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April 2008 
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No Need for a Full Consultation?
Did you know that I'm available for consults as small as a single room?  While I prefer not to narrow my focus that much, I can and will help you with specific problem areas.  

Planning to remodel rather than sell and build anew?  You might want to consider have me review your plans before construction begins.  It can make a huge difference in how well the results turn out. A couple in Central Point found that out!

What about an energy cleansing of your space (home/office/business)?  Often times such a clearing can make a huge difference in your satisfaction and success.

Next month I'll relate the story of doing such clearings for a foster care home.


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Next month I'll have the details of this effective fun way to start addressing an endemic problem almost all of us have - too much stuff.  I'll be doing a free talk at the Ashland Coop May 19.  Watch for details in next month's newsletter - a special discount and bonus material for those who sign up early.

Following that, I plan a Level 2 on Clutter.  I've found that while many of us can clean up our act, the clutter seems to return (just like the weight after a diet!) 
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One of my biggest concerns is that this newsletter be of service to you, the reader. A great big thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey I sent out. 

This issue incorporates some of the suggestions you made.  I hope you find it both useful and entertaining.

Improving Your Office
  Many of us spend a third or more of our life working in some sort of office environment - be it a mega office or a home office.  There we are beset with overtime, changing schedules, office politics, deadlines, career stress, downsizing, and business in a down economy.

Let's begin redesigning the desk area - either at home or in a cubicle.  We'll bring in the energy map - the BaGua in a moment, but first - where is your computer monitor?  If it is in a corner or against a wall you need to consider changing its location.  Why?  Because we are hard wired for survival.  When our back is to the door, part of us stays on red alert for anyone or anything coming into our environment.  As a result, not all of our energy is being devoted to the task at hand, whether we're aware of it or not.

Solution?  Move the monitor (and quite possibly the desk) so that your back is against a wall and you can easily see the entrance.  You'll notice not only your attention becoming more focused, but you'll be in command of your space - always a good thing.

Desk clutterNext let's look at your desktop.  Stacks of papers?  Gobs of file folders awaiting your attention?  Your first job will be to declutter the desktop - organizing things as you go so you can put your hands on needed materials with a minimum of movementBaGua and fuss.  Next, let's lay the BaGua over the desktop and use color and element to increase our wealth.  (Remember, in all areas of the BaGua, think          multi dimensionally - so wealth doesn't mean just $$, it's  every aspect of your life.) Material wealth is only part of our satisfaction.

If you can find a beautiful small water fountain, consider putting it in the far left corner of the desktop.  Make sure the sound of the water is pleasant.  If it is not, you'll find yourself going toCa fountainthe bathroom more than necessary!  Have the flow of the water coming toward you - it symbolizes the chi of wealth coming toward you.  Keep it on at least 4 hours a day for it to work effectively. Above is NOT acceptable!

In the far right corner, have a picture or two of your most important relationships - be it a mate, a family, even you with beloved animals.  Don't have a collage, keep it simple, and keep the framing beautiful.  Not in a significant relationship but want to be?  Make sure the picture, or sculpture, is of a pair - even if it's a pair of flowers.

If you have control over the lighting, make sure it's not the cold fluorescent.  This light makes you and everyone you see look pasty - suggesting ill health - not a good thing.  If you see clients in your office, the best solution is to have floor and table lamps supply the lighting, they are naturally more welcoming and more like a home and less like a cold corporate environment.

Try these things and see if there's not a significant change for you.  Let me know if you run into problems, I'll be glad to help.

Meet Mr. Bodhi
It's well known that animals read chi better than we humans.  Many of their senses are sharper and they instinctually know Bodhi birdbathwhat to do.  My alpha cat, Bodhi, is one of the more amazing of nature's creations.  Born of a feral mother, he was raised by a vet tech with his brother and sister from the moment she cut open the uterus 24/7 for 8 weeks! He never knew nor received any training from any adult cats.  Yet he knows exactly how to hunt, track and read energy.

A friend of mine stayed with me for a couple of weeks after having been diagnosed with kidney cancer.  During each of the two healings we gave my friend, at the moment immediately prior to the beginning of the healing, Bodhi would jump up on the bed, walk to my friend and place his paw on the exact location of the malignant tumor.  He thenBodhi pasha would remain stock still until the healing was finished, when he would get up and leave.

Bodhi knows about 4-5 days before I leave town.  He starts letting me know it would be best that I not go and disturb his routine.  He does this even before any suitcases come out or there are any other outward signs of my impending trip.  If, while I am away, I find another cat(s) I mentally tell them to tell Bodhi I'm OK and coming home.  Unless I do this, he is quite angry with me upon my return and will have nothing to do with me for a couple of days.

You may have a story of an amazing animal - there are many - I'd love to share them because I know we have a lot to learn from animals.  They have never lost their innate sense of Feng Shui.  Neither have we, but it's been hidden and confused in the chaos of modern life.  Send me your story.
Give my ball back!
If you haven't  watched or listen to Oprah's series of webcasts with Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth, you might want to check out the free downloads at Oprah.com.  Many of the concepts there are in total synchronicity with Feng Shui.
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