Weekend Breema Retreat at Esalen!

July 29-31







Practicing and receiving Breema helps create harmony and balance between your mind, feelings, and body, and in your relationship to yourself, to others, and to all life.


Join Jon Schreiber for a nurturing weekend of Self-Breema exercises and Breema sequences that you can comfortably and joyfully practice with your friends and family.

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Going away this summer?

Prepare for your trip by getting a few Breema sessions.


You will be more relaxed and balanced, more able to handle the pre-departure details, feel less rushed, and your body will be better able to deal with the demands of travel.

When you return, receiving Breema will speed your recovery from jet lag and help with integrating back into daily routines.   

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Breema To Help Computer Users  

Stay Healthier



Wednesday, July 20

6-7 pm

The Breema Clinic




In this hour of hands-on fun, you'll learn simple, practical exercises you can do to reduce eye strain, neck, shoulder, and back stiffness, and wrist tension. You'll discover universal principles you can apply in any computer-related activity to reduce tension, decrease fatigue and burnout, and become healthier.

You can expect to leave this class more relaxed and with more energy than you came in with, as well with as some practical tools and advice that you can use immediately either at your job or at home. Don't miss it--whether you're an IT professional or simply someone who spends time on the computer, this may be one of the most important things you can do  for your health!

taught by Jon Schreiber, D.C., Director of the Breema Center and the Breema Clinic, and Ashik Staud, Certified Breema Instructor and IT Manager at the Breema Center.


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Breema In Barcelona! 

I recently joined Felipe de Oliveira and Salena Irion, two Breema instructors who live and teach Breema in Barcelona, for the second annual Breema Intensive in Spain. We had a great group of students from all over, including Spain, Germany and the US. It was wonderful to see the effect on everyone who participated; giving and receiving Breema, doing Self-Breema, and working with the Nine Principles of Harmony brought a glow to all faces in an atmosphere of mutual support and presence.


Barcelona 2011

The setting in the countryside north of Barcelona was a welcome relief from the bustle of city life. I was especially encouraged to hear from the students that they plan to keep working with body-mind connection and the principles in their daily lives as well as when they practice Breema.   ----Denise Berezonsky

The Breema Clinic

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