We need Breema because we need a new posture towards life. If we examine our usual posture, we find that it fits under the heading of living in the past and future, of not knowing who we are. It's easy to see that this posture is not what we wish. And we are caught in it because we haven't found an alternative. Breema offers us the possibility of having a new posture that tells us: "Let go of the thought of separation. You are not a separated something. You are part of one whole unified Existence."
Salena Laura With this new posture, you can have new thoughts and new feelings. You can wish to have a balanced, harmonious relationship between your mind, your feelings, and your body.
When mind, feelings and body are in harmony, you can have a harmonizing influence on your surroundings.


-- from Waking Up to This Moment, by Jon Schreiber

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Breema session
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Self-Care for Caregivers 


Monday December 12

6-7pm    Free!  


As a caregiver, self-care is paramount. Breema's principles, philosophy, and natural movement exercises offer tangible support to reconnect with yourself and be more present as you care for others.
Led by Clinic Staff:
Ann Hudson, LCSW, Hospice Social Worker
Eliane Walis, long term caregiver for both parents

This class includes Self-Breema exercises:
* a quick and easy way to refresh yourself
* come to a relaxed body and mind
* continue with your daily activities renewed and energized.    
Come and learn these exercises which can create balance and harmony in just a minute!

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