). Entertaining will probably fit best in the fame area, a meditation garden in the relationship area or in the knowledge area.

Water features:  If you can site a waterfall and stream that comes toward the
Wealth area of the home, very very fine.  Just make sure the water is kept clean and the flow is gentle and pleasing.  You can use water most anywhere on the BaGua, but be aware of what area it will affect.  Birdbaths are fine, save the fact that still water collects energy, and if allowed to remain still, will produce stagnation.  So, keep the birdbath clean and full of fresh water. (Obviously this will be best for the bird's health as well.)

If you want to reinforce the energy of a particular area, try to use the shape of the element which supports it.  The areas that use the wood element or a columnar shape: Wealth, Family, those that use a wavy shape: Knowledge and Career, those that use a box or square shape: Heath, Marriage, A triangular shape: Fame, while those that  use a circular shape: Children and Benefactors.

When planting those areas, attempt to bring the color of the area into play.  Unsure what to do in any area, bring all the colors in: black, white, silver, pink, red, green, blue, and earth tones.  This will keep the energy balanced in the area.

Only use organic amendments - Dr. Earth is excellent.  Using chemical fertilizers and sprays violates Nature  contradicting or overpowering Nature's own power.  Please don't  try to force things in a Feng Shui garden.

Have fun doing your planning, let Nature work her magic and let me know what happens when it's summer and you're enjoying it fully.
Reading Invisible Energy

Part of my job is to sense into the energy of a place and be able to know what cures or adjustment will fix anything unfavorable.  The last couple of issues have also carriedBetsyarticles on some animals that I have known who do this as a natural part of their being.

And isn't the universe amazing - for when one's intention is strong and clear, manifestations appear - as if by magic.  So wasn't I delighted when I picked up the March '08 issue of National Geographic only to find an extensive article on animal intelligence?  It certainly is worth the read and confirms what I've known about animals all my adult life - we share the planet with other intelligent beings.

After reading the article, you may find yourself watching your pet differently. They have much to teach us - both about good and bad energy and about their own wisdom.
Creating The Ezine

I've been asked more than once who I use to produce this Ezine.   I realized that the best way to stay in touch with my friends and clients was to give them something they could see each month.  The creation of the Ezine was obvious but what service to use was not.  I Googled the subject and came up with two major players, iContact and Constant Contact.
Printing pressThey appeared to work pretty much the same and the deciding factor was the price - iContact was about $5 cheaper per month.  Learning their system wasn't difficult, but there were problems with formatting, graphic placement and other layout issues for which I could find no answer.  They had a help line, which I used extensively, but it soon became apparent that those inquiries went into a call center where the reps had little knowledge of the application, and went through their answers from a FAQ book.  Very frustrating, especially when under deadline.

I decided that saving $5/mo was not worth the hassle and went to try Constant Contact for their free trial.  The first thing I noticed was that their selection of newsletter templates was much bigger and far more flexible.  They also offered formatting tools (spell check, change of photos, placement of photos, text wrapping) that I had not found with iContact.

But perhaps the greatest (and this really was great) advantage was their help desk.  I could have email help, online chat or phone access.  I soon learned that email support was the best way to go because not only did I get a rapid response, the entire conversation was archived.  If I forgot a fix or a trick, it was easy to go back and pull up the session where we solved the problem.

They also have a spam filter, a program which combs through the publication to see if spam filters will block it and a terrific way of sending yourself a preview of what you've created for a final check before sending it out.

They keep expanding their services, including a nifty way to send out surveys, and a bunch more that I don't use - at least not right now.  So, if you're looking to publish, click on the icon and check them out.  They say experience is the best teacher - and my experience says Constant Contact has the best game in town.  Clicking on the banner below will take you to their site where you can investigate for yourself.

Did you mean to take the Kick the Klutter teleclass but didn't sign up?  Well, you've missed the first phone session, but you can still hop onboard if you hurry. 2d class is tomorrow, Tuesday, at 6pm PDT. 4 more chances to change your life!

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Till next month, warmest regards and many blessings