Issue #5 July, 2007
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    Summer is a great time to read the book you've wanted, take a nice long walk, maybe even slow down a bit. OR go to the casino in the first article!
     In this issue of the newsletter, I've tried to broaden your understanding of Feng Shui and how it's influence is being used by more and more folks. 
    Have the most wonderful summer you've ever had!!
While more and more business owners are realizing that incorporating Feng Shui into their business means happier employees, a smoother operation, and greater customer retention, ultimately they want greater return on investment.  And few businesses risk more than opening a new casino.  Native Americans are showing greater and greater sophistication in the design and operation of their gaming operations.  Now, the Pechanga tribal leaders and casino executives chose to hire and Feng Shui consultant to help design their new $14 million High Limit Sale in Temecula, CA.  As you can see from the pictures, clean elegant lines predominate, all the while bespeaking abundance and richness without ostentation.  
Pachanga casino2
Many working Feng Shui principles were inconspicuously incorporated into the design such as opaque glass room dividers created as water features that attract and collect wealth.  The color gold symbolizes abundance while the use of red keeps the energy high, as well as suggesting royal elegance.  The public's reaction?  Very pleased from the start according to John James, General Manager.

There are so many ways to use the inherent natural power of Feng Shui to improve a business.  In what ways could your business improve?  Call Creative Visions Feng Shui for a free consultation to find out if this ancient art and science is worth your investment. You are under no obligation, other than a sincere intention to make your business better.


The couple's kids were in college and they were ready to move on.  Contacting me, they wanted to make the house show well and make the best possible profit for them.  20 years and 2 growing kids had taken its toll.  And even though it was a custom built home, what was cutting edge 20 years ago was now passť.  Many of the changes I wanted to make they could not see. "When we had disagreements about taste or values we were able to work them out in a way that satisfied both of us."

The house had great energy, but I wasn't going to rest until it really sang.  They wanted the right people to buy it; I knew when we aligned it properly, the right people would walk in and would know this was their new home.  3 months later ". . . the final result include things we neverNewton Bath  BEFORE would have imagined would work so well.  In fact, the pictures taken for the brochure looked like something out of Sunset magazine - even better!" The house showed so well, the new owners wanted to purchase almost all the portable improvements I had purchased.

Before we started work, a realtor well versed in selling upper end properties was invited to visit the home and give the owners an estimate of what she thought it might bring. Once finished, 3 different brokers gave estimates.  The owners chose the middle estimate.  The house sold in two months at full price, which was $400,000 above their first estimate. "We appreciated the work so much we had you do the house we moved into and are totally thrilled with the color and design work you brought."

Newton Bath AFTERRogue Valley residents have historically felt their home would sell if they just leave it on the market long enough.  With the glut of properties presently offered, the longer a home is on the market profit slowly decreases.  And while I can't fix a home that's overpriced, I can and do suggest very specific ways to make the home show at it's very best.  The time to bring in a Feng Shui consultant is before you select a realtor or list.  The most impression you will every make is the first impression and there's only one chance to make that impression.  The most important impression you can make is on the realtors when they come through on caravan.  After that, unless you have inspired them, the number of showings will not be what it could be had the realtors loved the house.  
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Hiring a Feng Shui consultant and following their suggestions is a legal tax deduction, the difference in price and time on the market can be significantly changed.  What choice will you make?

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Chinese ZodiacStudy of the auspicious dates for July has led me to delete this feature.  For every rule there is an exception and determining the auspiciousness of any given date. A whole  set of exclusions based on the individual's birth date and sign can change everything. So even though I might tell you a certain date in favorable for signing a business contract, if you were born in a certain zodiac sign, the deal is off and you should NOT sign no matter what! See the problem? So that part of the newsletter is left to the Astrologers and masters of the Chinese lunar calendar.

 It's interesting to note that the Chinese communist government officially denigrates the use of Feng Shui, yet increasing numbers of government officials are finding ways around the official position so that they can correct error in design and construction.

The benefits Feng Shui bring continues to amaze me and keep me humble. My goal is to be of service to you and to let you discover just wonderful things can become.  Even if we don't work together, please don't hesitant to call and ask any questions or concerns you have.  As always, there's never an obligation. Out of the Rogue Valley it's 888.239.1919, and here it's 488.1777.
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