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Creative Feng Shui for Summer                                                 August, 2007
Elephant Bath Greetings!

Animals know how to enjoy themselves.  They have never lost their intimate contact with nature.  So this month I want to take a look at just how animals can affect the Feng Shui of our homes and even of our businesses.  And during these delightful summer months, I hope that you make time to enjoy yourself, just as this fellow is doing!
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Yin & Yang - The Tai Chi
Amazed BabyThis wonderful symbol, like much of Feng Shui, has its roots in the I Ching and is both simple and profound.  First, it is a symbol made of light and dark.  Light is the male principle, or yang, while the dark is feminine, or yin.  These two are always in relationship and the relationship is always changing.  There are times when the male dominates and times when the female dominates.  And there are times when they are in balance, but the dance is never static.  Anyone is relationship should be nodding in agreement about now.
    If we look at the symbol as the Chinese used it, we find that the Spring Equinox is when the light (male) is emerging from the dark - just as the days are getting longer and spring is in the air.  It is a time of strong growth, yang, or piercing energy.  By mid summer's solstice, we experience daylight at it's longest, growth at it's strongest, yang energy at it's most potent.  
    And then the danced reverses.  And we moveturning Tai Chi into autumn with the Autumnal Equinox where the dark, yin, female energy gains ground.  It is the time of fall, the harvest, cooling weather, and longer nights. There is a quality about Autumn which is quite distinct from the quality of Spring.  Both are felt, not quantified. By the time we reach the Winter solstice, the female or darkness is greatest.  We tend to stay inside, both physically and spiritually.  It is a time of reflection and renewal, a time to rest and restore.  And again the cycle starts to reverse and the cycle repeats.  Looking at the tai chi (it's proper name) the Summer Solstice corresponds to noon; the Winter Solstice to midnight, the Spring Equinox to 8 o'clock and the Autumnal Equinox to 2 o'clock.  In terms of the moon, at the full moon yang energy is most present and the new Moon contains the greatest amountt of yin.
    It's a neat little pattern that's reflected in nature once we slow down to look.  You can use these little principles in your own life and home or business in many ways.  The aim always is to bring each one of us more into synchronicity with the natural world.  When we're in synch, everything moves easily and wonderfully.  The Chinese tend to say it's luck - I say it's much more profound.
    We're just past Summer Solstice, and already the cherry tree in front of my home is starting to shed some leaves.  It will continue until late fall, but it's a sign of the change.  Enjoy your summer.
The Feng Shui of Animals

Beagle puppies

Any household OR busin
ess blessed with pets have a natural Feng Shui practitioner at their beck and call.  Now they may not tell you where to put the sofa or how to arrange the office (that's what I do) but our animal friends have more to teach us about Feng Shui than most of us know.

In the latest issue of The New England Journal of Medicine Oscar the cat is featured in an essay. Oscar lives in a Providence RI dementia unit nursing home.  When Oscar goes and curls up next to a patient, the staff knows that patient has about 4 hours to live.  Oscar is so accurate (100% correct in 25 cases) that the staff now routinely calls the family when Oscar curls up next to a patient.  Oscar obviously is picking up energy that we humans are not sensitive to - at least not anymore.

Thinking LemurThe tsunami in Indonesia saw the loss of thousands of human lives and almost no animal life.  The animals had moved to higher ground on their own accord.  Canaries in mines.  Cows and earthquakes.  All very accurate predictors of upcoming natural events.  So what does that have to do with Fluffy & Fido? Or Feng Shui?  In Feng Shui we're analyzing the way energy flows or doesn't flow in a space.  We know that furniture, offices, room and homes can retain negative energy years after something traumatic has happened there.  The Feng Shui prracticitoner is skilled at sensing these energies and has the tool box to help correct them. 

Watch Fluffy and Fido.  See where their favorite spots are and what areas of the home or business they avoid.  They will tell you the positive areas and they will avoid the negative areas.  Likewise, pay attention to the people they approach and those they avoid.  Invariably the places they avoid have somehitng from mildly wrong to chronically negative about them.  Cats who live at a business almost always draw people who are more open to your offerings and tend to buy more.  Sounds silly, but it works!

I learned years ago to watch my dog Shark when meeting new people.  Invariably those that she shied away from turned out to be not so nice or worse and those she went right up to were grand once I got to know them.  In similar f
ashion, I was invited to sleep on a crossing of ley lines (more on that in another column).  Approaching the spot with my sleeping gear, Shark went to the exact spot, and lay down.

Animals have a great deal to teach us twoleggeds. And we would be wise to pay attention.  Not to mention their love and affection which they give so freely.  And maybe the best part?  You don't have to honor them by putting their treats in new red envelopes!

You've worked your whole life to get where you are today.  Invest in yourself and your business by using the science and art that has worked for more than 4,000 years.  If you don't deserve it, who does?
Have a great summer,
Creative Visions Feng Shui