poppyfield.jpgMutual Support

One thing we need to learn in life is to support whatever is supporting us. If we go down this road, our eyes and mind slowly open up, and we see that we're supported by everything that exists. Then we can take an active posture in relation to this knowledge. We don't need to make it mental. We can keep it simple, matter-of-fact. Just saying thank you is mutual support. Do you like your socks? Then just acknowledge you are thankful for them while you're putting them on. That's how simple it is. Everything deserves our gratitude.

Breema supports you to relate to yourself as Being-existence, part of one whole, unified Existence, without thought, without philosophy. That could become your posture towards life. You could take that posture with you and go visit your family. In the atmosphere of that posture, there is harmony. You go to the coffee shop, to a restaurant, to a friend's, you wash your dishes, clean your kitchen--that atmosphere always emanates harmony. You support life, and your life is supported.


Sunday, December 12: What Does It Mean to Give Real Support? 

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Using the Mind Meaningfully 

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