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'Winter' by April Hulverton
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Happy New Year, and a deep and contemplative winter season to all.

Our thanks to April Hulvershorn for her words about the season. As she says, spring will be a time of action - one of the first signs will be elections for the TCF Board of Directors.

And, winter is a time when reserves are gathered. The energy and the reserves of the TCF come from all of us, in many ways. One of those is membership dues; you will find directions for how to pay yours further on in this newsletter.
I am writing this in Amsterdam, in the middle of the Winter Training. In a week, the Push Hands training will start in New York. There is no shortage of energy, here in the darkest part of winter.

Stay warm!

In unity,

Hal Caswell


The Stillness of Winter
by April Hulvershorn, L.Ac., Dipl Ac.

It is dark. The leaves are gone from the trees, bare branches are stark against the gray Winter sky. Perennial plants have died to the ground, conserving their energy for spring growth. There is work going on, but inside. Mountain lakes freeze, storing all that water to fuel the growth of spring. In the state of resting deep within, energy is collected and held in reserve.


Nature is at the point of most stillness. Things are down to their essence. Striped to the core.
bare winter trees

Winter is for us, as it is for all of Nature, a time for internal work. Of all the Seasons, this one is the most at odds with our modern culture. Most of us feel guilty or that something is wrong if we are not outwardly productive. Quiet rest and contemplation are seen as 'getting nothing done'. It is a fascinating experiment to really let yourself be in harmony with this season - prioritize rest and inner work. Watch what happens when Spring arrives and see how feeding your reserves pays off in the lighter months. 

Renew your membership by 6 January
Membership runs for the calendar year and should be paid by January 6th 2012 to ensure you don't miss out on any member newsletters or announcements.

If you have already paid your membership dues for 2012, THANK YOU!

It's easy to do; just follow this link to make your payment using PayPal on the TCF website:

The TCF is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation in the U.S., so your membership dues and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed under U.S. law.
New TCF Board Member Election
Nominations are still being accepted (apprentice members only).
Please send your nomination or bio if you are nominating yourself to penny@taichifoundation.org and it will be considered by the Nominating Committee. 

Election schedule:
January 2012  - Dues are payable; required to run for BOD.  BOD nominations are accepted; bios and photos are requested for candidates.
February 2012  - Ballots are sent electronically to vote for TWO new members; due March 1.   
March 1, 2012  - Ballots are counted and winning candidates are notified.
April 2012  - New board members are introduced to membership and attend first BOD meeting.
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Watch a clip from the DVD, read about how the Roots and Branches work was developed and the great comments we have received from people about the DVD.

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