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May, 2007
This is one of the most important times to get an excellent Feng Shui consultation. Practioners have been know to advise clients to move walls, change plumbing and even move.  That's not only expensive, but stressful as well.  Clients of mine had me do an analysis on a piece of land they considered buying to build their dream house.  I detected a lot of negative earth energy and advised against the purchase.  They did not buy.  They also broke up within six months.  It could have been a costly and painful mistake had they gone forward.

Floor plan review
Another pair asked me to review the plans for their dream retirement home.  Unfortunately, the second floor was a disaster and needed to be reversed 180 degrees.  They did so by redoing the blueprints.  Not only did it save them misfortune and money, but they found the new plan much more satisfying.  It's always less expensive to make changes with an eraser.

There's a home in Ashland that goes on the market about every 3 years.  And one in Nevada City CA,that flips every other year or less.  Why?  They both have a disastrous location according to Feng Shui.  The realtors don't tell potential buyers of the history of these places, but after buying no one is happy, fortunes reverse, health suffers and the occupants sell.   All unnecessary had they had a consultation Before signing on the dotted line. Caveat emptor!
Many folks have bought a book on Feng Shui.  Or more than one.  They either don't finish or put them down scratching their heads wondering how Feng Shui could say so many different things, which don't seem to be in concert with one another.  And it makes one wonder if it's all a bunch of hooey.  I call it the flavors of Feng Shui.

Originally the early geomancers and Feng Shui masters used specific landforms to tell people where to put the graves of their families.  If sited correctly according to these experts, good fortune would come to the living.  And it worked.  It worked because these folks were observing how energy seemed to move according to the shape of the land.  Those of you who  know something about earth energies will know that different energies do shape the land.
But not all of China had these land shapes.  Many places were flat, even barren, and the original system had to be adjusted to those new land forms (or lack thereof.)  Early on the Chinese developed very sophisticated astronomical observations and after observing the movement of the stars and noting similarities in the human course of events, a very complex system was developed that used a Lopan, or circular slide rule, to come up with the correct anaylsis.

Another school developed around numerology and astrology, and the "magic square" came into wide use.  And then there are other schools with their techniques being different and unique.  Today's numerous texts rarely explain which school they come from, and so reading them it can feel like being in some sort of foreign land.

The important aspect to know here is that all the systems have their roots in the I Ching, or book of changes. All have their I Chingstrengths and all have various shortcomings, but all are intended to bring human energy into a harmonious relationship with the physical world.  And, depending on the skill of the practioner, all work to one degree or another. 

I am schooled primarily in the BTB School - which is possibly the most flexible of all the traditions, and use it because of its ultimate adaptability. But it's important that you choose a practitioner who you feel comfortable with, and whose results are known to you.  You can then either thin or toss your collection of Feng Shui books.  The only really important thing are the results!
Chinese zodiacGood days to start a business, sign a contract, renovate, or have a wedding are May 7. 9, 12, 13, 19, 25, 31. 

Days to avoid important travel or other affairs are May 15 (full moon), 18 and 27.  Note that these dates are general.  If you're planning a very important activity (wedding, signing a contract or mortgage, starting or changing business) it is advisable to get a particular reading, as you birthday, lunar and solar aspects interact with these dates.
In an article by Stephanie Dempsey, areas where inattention can create negative results in you life were highlighted.  All of them have to do with how chi, or the life energy, moves or does not move though you house.  Here's a quartet:

Keeping Exercise Equipment in the Bedroom:  The bedroom should evoke play, not work.  Storing you Stairmaster in the boudoir will make relationships arduous and exhausting.  Move your exercise machine to another part of the house.  If you want to work out in the bedroom, do it between the sheets!

Amazed Baby
Allowing Clutter to Accumulate:  Musty newspapers, dirty laundry, and piles of toys can weigh you down, both physically and emotionally.  Tidy up at least once a week to restore your health.

Not Washing Windows:  If you don't do windows, you won't do much else, either.  That's because windows are connected to your fame and reputation.  When they're clear and sparkling, people will recognize and celebrate your talent.  When they're dirty and dim, those golden opportunities will keep passing you by.

cat in toilet

Leaving the Toilet Seat Up:  Women have been complaining about this phenomenon for years, and with good reason. 

Not to mention who put the . . . .  ?

Toilets are drains that can suck wealth right out of you life.  Get into the habit of keeping the lid down when the toilet is not in use.

A full anaylisis and reccomendations.

Analyze your business. your office, your cubicle to maximize your effectiveness and grow your income.

Cleanse and eliminate sha chi (bad energy) from a home or business.

Design a landscape that brings peace and harmony to any setting.

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