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March 2007
Bodhi &me Approaching Your Home or Business

Doesn't your heart beat a little faster when you approach an entrance that makes you feel good?  There's a certain anticipation of what's inside.  For a business, the owner obviously wants you to come in. And your own home - don't you want to feel welcomed?

In Feng Shui the entrance is also the 'mouth of chi' - where most of the energy enters the building. Not using your front door often results in losing sight of your life's purpose.  Job opportunities can dry up and aimlessness sets in.  Try to use the front entrance at least once a day, even if it means going out of your way.  Creating a setting where chi is welcome brings more good fortune, positive emotion and nourishment.

Entrance w flowersAt home, do you use the front door? Is there clutter in the entryway?  Does it have the kid's coats, the boots, the recycling?  Or is it neat, welcoming?  Outside, looking at the front door - is it beautiful? Does it draw you with color, texture, composition?  If it's just like every other door on the block not much is going to happen.  But if it's beautiful - watch out! Good things are on the way.

The same goes for business.  Unless you create a compelling reason for people to enter, only those with needs will come.  Bump up your business by making the entrance this side of incredible.  And use lots of light.  People are attracted to light. It may take a great imagination, but it will be more than repaid in increased business.

Frog on Flowertip Spring and all that Jazz!

The crocuses have come; the daffodils about ready and the Ides of March are upon us.  For those of you who are gardeners, both your home and your business can get a great pickup if you give your outdoors a through cleaning.  Adding soil amendments and planting lots of color (either flowers or foliage or both) brings new attention to your place.  The results can be dramatic, especially if you stand back once your finished, and visualize the increased attention folks will have when they see your home/business.

As you are cleaning, planting, keep the intention that this is going to bring you greater abundance.  And, whatever you do, don't do this when you're angry or upset - because you set a negative intention then.  That's not what you want.

Chinese Zodiac Auspicious Dates
Using the Chinese system of astrology, the following days in March are considered auspicious for most any activity.  You may wish to start an activity that's important to you, or plan an event on one of these dates. Good dates in March are 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, Dates considered ill fortuned are 3,16, and 28.  House cleaning and demolition are the only acceptable activities for those dates!
high Tension wires EMFs and Space Clearing

EMFs are electromagnetic frequencies - low levels of radiation which have been shown to cause illness and worse.  A study was done in California when it was noticed that certain schools had unusually high occurrences of cancer and serious illnesses.  The results of the study were vigorously fought by the utility industries and the results attacked as unscientific and invalid.  Nevertheless, the schools where this was happening were all located adjacent to or underneath high voltage electric lines.  Europe is far beyond us on this matter with Sweden forbidding anything reading above 2 on a gauss meter being unacceptable.

Microwave OvenPart of every consult I do either for a business or for a home includes an EM survey with appropriate remediation techniques offered.  The worst offenders?  Microwave ovens, clock radios, computer CRTs and many stoves.  In one case, it was necessary to rip out the walls of the kitchen and remove all the wiring. There wasn't a place they could be with a reading of less than 15, and it often went as high at 70. No wonder the owner did no like spending time in the kitchen! Watch for a growing awareness that this, like cigarettes, if a health hazard which right now is being squelched.

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