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June 2007
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     What follows is an edited version from the site of May 29, 2007:

Byline: Miriam Marcus: "You're in the office with endless e-mails, voice messages and employees all vying for your time and attention. No one would deny that being the boss is stressful. But many believe there's a way to curb office stress and stay mentally healthy by creating an atmosphere of calm when everything around you is hectic. It's called Feng Shui.
This ancient Chinese philosophy, the idea that people can and should live harmoniously with their surrounding environment, was once cast off as borderline voodoo. But recent trends indicate that among top executives, Feng Shui is on the rise, and CEOs like Dirk Moler of Get Logistics, a transportation broker based in Billings, Mont., are considering the potential benefits for their business.
    "The crazy thing about Feng Shui is that I don't know if it was the right business timing for increased profits, the right time of year or the result of good Feng Shui, but it all happened at the same time, and I attribute at least some of that success to Feng Shui."  .  .  .
    By manipulating a physical workspace in subtle ways, such as color choice, furniture arrangement and the use of natural building materials, Feng Shui can increase employee productivity, amplify profits by attracting more customers, cut down on office politicking and build a better corporate reputation, according to certified Feng Shui consultant Kartar Diamond of Feng Shui Solutions in Los Angeles.
    "It's hard to give specifics about tangible benefits," admits Kevin Rosen, founder and CEO of CAFM Solutions, a facilities management company based in Las Vegas. However, he says, "we've definitely seen our company grow since Kartar made her suggestions. Harmony and energy in our office has been enhanced, and in discussion with customers, our staff is friendly and cohesive. We credit Feng Shui with some of that."
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    If you're curious, let me know and I'll refer you to some of the businesses I've helped and what it's done for them.  And the fee is a deduction the same as any consultant's fee.  Of course what you do or don't do is going to heavily affect the results.

How's Your Wealth Corner?
From The New York Times

by Keith Bradsher: Just as the Anna Nicole Smith saga was finally fading from the tabloids, a much larger inheritance battle has transfixed Hong Kong residents: a will purporting to have been written by one of the world's wealthiest women, Nina Wang, leaving her Feng Shui adviser an estate estimated at more than $3 billion.
    The case has highlightInheritance,jpged the city's obsession with Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects to create a harmonious environment. While it is becoming less fashionable among the city's most cosmopolitan elite to talk about feng shui, academic specialists say the practice still has deep roots in Hong Kong culture, with local bookstores devoting ever more shelf space to the subject.   .   .   .
    The Walt Disney Company adjusted the orientation of Hong Kong Disneyland after consulting a feng shui master. Investment bankers invite advisers into their offices to discuss how to arrange desks, goldfish tanks and other objects to best channel what some contend is the energy of nearby mountains flowing into the sea.
    Sugeet's PS - - And of course, there's the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that tore down the main entrance after learning that Orientals would not enter the mouth of the MGM Lion - considered unlucky.

Are You Ready?

CV Logo taichiCreative Visions Feng Shui can improve your image, your business, your performance and those who work for you.  Whether you're a CEO of a major firm or a honcho in a cubicle, Creative Visions solutions work.  No need for flutes and fans, rather the work we do is aesthetically beautiful while aligning the forces of nature with you and your workplace. You'll have trouble quantifying the benefit - it doesn't easily fit on a spreadsheet - but then neither do you.  Call to see if there's an effective fit with what you're looking for.  888.239.1919 or 541.2822.4492.
The Ultimate Test for Feng Shui
Freely Plagerized From Condé Nast

Thinking about a cruise this summer?  Or fall? Or Winter?  Would the facilities on board be of concern to you? The readers of Conde Nast named Crystal Cruises the number one spa in the reader's 2007 poll. The spa awards are contained in the April, 2007 issue.  It garnered the highest overall score for superior workout facilities, staff/service, and treatments - beating out such venerable spots as Canyon Ranch, Golden DooCrystal Çruise.jpgr, and Miraval.
    Why should I bring this to your attention?  Because the spas aboard were design
ed using Feng Shui.  If Feng Shui is a proven way to bring rest, nourishment and enjoyment to one's life, a spa would be an acid test.  And no one told the readers about the design - they just knew what they enjoyed.

Amazed BabyHome not quite right?  Business a tad slow?  Arguments too many and too often?  Health a bit dodgey?  Having trouble getting things done?  Swamped by your own flotsam and jetsam?  There's a way out that works and makes life just that much more fun and beautiful.  You know what I'm talking about. 

Planning a subdivision? Selling your home?  Moving the business? Remodeling? Home office doesn't seem to hold your attention?  All these and more come under the purview of Feng Shui.

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