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It's time for Naomi Trier to let go of Heat Treats - a marvelous business she began some years back.  These all natural (Feng Shui again!) pads and wraps are filled with flax and lavender and work heated or chilled.  They hold their charge or for a long time and can be used again and again. No EMFs! This turnkey operation would be wonderful for someone who wants a sideline business OR to develop it's full potential. Naomi is a grand client with a quality product.  Take a look at Heat Treats
or give then agent, Lee Ann Issacson a call at 541.821.8522.

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Another Business Incorporates Feng Shui
No, I'm not kidding - McDonald's has embraced Feng Shui!  Not nationally, but in California (where else?)  You may have seen it in the newspapers - it seems to be making quite a stir.  Yet, if you've seen pictures of the inside you a) wouldn't know it ad been redesigned according to Feng Shui principles) and b) you would not think it was McDonalds!  Why?  For one thing, the aesthetics are not hard plastic and fixed chairs and tables.  There's flexibility and variety (yin and yang).  There's a sense of calm and the whole place feels inviting.  Now it was done in an area where there is a large Asian population.  But as the profits add up, the owners will just smile on their way to the bank.  What's holding up your business?
Spring (almost) Feng Shui from
Creative Visions

Well, we're almost there and you'll notice your body responding to the change of season. In this issue, I'll have a couple of tips & tricks for you, as well as something I've never done before - spotlight a couple of other people.  Hope you find it helpful and full of good energy!
     We're almost into Spring.  So what's the most important action you can take to increase your prosperity and your well being?  Something that has been around for a long time and is not normally associated with Feng Shui - Spring Cleaning.
    What does Nature do at this time of year?  The old and the dead are displaced by new, vigorous growth.  Imitating Nature is where almost every principle in Feng Shui has its roots - so what can we do to align ourselves with this potent force of the change in season?
    Cleaning out the old and the dead.  But how daunting this can be. So many of us get bogged down, overwhelmed when we realize just how much stuff we've accumulated.  And during Winter that can be appropriate, but not now.  So how to avoid the overwhelming?  By chipping away, bit by bit.
     Few of us have the time to set aside a weekend or two to try and accomplish a through Spring Cleaning.  Instead, make a list of areas to declutter.  Then break those down into manageable chunks.  It might be as simple as the medicine cabinet, a groaning bookcase, the corner of the office.  Make the task doable within 3 hours.  Use the Rule of Clutter - if you haven't used it in the last 9 months, out it goes.  Be firm about this - otherwise you'll end up keeping 95% of the clutter you're trying to be rid of!
     Once you have the area stripped  (not put back, just stripped) give it a good cleaning.  Realizing you're washing away the old stagnant emery that was there and bringing fresh, dynamic energy to it.  Then put things back, but only what's necessary and what you'll use.  Give it some thought - don' just toss the items back into the closet.  Make it look nice.  Remember that something beautiful or just pleasant to look at is good Feng Shui.  If it's a jumble - so is the energy and you'll need to rethink it!
    Do this at least once a week for the next six and by the time we are in Spring full time you'll notice a dramatic difference in your energy and the energy of your home or business.  That's right - I said your business.  It's just as important for you to apply this to your business, be it a shop, a service or a cubicle (more specifics on business next month!)
     And if you get stuck, really stuck, I'm always available for a bit of coaching!  Later this Spring I'll also be offering my Kick the Clutter Habit course.  More on that later.
     One more thing- and perhaps the most important - once you have finished your area of choice, sand back and celebrate the difference.  Give yourself kudos for having accomplished this part of you Spring Cleaning.  Remember, your intention is as important as the deed itself!  Have fun.


A Rare Find - An Old School Master
Daffodils     I've never made specific recommendations, even though my web site has links to various clients who I wholeheartedly endorse.  But I have found a man who embodies Feng Shui principles in his business in a way I find unique.  He also does the same sort of high quality work I try to give all my clients.
     First he uses only natural and organic products when he works. Anyone who has chemical sensitivity will immediately appreciate this.  Next, he knows exactly how to treat each object he works with so that it goes from used to new condition.  He interviews his potential customers to find out what they want and then gives them more than they ask for. 
     Every place he can, he uses recycling, so that he walk gently on the earth.  In other words, he stays in balance with Nature - and is this not the heart of Feng Shui?
He cleans upholstery and carpets, rugs and drapes.  But he does it so well that my 6 year old Berber (light oatmeal - many animals, many people) was made new.  New in the corners, new along the edges of the stairs.  The blocks the furniture sat on were wood and he gets them after the carpet is dry. Recycle.  Reuse. No one else will get my oriental rugs!
     Meet Michael Kozak - New Age Service.  His cleaning agents are Green Seal Approved, Indoor Air Quality Approved, environmentally safe and non toxic.  The work on upholstery, be is antique silk or leather is nothing short of miraculous.
      To share this kind of quality is a joy for me. You'll have to talk to Michael or to some of his clients to know - someone this good is rare - in New York City or LA - much less in the Rogue Valley! New Age, 541.482.2557

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IFSG logoI invite you to consider what the benefit would be to have any of the Service Creative Visions offers, from as big as a full design to as small as a blessing ceremony.  2008 is a "1" year - and a "1" year is a time of new beginnings and new directions.  Make the most of it.

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