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A green paper is a document designed to stimulate discussion around a new idea. These greenpapers from the Manning Free Content Center touch on four technologies currently stirring up vigorous water cooler conversation. Read on.

Building Single Page Web Applications

by Mike Mikowski and Josh Powell, authors of Single Page Web Applications

A Single Page Application (SPA) is an application that loads only once and then offers a smooth continuous user experience in the browser. Think of an SPA as a fat client loaded from a web server. Modern browsers and JavaScript frameworks make it possible to write robust SPAs for the web without the bloat of plug-in solutions like Flash, Flex, and Java... [Read the green paper]

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Why use a graph database?

by Jonas Partner and Aleksa Vukotic, authors of Neo4j in Action

A graph database expresses relationships among data using the concept of edges and vertices--points and surfaces that represent connections. Graph databases like Neo4j are increasingly popular because social data closely aligns to the graph model. To fully appreciate the potential of the graph database, consider a simple social model expressed as a graph... [Read the green paper]

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What is Dart?

by Chris Buckett, author of Dart in Action

The Dart language is an audacious attempt by Google to offer a real alternative to JavaScript. Dart combines JavaScript's in-browser execution with modern language features. What makes Dart really stand out, though, is the vibrant ecosystem of libraries, tools, and supported platforms that it brings to the table... [Read the green paper]

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Redis Close Up and Personal

by Josiah L. Carlson, author of Redis in Action

Redis is a very fast non-relational database that stores key mapping to five different types of values, can be persisted to disk, uses replication to scale read performance, and supports client-side sharding to scale write performance. Sounds impressive, but what does it mean for you... [Read the green paper]

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