Breema Principle of the Month - Mutual Support 

Any time you give support, Mutual Support is taking place, because you are receiving support simultaneously. Breema bodywork is based on this understanding. When you receive Breema, you can get a taste of this in your own body, mind, and feelings. Then you experience how much more vital, relaxed, and calm you can be, giving you the ability to better support every aspect of your life.


Receiving Breema, doing Self-Breema, and applying any of the Nine Principles in your daily life--these support you to become present and remain present. When you are present, others are supported to be present, and there is Mutual Support. 


-from Breema and the Nine Principles of Harmony

Mark your calendars!

Special 2 for 1 Breema Sessions start February 14!

Bring a friend or relative for free every time you come in!

First-time clients only,  

Feb14 - Mar 14, 2011.

Please call 510-428-1234 to make your appointments.

In 2011, The Breema Center will post a daily  

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Freedom Is in This Moment - 365 Insights for Daily Life, by Jon Schreiber.

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Self-Breema Classes

Self-Breema can have a transformative effect on your body, mind and feelings, and supports receptivity and openness to life. Once you come to one of these upbeat classes you won't want to miss them! You'll be amazed at what Self-Breema can do for your day.


Try this simple Self-Breema right now! 


at the Breema Clinic

with Jon Schreiber

Wednesdays 10:30-11am

no charge


at the Breema Center

6076 Claremont Ave in Rockridge

with staff instructors

Mondays 8-8:45am



at the Yoga Room

with Arlie Mischeaux and Yasmin Bar-Dor

Thursdays 9:15-10:15am

$10 ($5 for certified Breema practitioners)

2530 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley

This class includes simple partner Breema exercises.

The Breema Clinic

6201 Florio Street, Oakland
www.breemahealth.com    clinic@breema.com

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