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Zibu Angelic Symbols
June 2010

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:: Friendship Symbol
:: New Jewelry
:: Reminders from Johan
:: Zibu Tattos in the UK
:: Testimonial from Texas
Warmest Greetings... 
Friendship!  What a beautiful word and what a magnificent symbol!
I am extremely grateful for all of my friends.  They add such a delightful richness to my life!
The message from the Angels this month reminds us that Friendship is about acknowleding the God expression in others.  In my mind, I see that as friends reflecting back to us all of the God qualities within ourselves.
Remember to look inside and appreciate these sweet aspects of yourself.

Stunning new Zibu pendants in vibrant colors
5 Glass Pendants

Friendship- Zibu Symbol
Gemstone:  Sodalite
Color:  Blue
Part of Body:  Hips
Friendship - Sept
"Friendship is a unity of souls.  It is a connection and appreciation of one another.
It blesses others to acknowledge the God expression in them.  It brings with it many life lessons meant to elevate the human experience."
from the Angels
Pendants measure approx. 1-1/4" x 4"
Beacon of Hope Pendant
Colorful New Zibu Jewelry!!!
The Zibu symbols are now lovingly showcased in glass with a non-lead soldered border!
Each glass pendant is reversible and has a colorful image of one of nine Zibu symbols.  The other side displays a color-matching Angel wing and word for the symbol.
  • Beacon of Hope
  • Encouragement
  • Faith
  • Freedom
  • Optimum Health
  • Prosperity
  • Sacred Place
  • Unlimited Abundance
  • World Peace
Charms embellish the bottom of each pendant.  While each pendant has a theme...there are slight variations in each one, making them original pieces of art.
Every pendant comes with the choice of 4 different necklaces...either a silvery steel cable, a black cable, a silver-toned mesh, or black nylon mesh...measuring 16" long.
I have been test wearing these for the past couple of weeks, and the response has been exciting!  People have stopped me while shopping and even while walking down the street.
Go to the Zibu Store...and choose the symbol you'd like to have energizing your body, mind and spirit.  It will provide you with a unique connection to the Angelic Realm.
Reminders from Johan and the Angels 

Smaller Angel in BlueOn a sunny day recently, I was tending to Johan's garden of peonies.
Behind me, I could hear the chatter of a crow.  When I turned around, I could see a big fat shiny crow sitting on the fence watching me.
He just sat and stared at me...eye to eye...for several minutes.  When he seemed satisfied that I had seen him, he flew away.
The bird's energy was so gentle and sweet...it reminded me of Johan's energy.
Then I recalled one of Johan's last messages to me was that he would always keep an eye on me from the Other Side.  He promised not to interfere with my life or my energy...but said he would check in on me from a distance.
The visit from the crow brought me so much comfort.  What signs in nature are messages from your own Guides or Angels?

Stephanie and Helen in the UK with Zibu tattoos

Friendship Tattoos
 Friendship Tattoos
Zibu symbols have proven to be great inspiration for permanent tattoos.
Stephanie and Helen from the UK celebrated their never-ending friendship with their wrist tattoos of the Zibu Friendship symbol.
It is the tattoo image most often sent to me.  In fact, I have a whole page of Friendship tattoos at my website.  Check it out at Tattoos.
When people ask which symbol is the best one for them...I encourage them to spend time with the energy of the symbols.  Each one has a unique vibration and a special message from the Angels.
See all 88 Zibu symbols and read inspirational messages about each one...order your copy of the Zibu book today at my website. 
Testimonial from Amy in Texas 
I received this beautiful email about Friendship, and know it needs to be shared:
     "My name is Amy and I am living in Fort Bliss El Paso, Texas.  I am an Army Wife and have made 2 beautiful friends whose husbands have been to war like mine.
     "We are very touched by your symbols and we are tattooing the symbol of friendship on all of our left wrists to remind us that no matter what sacrifices we endure, or no matter how far apart we are that we still have each other and that the energy from these symbols will keep us bonded together no matter what.  
     "I just wanted to share my story with you and to let you know how enriched my friends and I are for finding your symbols.
     "I hope this message finds you well and that you are inspired by our story just as much as we are inspired by yours."

In Love and Light,
AKA:  Army Wife
Book Signing at Release Party I hope this helps to open your heart so you can savor the sweet energy from the Angels. 
They are always around to watch over you and bring in Spirit's unconditional love.
Many blessings,                                            
Debbie Z
Debbie Z
Zibu Angelic Symbols