Feng Shui's #1 Enemy!

spring flowers

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 #5 Vol 2 May 2008
spring flowers

This month a very special offer which takes Spring cleaning to a whole new level!  And the results will change your life - guaranteed! 
Plus another story of a Feng Shui Master on four legs. In numerology, this is a "1" year, the time for new beginnings.  So let's begin!

The #1 Enemy of Feng Shui
Amazed Baby
Help in on the way!

It's been termed compulsive-obsessive disorder by many in the medical community; others claim it is its' own distinct disorder.  And while it began as a natural and adaptive behavior, our culture has seen it run amok.  Yet without it, our economy would collapse. Indeed, capitalism depends on this behavior to stay healthy.  So what's more important, keeping healthy yourself or keeping the economy growing?

We are surrounded by it, on television, on the roads, in email, on our computer, from our kids, through out cities.  And it is the Enemy #1 of Feng Shui.  You're probably aware by now that I'm talking about clutter.  In its extreme form it is hoarding, but look at the side of most any road in a big city, or at billboards, or in your kid's room and you'll see it - clutter.
It fogs our thinking, causes confusion and prevents effective decision-making. It is a leading cause of stress and gives a false sense of security that must be constantly fed by adding more.  Who doesn't know we're in the Information Age- just count the number of emails you get a day and you can feel overwhelmed. Dog pees upside down No one ever asked me if I was willing to give up an hour a day to plow through the stacks and piles of email, paper mail, messages etc.  How many times have I set aside an entire day in order to make sense of a small portion of my office, or home, or garden, or garage?  I'll bet you've been there as well. You know as well as I do there are right ways to do things and wrong ways.

So, starting Tuesday, May 27 for 5 weeks, folks from all over the country can join together and learn how to effectively thin their excess stuff.  It doesn't matter if it's clothes, paperwork, fishing rods, china dolls or just flotsam and jetsam; it's easier in a group.  I'm always amazed at how working together on an emotionally charged subject like clutter becomes synergistic.  The effectiveness is multiplied many times over and above what we can do alone.  Not only that, but we get to feel really good about what we've done - because in this day and age of limited resources, we won't be adding to landfill.

I've taught this class at Southern Oregon University, but doing it as a teleclass, everyone who finishes the class finds themselves feeling lighter, less encumbered, more creative and less stressed.  And the best part?  If you register before May 19, you'll get

25% off the fee of  $69.00  - pay just $55
Your own copy of the informative article written by a MENSA member and her struggle with clutter.
Can't make a class?  No problem, I'll make it available to you 24/7 for the next week, so you can catch up when your schedule allows (schedule too cluttered?)
  Best of all, if you finish the class (you come to class and you do the fun exercises) and you don't feel you get your money's worth - I'll refund your entire fee.

So now it's up to you.  Do you have the urge to purge?  Do you want your home or workplace to be a productive, calm and nourishing place to be?  Are you ready for some change - a change more significant than just 'spring cleaning?'  Ready for even a part of your space to be tranquil, relaxing and refreshing?  Then don't put this off.  Click here and reserve your space.  Procrastinating is one of the major reasons people can't get rid of their excess, so your first move is to dare to change.  But you'll change with the help of people jus like yourself - people who have trouble starting their Feng Shui to flow right - clearing out the clutter.
If you have any questions about whether or not I can help you, or if you should take the class or not, feel free to call me. 888.239.1919. I look forward to welcoming you to class.

My Dog Shark
    That's right, one of my early teachers was my dog Sharky.  So named because I couldn't come up with a great name.  One evening, watching one of the Jacques Cousteau underwater programs, she was chewing on my fingers with her puppy needle teeth.  You can guess what the program was about.  Voila - the puppy had her name.
    Shark was smarter than many people I knew, and she never lied.  She also insisted on communication with me - a two way deal, not just run, fetch, good girl.  If something was not right, she would find different ways of telling me, and she wouldn't quit until I got it.  Over time, I came to understand that Shark read energies, just as I do now in Feng Shui.  Her 'read' was always dead on and as she grew older, I came to rely on her to tell me about a physical place, or people that we met.
    Shark would never bother wildlife.  Once camping in a nearly deserted state park, I let her roam while I ate my dinner.  By the light of the lantern I became aware of a small black shape passing by my leg, and started to reach down to pet her when, to my shock, I realized I almost tried to pet a skunk.  I became concerned that Shark might engage, but she didn't.  She was content to live and let live - as long as it meant to harm to me.
     In my wild and woolly days, I brought home a partner for the evening, only to find Shark in the middle of the bed.  When I asked her to go to her bed, she refused.  When I tried to move her, she bit me.  I knew something was wrong, so I got next to her and just looked at her.  Suddenly I got it, I was NOT to have relations with the person I brought home.  I told her I 'got it' and she promptly got up and went to her bed.  I would end up having to stay up all night 'entertaining' my guest, who I learned was a real wacko - and not an innocent  at all.  
    Visiting Sun Bear and his tribe, they offered to let me sleep on their power spot - a crossing of the lei lines (more on that another time) and, of course, I immediately agreed.  When it came time to go to the spot and set down my sleeping bag Shark, as usual, was ahead of me.  She went to the exact spot I had been shown earlier that day and lay down.  We spent a wonderful, if intense, night!
    I tell this story and others to remind us that unseen energy is just as real as anything in our world.  We are
all sensitive to them to one degree or another. For those who deny their existence,, I point to my animals.  They are not skeptics - they know and if we're lucky enough to be with them, they can teach us.
     There's practical use if your pet and you have an understanding.  If you are a landlord, observe your pet around the potential renters.  If they avoid them, take that as a cue and move to the next applicant.  If you are landscaping or gardening, observe where they like to go and where they do not.  Where they do not has something that needs correcting.  The same goes for inside a business or home.  And if your pet is at home anyplace in either a business or home, you're a lucky dog!

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Better yet, you probably know of AT LEAST 3 other people who just might thank you FORWARDING THIS EZINE to them so they too could save money and start breaking a long time habit that no longer serves.

Remember, the offer is only good till the 18th, then the
price goes to the full $69.

Offer Expires: May 18th at midnight