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September 2007

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      Originally I was going to add this as a postscript - but it seems best to warn you right off the bat what you're getting into . . . This letter is an out and out infomercial for my upcoming Clutter Clearing Class. 
      But because one of my goals with this newsletter is to make basic Feng Shui information and techniques available and useful to the layperson, I felt it necessary to give you an idea of the range of seriousness clutter poses for all of us.  Not that many of us are dye hard Virgos, so we can all use a bit of help.  I hope you'll find this useful.

Upcoming Teleclass helps Clear Clutter from Your Home or Business
     With the onset of fall, gears change, kids go back to school and life 'gets back to business'.  It's also a great time to take on the annual (or semi annual, or monthly, or daily) task of decluttering.  We often don't realize just how much bad chi can be accumulated as we accumulate stuff. 
    At a recent talk about clutter's adverse affect one's health, we ran out of chairs; the aisles were blocked and people were sitting on tables.  Obviously the topic struck a nerve.  The truth is clutter slows us down at best and makes us physically and mentally ill at worst. 

Amazed Baby    One of the most difficult aspects of getting rid of clutter is the overwhelm when we realize how much extra we have.  Then there are the 10,000 reasons we have Not to get rid of stuff.  The cumulative effect is that we start, procrastinate, stop.  Being in a group whose common purpose is to rid ourselves of excess is empowering.  Trying to do it alone too often is defeating. 

    To help you perform the first step of Feng Shui, Creative Vision is offering 4 teleclasses beginning Tuesday September 11, at 7pm PDT.  Each of the 4 classes will be an hour to 1.5 hours long.  You'll have a chance not only to participate, but also to ask questions via e-mail which will be answered for everyone.  Ecologically a teleclass is good Feng Shui, it's minimum carbon footprint, and the only cost above $45 tuition is the charge for the long distance call. [If you pay more than 3.9/minute, check out ECG for rates as low at 2.5. 

     Procrastinate signing up and you'll miss it - the class begins on the 11th!   Here's the link to take you directly to the registration page.  Once registered, you'll receive the conference call number and the pass code for the first class.  Sugeet will be teaching the class. 
     We all know friends where clutter is a problem, so please use the forward button to send this to as many friends as you want - knowing that real friends don't let friends drown in clutter!   Click Here

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Grocery bags

It goes from this


Hoard kitchen

and it gets worse

Clutter staircase

until it can become an actual crime scene (and this last is a police photo taken where there had to be intervention.)

Clutter LR

I hope all of these look like nothing in your home or  business.  They are varying examples going from mild to the pathological condition known as hoarding.

AARP cover      Seems like everyone is climbing on the clutter bandwagon.  Oprah put it in as a leading article in one of her publications; Reader's Digest carried a spread, AARP and numerous other publications have recently been talking about it.  Truth be told, the field of clutter is cluttered!  I went to Amazon to see how many titles there were - and 48,231 titles were categorized as having to do with clutter.  I find that a bit hard to swallow, so I dug a bit further, 468 titles were under Food & Wine (how do you clutter food?)  There were 20 clutter calendars, 4,725 cluttered histories, 1,206 cluttered romances (I can believe that!) 1,673 under outdoors and nature.  A bit much.

    Clutter ranges from a buried letter or bill to the pathological condition known as hoarding.  The capitalist culture we live in is absolutely dependent on our continuing to acquire more and more.  If we don't the system collapses.  We are constantly told if you buy this, drink that, go here, wear that you will be happy and successful.  We end up drowning in material things that drain our energy, time and health.  How bad it is depends on where you end up on the scale.
AARP cover
    Studying oriental gardens or interiors, most of us become moderately uncomfortable because, in our terms, they are not finished - they need something.  We think it's a physical object, when in actuality it's ourselves that's needed to complete the picture.  A 10 tatami mat Japanese room feels hollow to us.  We seek comfort and protection behind things and that accumulation can lead to hoarding.

    Often clutter is inadvertent - buying that extra jars of juice because we don't remember we already have 6 safely tucked away. Having 6 saws because we need a saw and can't find ours, so off to Ace for another.  These are but two examples where the cost is financial.  But what about the amount of time lost spent looking for, or traveling to and from . . . ?
    Fascination is a clutter engine.  From collections of menus to Lladro figurines, license plates and fishing lures. Magazines, photos, newspapers.  One more will 'complete' the collection - until our interest veers off to .  .  . and then the collecting goes in a whole new direction.  Soon we have dozens, then hundreds of _______s.  We call them collections.  The cost?  Time spent cleaning, arranging, displaying.  The worry about breakage or loss.  Money spent on insurance.

    Fear is a huge clutter engine at it's most insidious and the root of most hoarding.  We build psychological barriers of material objects 'to keep us safe,' 'against the time we will need 'it'.  There are a thousand and one fear-based reasons that cause this.  I worked with one lady who, in her later years, wanted to write.  And she had lots of great stories to get down on paper.  But there were pathways in her house, pathways between piles of everything under the sun.  Confronted with the fact she would have to have a dumpster or two filled just to begin, she gave up and led the rest of her life in desperation.  Not to mention the fact it was dangerous.  If she fell, she couldn't get to a phone.

    But not fret, climb aboard the upcoming CLEARING CLUTTER FROM YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS teleclass to start your exercise program.  Build those clutter clearing muscles. There's a link in the above story to get you on you way.  I'm rooting for you!

AARP coverTalk to any of the folks who have taken onee of my clutter classes - and see how much better Your life can be!
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