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The New Year!
January, 2008
Start the New Year Using Feng Shui

     Many of us start the New Year with a list. So often the list gets lost or falls by the wayside - The Road to Hell etc.etc.. Here's a list you can put on the frig with some very practical things to start your year off  keep it going in a good way.

     1. Clean up the energy.  Just as you car works best when it's just had a really good  major tune-up, you can fine tune the energy in your home and/or business. You can do this by utilizing #2, 4 or 5.

     2. Make it a priority to clear out the clutter.  For many folks, there's a
 lot, so do at least two areas - your Wealth corner and your Helpful People (called Mentors on the map) area.BaGua

     3. If you've had a Holiday wreath on your door, when you take it down, put something new and bright at your entrance to welcome fresh ideas, helpful people, and clean energy.

     4. Or home and business site often are closed up during the winter.  Open your windows and doors for 10 minutes and do a speed smudge.  When smudging, request that any negative forms whatever now leave and go to their next healing.  Then close up the house and notice how much better things feel.

     5. Consider having a Feng Shui blessing ceremony for the New Year. Often the effects of such a ceremony have multiple ramifications. It's by far the best way to clear blockages and restore a good flow to a space. . . Good, unexpected surprises.

     6. Look at the light.  Are you still using incandescent light bulbs?  Consider replaces them with compact fluorescents.  You can actually create more light with less energy; and  are kinder on the environment when you change.  They save money as they last longer and use less electricity - that makes their paybac much shorter.  At the same time, run the vacuum over any lampshades.  Consider adding light to any areas of the BaGua that presently sit in darkness.

     7.  Look at your indoor plants.  If they are not healthy consider replacing them with new, healthy plants.  Got a brown thumb? Buy realistic silk greenery and make a fabulous new growth center. 
          One of my clients went out to get an silk arrangement for her interior office.  She found one that she really liked, but it did not bring her the results she was expecting.  Reason? There were sparkles on the leaves over gold and silver plants.  A decorator accent is was, realistic is was not.  The two don't work the same!
           If you go with silk, make sure you keep it clean.  Most good silk plants you can be rinsed under running water.  If that scares you, use a can of compressed air or a soft dust brush.

     8. Consider engaging your Feng Shui Practioner on an on call basis.  When things get rocky during the year, you have someone to call to see what's wrong Qigong masterand help you get the chi flowing again.

     9. Enroll in a Qigong, Tai Chi or Yoga class and be faithful to it.  Often we have health problems or relationship problems that are caused by stagnant and stuck chi in the body.  Any one of these practices from the East help to release blockages, restore calm and well-being.  Unlike going to the gym, their effect is on the  body, the mind and the spirit.

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Lemur w heat lamp     Part of my purpose in publishing this newsletter is

 to help you utilize Feng Shui in your everyday life.

 And while engaging a certified practioner brings

 dramatic results, many things do not need a

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Starting off 2008 with a blessing, a cleaning, a consult or a design - why not have the best in 2008?  You're worth it!

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