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April, 2007
PRACTICAL FENG SHUI in Medford this May!
Amazed Baby Learn how to use the basic principles of Feng Shui during 5 Tuesday evenings in May. You'll be introduced to the major facets of the Black Hat or BTB School of Feng Shui.  Each participant will be choose an area of their home or business to work on.  By the fifth week, you will have come up with a solution based on what you learned. No test, just good experience.

This is a chance to learn the basics of Feng Shui with a master practitioner to answer your questions. You'll have a much better understanding of chi, the BaGua, water features, color, materials and shapes that you can use inside or out.
Sugeet, who has taught Feng Shui at SOU, will teach the class.  Location? Medford.  Tuition is $99.00.  If you finish the course and do not feel it was worth $99, you will receive a full refund.  You can register online after April 6.  Just go to Creative Visions Feng Shui.
The Front Door and chi
Last month the lead article was about fixing up your front door.  I stated that you need to use your front door, even if you normally come in through the garage, breezeway or whatever.  I asked that it be kept clear of clutter and that it be attractive and inviting.  An astute reader asks why???  Most excellent question.

Entrance w flowersIn Feng Shui, we consider the front door to be the mouth of chi.  In layman's terms this means that the majority of energy will enter through the front door.  The business or home's design follows that, even though the architect may not have thought of it in that manner.  If we use the analogy of our body, the front door is the mouth.  And, with the exception of air, it is how we take in nourishment (which gives us energy.)  Now we could put food up our nose on in our ears or other openings, but I doubt that many would think we would live long if that's how we thought we should take in food.

Chi is the energy that keeps us going (see following article). If we rarely use that door, or if it's blocked, vital fresh chi cannot enter the home and circulate as it should.  The front door is associated with opportunities, so blocking it or not using it usually means we find fewer opportunities open to us.  We tend to stay home, being tired from the day's activities. Clean it up, make it inviting and use it - then watch for differences in your life. Those changes will answer why better than anything I can say!

With a little Help from my Friends
Amazed Baby
For those of you who took the time to complete the survey, a very special Thank You.  In doing so you allow me to serve you better and to bring material you find useful instead of just what I think is useful. 
999 Blessings to each one of you!
What do Feng Shui changes look like?
Several of you want to see what the changes look like.  Interesting, I'm working with an invisible force, chi, and you want to see what it looks like!  Sounds like a contradiction.  I can show you a couple of before and afters.  Looking at each one, see how you feel.  If you like the after better, you're responding to they physical manifestation of cleaning flowing good chi.

Remember, what I can't show you is how the space feels before and after, and that's the essence of good Feng Shui - you like being in the space.  Like Coke, things go better.  Having said that, here are 2 examples where the client did a fairly major change.

LR Wall BeforeLivR Wakk AfterMy home.  Too much fire energy in the Living Room.  I needed some balance and I wanted to ground the home.  On the left, the main solid wall in the living room.  Nice, clean, antiseptic.  Good furniture, little energy.  On the right, a very different feel.

Lescher Kitchen BeforeLescher Kit AfterThe kitchen on the left is nice, clean, cold, functional.  The client wanted the totally change the energy.  Using the principles of Feng Shui's Five Element Theory, we created the space on the right.  Who wouldn't enjoy a meal in this reenergized space?

I don't use fans and flutes.  I do use water features. Clients do not have to spend beau coup bucks to change the energy of their home or business.  And that part of it, I can't show you.  It can best be sensed by reading
what people have to say.

A full anaylisis and reccomendations.

Analyze your business. your office, your cubicle to maximize your effectiveness and grow your income.

Cleanse and eliminate sha chi (bad energy) from a home or business.

Design a landscape that brings peace and harmony to any setting.

Call Creative Visions at (541) 488-1777 or (888) 239-1919.

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Auspicious Dates in April
Chinese Zodiac
Good days for starting a venture, completing a task, deciding anything important are April 1, 6, 12, 13, 14, 24, 26. 

Days to avoid anything but demolition and trash are

April 9, 11, 20, 27.

May April be your best month ever.

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