Nurturing the feelings

We do not know our true feelings, but we do know how to nurture them. When our mind and body work as a unit, and in harmony with each other, we clear the ground for this nurturing process to take place. Then many things support and nurture our feelings.

Our feelings are nurtured:

When we are present in our daily activities,

When we are less judgmental,

When we have acceptance of ourselves and the people around us,

When we allow the simple pleasures of life to be fully appreciated,

When we live our life with gratitude for that which is given to us,

When our mind is receptive while listening,

When we wish to support everyone we are supported by,

When we appreciate nourishment more than stimulation,

When we remember that life has meaning.

- from Breema and the NIne Principles of Harmony

A special workshop at the Breema Center:

What Does It Mean to Give
Real Support?
Salena crop horiz

This Sunday, December 12  10am-1pm

To live a full life, we need our mind, body and feelings to support each other. This is the first step in learning to give real support.

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at the Breema Clinic

with Jon Schreiber 
Wednesdays 10:30-11am,
no charge

Once you come to one of these upbeat classes you won't want to miss them! You'll be amazed at what Self-Breema can do for your day.
at the Breema Center
Mondays 8-8:45am, $5
Self-Breema can have a transformative effect on your body, mind and feellings, and supports receptivity and openness to life.
at the Yoga Room
with Arlie Mischeaux and Yasmin Bar-Dor
Thursdays 9:15-10:15am, $10
($5 for certified Breema practitioners)
2530 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley
This class includes simple partner Breema exercises.
Breema Clinic
Gift Certificates are now available online!

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 The holidays can be nurturing! Experience that with us:

Breema at Three Stone Hearth

Practitioners from the Breema Clinic and Breema Center are giving Breema mini-sessions at Three Stone Hearth during their pick-up times, Wednesday Dec 15 and 22, 5-7pm. Come join us!

"The energy is very harmonious and dynamic at TSH. There is a lot of cheerful bustling activity-cooking, vendors, and people coming to pick up, or shop for their food, all with a festive and friendly atmosphere."

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